Raising Dion – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Penultimate Problems

Episode 8 of Raising Dion begins with Nicole bursting into BIONA, shouting and demanding to see her son. After breaking a window, Suzanne arrives and brings her to her office. There, she explains what they know about Dion and the unexplained phenomena surrounding the micro storms. She goes on to explain that they want to study Dion as they believe he’s linked to the storms. Nicole protests and offers to give them Mark’s research notes in exchange for them releasing Dion. Suzanne accepts and after they leave BIONA, she gives all of Mark’s data to Pat. After studying it all, he explains that Dion is using his powers too much and it poses a threat to him.

The next day, Charlotte visits Nicole and relays what happened with Walter and Brayden before Pat arrives to check in on Dion. He explains that he’s going through all the data and that Suzanne believes Dion might be the solution to reverse the necrosis of the land in Iceland. Dion insists on going to school instead but his mum only agrees to it if Charlotte will be with him the whole time, invisible.

In the evening, as Charlotte and Nicole look through the BIONA storm data, they come to the conclusion that each person present during the aurora event vanished on the same day and place as one of the storms. While Dion is working on his storm science project with Esperanza and Jonathan, Nicole continues getting lessons from Rashad. Just as they share an intimate dance, Pat arrives and witnesses the two growing closer.

At school, the three kids are almost finished with their project – the storm killer. However, Jonathan decides to ditch them for his other friends, leaving Esperanza to complete it. Dion then decides to use his power to make her fly, thinking that she would like it. However, she gets upset and make him stop.

Pat confronts Nicole about the situation soon after, telling her he feels like she’s been taking advantage of him and asks if she’s seeing Rashad. She apologizes that he feels that way and as things escalate, Nicole gets angry with him, telling Pat they should take a break and he shouldn’t pick up Dion from school.

After Charlotte takes Dion home instead, she sees Pat lurking around. She confronts him and tells him that Nicole doesn’t want him around. However, he suddenly turns around and tells her that he should have killed her in New Orleans. It’s here we see the horrifying truth – Pat is the storm man. Nicole receives a call from Suzanne soon after, telling her there’s a storm forming outside her house. As she arrives, she sees the storm man attacking Charlotte and picking her up, just like he did with Mark.

As we reach the end of this penultimate episode of Raising Dion, we’re given a shocking twist with the revelation that Pat is the storm man. I have to admit, I really didn’t see it coming. There are still a lot of questions left to be answered here though and hopefully these answers will be given with the finale. Things aren’t looking good for Charlotte either which is a shame as she has become one of my favourite characters here. Still, the finale is up next and it promises to be a pretty dramatic one but whether it leaves things open for a second second or not remains to be seen.


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