Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Even Days

Young Charlotte and George have a chilly relationship. The two of them barely communicate with one another, however they do an excellent job of pretending to be happy during public affairs such as their Coronation. Despite their lack of communication, the King and Queen consent to carry out their marital responsibilities on even days in order to give birth to an heir.

Agatha is aware of the Queen’s dissatisfaction with her union. However, she reassures Princess Augusta about the married couple’s contentment.

Brimsley finds an unknown doctor talking to the King on his Coronation Day. However, Reynolds asks him to keep his observation to himself. Reynolds might be the King’s man, but Brimsley is attached to the Queen, and he can’t help but tell her about the doctor. Naturally, this causes a fight between Reynolds and Brimsley.

Charlotte inquires about the medical professional, but George brushes her worries away. Meanwhile, Agatha has other problems. She blackmails Augusta to have the first ball of the season under pressure from her partner. The Young Lady Danbury chooses to send invitations despite the Princess’ refusal to provide a straightforward response.

The idea to permit somebody from Agatha’s race to throw a ball has angered a few ton members. One of them is Lady Ledger, who is young Violet’s mother. Lady Ledger dislikes the notion of equality at the ton. Violet, as well as her father Lord Ledger, actually like the new initiative.

When pressure mounts to call off her ball, Agatha asks Her Majesty for help. Charlotte understands her partner’s perspective after realizing the extent to which other people rely on her. The two come to an understanding and stop their odd-day/even-day theatrics.

Thereafter, the King, who usually avoids social gatherings, is persuaded by the Queen to make an appearance at Agatha’s ball. The effort pays off and the ball manages to reunite the two races at the ton.

The Lord and Lady Danbury are thrilled with the way their evening plays out. Naturally, Lord Danbury hogs credit which upsets Lady Danbury. He drags his helpless spouse upstairs, but Lord Danbury passes away while having sex with his spouse, leaving a joyous widow behind.

Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury cross paths at the church in the present-day timeline. The Viscountess is present to honor the birthday of her deceased husband. She is fond of recalling how much he cherished the handmade paper hats she used to craft for the event. Lady Danbury compliments Violet on her good fortune before leaving. Violet feels hurt and puzzled by Lady Danbury’s comment.

When Agatha and Violet meet, Violet tells Agatha that her comment was insensitive. Agatha shares her experience of being Lord Danbury’s wife with Violet, explaining that she was referring to Violet’s good fortune in having Edmund to share her love and happiness with, when she said that.

Elsewhere, Queen Charlotte asks Brimsley for his thoughts concerning her daughters marriage. He goes on to explain that after the King developed a chronic illness, they were unable to get married because they didn’t wish to leave their mom alone.

In the previous era’s timeline, the Queen wakes up in the middle of the night to discover George whispering and scribbling on the walls. Thereafter, she follows him outdoors. She finds out that he is having a conversation with the planet Venus while naked. The Queen calms him down and tenderly ushers him inside.

The Episode Review

Despite their evident attraction towards one another, the Queen and the King are struggling to reach a common ground throughout this episode. Young Agatha, on the other hand, makes risky decisions to elevate both her and her partner’s social standing.

The audience is kept wondering about whether King George is mentally ill throughout as well. The previous episode’s conclusion made a suggestion about King George, but fortunately this episode provides more details, including the secret medical professional consultations, his fixation with identifying as a farmer, tending to his garden, and him steering clear of social gatherings.

The level of mystery surrounding the King’s health is at its highest point now. The timeline from the previous era also keeps us interested in learning more about the crisis the Queen is currently going through, and it will be intriguing to see where the show goes from here.

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