Raising Dion – Season 1 Episode 9 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The Final Fight

The season finale of Raising Dion begins in Iceland 2010 during the aurora event. As Mark witnesses the solar flares, he heads outside but is hit by some of the falling debris. 4 years later in Atlanta, Pat’s girlfriend Kerry tells him she wants to break up as he’s been coming on too strong lately. As she leaves, Pat tries to stop her which causes her to demonstrate her fire powers. This leads to Pat’s powers manifesting themselves for the first time too, making him the storm man.

We then flash forward to the present time, where we see Charlotte disappearing in the storm man, just like Mark did. After witnessing this, Nicole rushes in the house and tells Dion they need to leave. After they do, Pat returns to his normal self and starts looking for them. This leads him to Kat who, after pleading with her, reveals that Nicole has gone to her parents. However, this happens to be a lie as they’ve actually gone to the cabin. Sensing foul play, Pat then messages Dion and finds out where they really are.

Reaching the cabin, he forces his way in and after pushing Nicole out the way, Dion manages to teleport to the community centre. Pat turns around and tells Nicole that all he wanted is for them to be a family. Nicole hits him in the back of the head, prompting him to change to the storm man and leave the cabin in an explosion of smoke.

We then flashback to the day Nicole and Mark met at college, before returning to the present day where we see Dion joining his two friends in the science fair, apologising to them. A panicking Nicole calls Suzanne, telling her Pat is the storm man and begs her for help keeping Dion safe. We then cut to Pat appearing at the science fair where he attempts to take Dion away. He manages to convince Dion to heal him, just as Nicole arrives to tell Dion everything. After tricking him into thinking he was healing, they manage to run away but Pat, as the storm man, soon comes after them.

Meanwhile, BIONA arrives with two trucks, ready to attempt cooling down the storm with liquid nitrogen – just like in Dion’s school project. As Dion uses his powers against him, we see the smoke spirit of his dad escaping its prison. Suddenly his mum throws a metal rod into the storm man’s chest, prompting Dion to aim his power there. This then gets rid of the monster for now, before we see Mark reuniting temporarily with his family. He tells them that the threat is still out there and apologises to his wife before disappearing.

As they try to go back to their normal life, Nicole vows that whatever threat remains, it will have to go through her first. The episode then ends at the Alabama farm where we see the land slowly dying and Brayden becoming the new storm man.

The finale of Raising Dion was, as expected, very tense and full of action. Seeing BIONA and our ragtag group of survivors teaming up to defeat the storm man was a nice touch, especially as we realise that the company is not as evil as we thought. The kids really have some good chemistry together but it’s Esperanza who stands out and creates some funny and touching scenes throughout the series.

While some of the questions remain unanswered, the finale was still enjoyable nonetheless. It does end on a cliffhanger though, just like many other Netflix shows do, but it was quite a good twist nonetheless. Who knows what will happen to the world now and if a second season is green-lit, I’d imagine we’ll see a big showdown between the two kids. Perhaps a second season could offer more explanation behind everyones powers too but in the meantime, Raising Dion has been a decent series and a nice, easy watch throughout.


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