Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Guide: “Lost in Mount Qaf” Walkthrough

Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Guide: Lost in Mount Qaf

Area List (Tap to jump down the page!)

Lower City

Find Menolias in the Forest

Water Puzzle

Hycranian Forest

Jahander – Boss Fight


Lower City

From here onwards, we’re onto metroidvania territory, meaning this world is one big connected puzzle that we’ll be unlocking bit by bit along the way. To avoid things getting confusing, we’ll be adding in the fastest route to each objective within this walkthrough, and if any collectibles are within reach, then we’ll list them here.

However, there will be a separate guide detailing where all the collectibles are in each world so there’s not masses of backtracking and going round in circles. And it stops you guys having to sift through masses of text to find what you need from each area!

From your starting position head to the right and speak to Artaban on the way. There will also be another encounter with Neith too, who will tease some of the time-manipulation powers we’ll be getting our hands on later on in the game.

When you enter the Lower City, you’ll be graced with a cutscene. As the Immortals split up, you’ll once again be on your own, but this time with undead warriors to contend with.

These guys are pretty easy to beat but watch out for their slashes. Be sure to jump over that when they reel back and wind up their strikes. A good idea is to fling them in the air and then hit them with a combo mid-air.

When you reach the end of the balcony on the right (pictured above), there will be an alcove to jump down on the left. It’s worth noting this area simply because it’s somewhere we’ll be returning to later in the game when we have more powers. For now, let’s press on.

Keep moving to the right, and be careful not to be overwhelmed by these undead warriors. Getting three on your tail as they attack from both sides is less than ideal!

When you’re done, head to the right and in the next area, we’ll have our first platforming puzzle.

At the top of the platform on the right, be sure to break the crystal to gain 20x Crystals. Drop down from here, pull the lever and be sure to read the tablet on the newly created path back.

In the next area, jump on the first platform then up to the next swinging pole. Then, position it to the left, jump to the higher platform and be sure to break the crystal above to gain another 20 x Crystals.

From this position, head back over to the right. There is a path leading down from here but ignore it for now, we can’t do anything there (and it’s not part of the main mission anyway).

Move all the way to the right and start climb up the wooden platforms (pictured below).

Zig-zag your way over the platforms, avoiding the archer above until you come to a strange gold trail leading down. These are in-game markers that help show where save points are, coming in the form of Wak-Wak trees.

Go ahead and go down here now, reading the tablet on the way. From here, we can change over amulets (which give you little stat boosts or bonuses in combat) and switch over Athra Charges, when you unlock more.

When you interact with the tree, you’ll also be given 1x Eye of the Wanderer. This will help show the route we’ve come so far. We’ll also be given Memory Shards too, which are like little map markers we can add in ourself to show areas we can’t reach and can return to later on.

Pass to the right along the newly created opening and watch out for the soldiers here, they bear shields. A charged attack will take them out but if you’re struggling, jump over them and hit from behind.

When you jump up on the platforms above (pictured above) be sure to jump over the first gap, being sure to time it quickly thanks to the dropping platform, and quickly jump on either side of the spiked wall to reach a hidden area with a crystal. Smash it down and receive 20x Crystals.

Drop back down and this time, go the route before the falling metal platform (pictured below)

Zig zag to the top, slash the lever to drop the bridge and be sure to break the crystal to receive another 20x Crystals. Return to the lever on this side of the bridge, raise the platform and use it as a wall to climb off to reach the higher area.

When you get to the top, head to the left and destroy the strange purple orb. This will drop some playfroms and allow you to pass upwards. Keep going, being sure to watch out for the bat enemies after destroying the second orb.

Head back over the platforms on the left and this time, find the gap between the two hands you can zig-zag up from (pictured above).

When you get to the top, head right and a cutscene will trigger. We need a bow and arrow to reach the next orb to progress so for now, be sure to head to the right.


Find Menolias in the Forest

From this location, head to the right and be sure to interact with the lever just past the room with the two archer statues (as a side note, when you receive your Bow later on in this level, return to the statues, stand on the platform between them and shoot the bow up. This will unlock a new Amulet!)

Anyway, that switch will lower an elevator and allow us to reach a higher level. We don’t need to go there right now so keep going to the right and you’ll reach The Haven.

The Haven

As one may expect, the Haven is just that – it’s a little haven before we reach more treacherous areas. There’s an old lady called The Mage that serves as a shop where we can exchange crystals for power-ups and upgrades. When you first talk to her, she’ll hand over 1x Blessing Amulet.

Just to her right is a Wak-Wak tree, so go ahead and activate that now.

It’s also worth noting that for some bonus Crystals, there’s some handy combat tutorials. It’s highly recommended to do all of these. Each net you between 50-100 Crystals and they’ll help give some extra help over nailing combos and getting parries right.

When you’re done, head to the right and we’ll be in the next section.

