Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Holding the King

Episode 4 of Queen Charlotte begins with a young Queen Charlotte helping Reynolds and Brimsley wash up George. Thereafter, she demands information about her spouse’s health.

We are transported back in time and we see George on his farm. He continues to stay blissfully ignorant of his scheduled marriage at this point. After learning of his nuptials with Charlotte from his mother, George experiences a fit that nearly renders him catatonic.

The King is still recovering one week prior to his nuptials. The royal doctors attempt everything, ranging from tourniquets, poison beetle stings, and even bleeding him. However, nothing seems to work. Princess Augusta desperately wants to help her kid, so she goes to Doctor John Monro, who specializes in treating people with nervous system disorders.

As a potential treatment for his medical condition, the doctor advises speaking with the King. It initially appears to be working. Monro convinces George to get ready for the wedding by talking to him firmly.

We learn that after getting to know Charlotte and falling in love, George makes the decision to live apart from her in hopes of keeping her safe from him. He is able to avoid her until the moment she voluntarily confronts him inside the conservatory. Thereafter, he vows to go to any lengths to recover from his illness because he wants to be with his new Queen.

George permitted Monro to use an unreliable treatment strategy because he wanted a long-lasting solution to his insanity. The King is essentially tortured into stopping the fits as part of Monro’s terrific method. His idea of therapy entails painful shaving sessions, followed by ice-cold baths and sitting in a torture chair. However, as time passes, George grows weary of the doctor’s harsh treatment and he develops a stronger desire to get acquainted with his new Queen.

One day, George takes Monro’s lap dog, (frequently referred to as the deformed bunny by Charlotte) and he sends it across to her as a gesture. When George and his spouse eventually move into Buckingham House, Monro attempts to object, but the King ignores him. As George and Charlotte’s bond grows deeper, George decides to permanently fire the doctor shortly before the successful Danbury Ball.

The King discovers Monro inside the kitchen after the ball. The stove is being used to prepare something. He makes an attempt to explain that the doctor’s assistance is no longer needed, however Monro makes a sudden admission. He informs the King that he is currently working for the Queen. Later, he announces the Queen’s pregnancy, and the information is the cause behind the King’s most recent episode.

The next morning, George wakes up to find Charlotte riding off to meet Princess Augusta. The Princess is impolitely interrupted by the Queen, who confronts her. Charlotte is enraged that she was not informed about her spouse’s lunacy. On the other hand, Charlotte’s lack of appreciation for her position as Queen infuriates Augusta.

George, who was following his partner, unfortunately hears the argument. He makes his way back to Doctor Monro and his cruel treatment strategy after feeling hurt.

The Episode Review

The King’s point of view is used to catch us up to the truth in this episode. Finally, we learn why the King left his wife shortly after the wedding. Furthermore, the secret he’s been hiding all along is revealed. The episode provides some horrifying details about Georgian-era mental health practices, which is truly chilling.

In comparison to the previous three episodes, this one has made significant strides and has altered how viewers are likely to perceive King George. The development of Queen Charlotte and King George’s union will be intriguing to watch from here on.

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