Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Gardens in Bloom

Episode 5 of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story begins with everybody’s favorite gossip columnist mentioning the Queen’s loneliness. However, it seems that Lady Danbury and Viscountess Bridgeton are also dealing with loneliness as well.

In the Georgian timeline, Agatha is attempting to clarify her identity in the absence of her partner. She was essentially brought up for him ever since she was barely three years old. Since Lord Danbury’s title is new, it’s currently unclear if he will leave it to his child or if it will pass away with him. Young Agatha’s concerns are confirmed by a lawyer though, who tells her that she has lost her title and is now a broke widow.

To make matters worse, the Dowager sidesteps the issue when Agatha presses Princess Augusta to recognize her young son as the successor to Lord Danbury. Nevertheless, the young widow finds comfort in Violet’s father, Lord Ledger. She starts going for routine strolls with him in addition to bouts of flirting.

Charlotte meanwhile, isn’t having much fun either. She is expecting and is alone as Dr. Monro treats her partner. Her mother-in-law’s persistent interference only makes things more complicated.

After receiving a letter from the upset Queen requesting help, her brother pays her a visit. He can’t take her home as per her request because it would be treasonous, given that Charlotte is carrying the heir to the throne.

Given the pain that Doctor Monro’s treatment has caused His Majesty, Reynolds is hopelessly listening to the King’s screams. He is pushed out by force when he attempts to step in. Meanwhile, Brimsley, who is heartbroken to see his Queen fall into despair, keeps pleading with Reynolds for support. His partner has no means to help him though.

In perhaps the most tragic sequence of the show, Brimsley attempts to console his mistress from afar since he can’t bear to watch her struggle.

Charlotte leaves Buckingham Palace and attempts to move to Lady Danbury’s home. The Lady doesn’t want the responsibility, and consequently she arranges for Adolphus to pick up his sister. Meanwhile, Agatha promises to be Charlotte’s true companion as the two women grow closer.

Since losing her partner, Violet hasn’t felt the desire for engaging in intimate relations until now, which she admits to Agatha in the present-day timeline. Agatha, on the other hand, speaks about how she didn’t enjoy sexual intimacy till after her partner passed away.

Queen Charlotte executes her plan and arranges for the union of her two sons with appropriate princesses. They comically attempt to persuade their older brother George, who is the current regent, to step in because they don’t like the idea. George, on the other hand, supports the union.

In the Georgian era, Lord Ledger pays Young Agatha a visit and gives her a paper hat because he knew her birthday was coming up and she was feeling disturbed. Thereafter, they end up having sex.

Charlotte demands to see her partner and travels straight to the Kew Palace. She refuses to give up despite Doctor Monro’s efforts to stop her. When she spots George, he is being burned with a hot-rolled metal bar while being tied to a chair by the doctor’s assistants. She orders them to release him given that she is horrified by what she sees. The Queen then fires Doctor Monro and tells him to leave immediately.

The Episode Review

In the Georgian timeline, Young Charlotte is coping with her pregnancy, while feeling abandoned and confined. Meanwhile, Agatha is seen dealing with the consequences of her husband’s passing. In the current timeline, Queen Charlotte is busy planning two royal nuptials. In the meantime, Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton’s friendship continues to grow.

The episode is by far the most touching of the show. India Amarteifio excels in her role, and the heroic rescue during its final moments beautifully changes the course of events. Despite carrying a child, alone and trapped, our brave protagonist fights for her relationship and partner by rescuing her husband from Dr. Monro’s cage.

Let’s hope the final episode of the epic romantic tale continues to exceed expectations!

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