Lower City Again

Remember those combat tutorials? Yeah, they’ll come in super handy here to taking out the brute in the next area. He’s got some big attacks but you can get a good Vengeful Counter in if you’re lucky.

Just below his starting position, hug the wall on the right and drop down into the next gap. There’s a Side Quest in here, Prophecy of Mount Qaf. We’ll cover this in a separate guide. Just be aware that it’s here and iot’s worth activating so you can pick it up along the way. Just next to this position, you’ll find 1x Arslan’s Glory Amulet.

Exit back into the main area, where the spinning wheel platforms are and enter the doorway to the south west of this section. Here, you’ll have some tricky platforming to navigate. When the spinning spiked wheel is at its southern-most point (pictured below), jump over and slide under the gap.

There’s some precise platforming in the next section, so jump on the walls and be sure to hold back from jumping too far at the top. At the bottom of the next section, you want to slide twice, once when the spiked ball wheel is facing us, and again as it swings back to avoid being hit.

This next section will require you to hold onto the wall, slide down, and zig-zag across the walls to avoid the spikes. Be careful though as there’s a spike pit at the bottom so be sure to nail your jumps.

The final area will require you to jump very quickly and meticulously to avoid the two spiked wheels.

Jump over the two platforms just as the first spiked wheel is at the 1pm angle. Then, jump over, quickly jump from the wall onto the platform above, then jump on the wall and up.

Slide under the gap, jump on the pole to avoid the spikes and pass to the next section. Interact with the lever here and it’ll unlock the metal grate above, which will link back to the spinning platforms from before. The last thing we need is to constantly do those spiked puzzles every time!

At this point, our map should look something like this:

Head south and speak to Nojan just below this, who’s holding a large sword. As he passes away, he’ll give you a new Side Quest, The Lost Warriors. Again, we’ll cover this in a separate guide. For now, be sure to pick up the key items, 1x Insignia of Persepolis. On the right, we’ll have another big puzzle to uncover and it could leave you stumped. Thankfully, we’re here to get through this section nice and quickly!


Water Puzzle

In the room you’ll notice two platforms on the ground. Both will trigger water to come out of vents that are, right now, locked. To unlock those, you’ll need to trigger the switches, which are located at the top of the room.

The first can be reached by swinging from the first pole, to the one of the left, then onto the wall and slashing at the lever above.

Now, when you drop down and stand on the platform to the left, it’ll turn the wheel around and let us reach the switch on the right hand side.

When you do, you want to lock the wheel in the opposite direction, so you’ll be able to swing up and slash the lever from below to hit the second vent to open.

Now, stand on the second platform on the ground so the right pole is positioned to the top. Then, jump from the two poles like before to reach the second vent and across to the raised pole.

Grab the ring on the right, let it drop down, and then pass through the newly opened doorway.

Boss Fight – Undead Prisoner

Undead Prisoner is a menacing foe and he hits hard too, carrying around a column with him that does some serious damage. He does have very obvious wind-ups though and much like the first General we faced, the key here is to slide under the legs and attack from behind.

Watch out for his unblockable slams though, including swinging the column at you, hitting down low and swinging menacingly. However, the latter can actually be dodged with a Vengeful Counter. If you have any Athra Strikes, that’ll come in really handy here to whittle down the health bar.

When he reaches about 50% health, Prisoner will go on a bit of a rampage and run at you from either side of the arena, flinging his column around with a three strike combo either side. Be sure to dodge this before hitting and time your strikes correctly and he should go down.

50x Crystals 1x Soma Tree Petal  


Hycranian Forest

As you reach the forest, there will be brand new warrior enemies to face, who carry big spears and have a good chunk of health too. Keep moving and try to strike them from behind and you should get out of this in one piece. Our destination is to the right so keep moving in that direction.

Be sure to jump up on the leaves to reach the higher platform. To the left of here are a fair number of breakable crystals that will net you 22x Crystals each. To the right of this elevated area, be sure to hold X to break open the door with a Charged Attack.

Activate the Wak-Wak tree just beyond that and it’ll net you a new Athra Surge, Bahman’s Breath. Because it’s on the way and there’s not much deviation from the main path, take a left when you drop down the ledge, traverse past the spikes and be sure to pick up another jar to uncover more of the Prophecy for our Side Quest. Here’s the drop down location:

Just to the right of this, you’ll find another Side Quest location. If you wall jump off the left and hit the red orb, it’ll add a leaf just below you can climb over, being sure to jump over each column top. Talking to the soldier will unlock The Deserter.

Drop down from here and keep moving to the south east, dropping down platforms when you do. Be sure to consult your map to find the exact location we’re heading for.

Eventually you’ll drop down onto a beam and be faced with two forest warriors to contend with. There are two pathways here, one leading to the right (marked one on the screenshot below) where we’ll meet up with Fariba who will allow us to uncover more of the area in exchange for 50 Crystals. It’s highly recommended to do this so we can get our bearings as some of these levels – especially later on – can be massive labyrinths.

