Raising Dion – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Hospital Visit

Episode 7 of Raising Dion sees Charlotte travel to the farm in Alabama and sees the same burn marks on the floor as the ones we’ve seen in Iceland. Suddenly Brayden appears and asks her if she’s like her dad, telling her to come with him.

Pat arrives at Nicole’s house and after some initial awkwardness, Nicole shows him what she found in Mark’s files. He suggests taking it to work to analyse but she tells him she doesn’t trust BIONA and neither did Mark according to his notes.

On his way to school, Pat tells Dion that the fox is now healed. He goes on to complains about his migraine so Dion tries to use his powers to make it go away. This unfortunately gives him a fever as he had to use a lot of power. His mum gets a call from the school but she’s unable to pick him up. She asks Kat to get him instead and when she sees how ill he is, she takes him to hospital. As they try to cool him off with ice, they see that it melts within seconds.

Meanwhile, Charlotte speaks with Brayden’s aunt, who tells her that her brother wasn’t the same after the meteor shower and thinks he was worshipping the devil. Brayden then starts to communicate with Charlotte telepathically. They both meet in the garden and Brayden explains what his dad did to protect him from the storm man. He asked her to take him with her but she refuses, telling him she’s unable to.

In the hospital, Nicole asks to take Dion home but Kat stops her, still not believing that he has powers, prompting Pat to come over and explain the reason why Dion is sick. As he leaves to try finding out more about Mark’s experiments, Kat comes back in the room and sees her nephew levitating. Finally believing her, Kat decides to go and delete Dion’s medical records, which causes a rift between Kat and her girlfriend.

Suddenly, Dion takes a turn for the worst, leaving Kat scrambling to make him better. Pat arrives and explains that after looking at Mark’s research, Dion needs more Iodine. Kat quickly puts more Iodine in his IV and finally, Dion gets better. While Dion is in the toilet, Pat discusses their situation with Nicole to see where they stand. She tells him she wants them to stay friends.

As they leave the hospital, they’re stopped by men in hazmat suits claiming to be from the CDC and demanding they put Dion in quarantine. Ignoring Nicole’s protests, they take Dion away in a van but as they close the door, we see that they are actually from BIONA where we leave the episode.

This latest episode of Raising Dion shows BIONA becoming a bigger threat. As they’re now aware of Dion’s power and he’s within their grasp, things are looking bleak for the mother and son duo. Raising Dion continues to build enough tension and action to make it enjoyable but whether all the questions will be answered at the end or leave this one hanging on a cliffhanger remains to be seen.

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