Primo- Season 1 Episode 6 “The Candy Bar” Recap & Review

The Candy Bar

Episode 6 of Primo begins with Rafa telling Drea about his uncle’s advice on intimacy and sex. Drea advises him to avoid going to them to discuss the topic in the future.

Rafa is asked to stay back by Professor Mary Pedraza. Rafa’s friends, Miguel and Harris, are upset with him because he didn’t show up despite having plans with them.

Meanwhile, Jay’s daughter calls him while he is at Drea’s house and requests money. Jay asks her to take it from his coat, while Ryan then tells him to deposit his money in a bank. Jay, on the other hand, thinks banks are a scam.

At the grocery store, Miguel tells Rafa that he’s taking his friends for granted. Rafa, not knowing what else to do, steals a candy bar. Miguel also steals some sweets too after seeing him. The receptionist spots it and calls them out. However, the pair run away while the receptionist threatens to call and inform Drea of what happened.

Drea speaks with Rafa and Miguel when they return home. The receptionist only spotted Miguel stealing the candy bar, so Drea has no idea that Rafa stole one first. Following this, Drea yells at Miguel, but Miguel gets upset by Rafa’s inability to confess his crime. To make matters worse, Drea punishes Miguel, which consumes his entire day.

Jay goes to Ryan’s bank to make a deposit but Jay is extremely skeptical. After much back and forth, they agree that he can keep his money in the bank’s safety deposit box and withdraw it whenever he wants.

Rafa is filled with remorse, while Mondo advises him to apologize, despite not knowing what happened. Rafa says sorry to Miguel and they make amends, hanging out together with Harris.

The Episode Review

Repentance and altering one’s way of doing things are the primary themes of this episode. The show sticks to its usual pattern and includes a great deal of humor, which keeps viewers entertained throughout.

The two main conflicts in the episode are Jay’s skepticism towards banks and Miguel’s disappointment with Rafa. Both of these conflicts are ultimately resolved, with the former being settled through a compromise.

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