Now, return whence we came and drop down the gap (marked 2 on the screenshot) to follow the path to the east along to our marker. There will be some enemies along the way and we’ll be following the southern most path to the east.

Along the way though, be sure to drop under this little gap (pictured below) to uncover some hidden Crystals, this will net you an easy 50x Crystals! Eventually, you’ll come to a big boss fight that’s standing in the way of us progressing and reaching our marker.

Boss Fight – Erlik

Erlik is a tough hog and has some nasty attacks. It’ll spit purple orbs up in the air and toward your location, so be sure to dodge out the way of that. It’ll also charge at you and slam his horns, flinging you skyward. Slide under its legs and attack from behind but again, be careful of its hind legs rearing up and attacking.

Be sure to build up your Athra Meter and then blast Erlik with a wave from behind. This will do the most amount of damage.

In terms of strategy, there’s really not too much to this fight, but be careful not to be struck with the horns as they can do serious damage. There’s also one final special move where Erlik will charge back and forth three times to try and ram you. Be sure to dodge under each charge.

60x Crystals 1x Wolf-Bride Amulet  


Just past Erlik’s position, you’ll unlock the Bow of Menolias. This will now allow us to reach previously inaccessible areas earlier on in the game including (yep, you guessed it!) that purple orb from earlier in the game.

So, with this unlocked it’s now time to backtrack all the way through the Forest back to the Citadel.

The pathway here will be a little different than our opening gambit, and we want to follow this path up:

As you reach the final yellow arrow indicated above, you’ll be graced with a cut-scene featuring Menolias. He’ll give you a new ability, Chakram of Menolias. This will now let us aim precisely with the chakram by holding Y at certain points like this one, just to the left:

Hit the mark indicated above and pass through the gate. Then, press Y to retrieve the Chakram and open the original gate.


Lower City Part 3

Now we’ll have a new puzzle with the Chakram intact. Aim it at the first mark while standing on the platform, pass to the platform to the left and return the Chakram.

The next part is a little tricky. You need to jump from the first beam, to the second and then hop off the wall and jump over to the platform over the spikes. Like so:

Chakram the platform in front of you, pass over and then, as you jump up onto the platform above (pictured below), you want to return the Chakram and jump from the wall over to the original location of the platform. Hop over the gap to the right, jump down and gather a Collectible right in our path, 1x Azure Damascis Ingot.

Now, pass all the way to the left and through the door and up to activate the Wak-Wak Tree. hen you do, go left and pass all the soldiers. You can try to attack them all, or make good use of the beams ahead to avoid them all, your choice.

When you reach the edge of the room, interact with the switch to open the door and pass through, giving us entry to The Haven and a familiar passage back to the Citadel. Before you enter, backtrack just a tiny bit. It’s dropping down the gap shown in the picture below to open the chest holding 1x Amulet Holder.

Finally, make your way back to the Citadel, use an arrow to destroy the Orb and follow the linear path to the left and up. Activate the Wak-Wak Tree on the way, along with reading the tablet, and prepare for a big boss when you interact with the door.



Boss Fight – Jahander

Phase 1

Jahander is a tough foe and has some meaty attacks that can do some serious damage if you’re not careful. Every fight will begin with him using his tail to spike the ground and cause a pool of poison to linger. For obvious reasons, dodge both of these. He also has a slam attack from the sky not unlike the General earlier in the game. Be sure to dodge out the way of this too, and use your slide to get some extra distance too.

When he rams at you, there’s great opportunity to get a Vengeful Counter in, and he’ll be down for a while after, allowing you to get a couple of 3-hit combos in for good measure. Be sure to use your Athra Charges too, with the time just after he slams into the ground a great one for getting maximum damage in.

Phase 2

When he’s down to around 75% health, Jahander will step up the intensity of the fight. He’ll cause a purple orb to float around above you and deal lightning damage. It’ll track to your location too so you can’t linger too long.

Four arrow blasts or three strikes above will wipe it out and save you some big headaches. Jahander will also use his tail to throw poison darts in your location, with four spreading out and dealing damage. That tail swipe from before? It’s now got a new variation, where it’ll knock into the ground, sprout poison out, and then track further back and slam out the ground. Be sure to dodge this if you can.

It’s also a great idea here to use your arrows on occasion to interrupt Jahander’s attacks, especially the poison tail darts. He’ll also use the charge with the Vengeful Counter here when low on health so be sure to use that to get some bonus damage in.

Eventually Jahander will go down.

350x Crystals 1x Soma Tree Flower  


When Jahander is defeated, that will conclude the first big mission in the game!

<< Battle of Persepolis

The Abducted Prince >>

You can check out our full walkthrough and game guide here!

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