Primo- Season 1 Episode 5 “The Carnival” Recap & Review

The Carnival

Drea informs the Gonzales family that Rollie needs to be bailed out of jail. as episode 5 of Primo begins. Drea requests that Mike be the one to bail him out. Mike does just that, but Rollie goes on to romanticize his violent behavior to Rafa.

Mike informs Rollie of how his actions may affect Rafa, but the latter brags about his uncle Rollie’s violent behavior and even compares him to Batman when he arrives at school. Whilst there, Rafa invites Mya to join them at the carnival

Drea is enraged when Jay and Ryan break her shelf. She orders them to fix it and put everything in its original place. In the meantime, Mike drives Rafa to the carnival.

Mya joins the boys at the carnival and compliments Rafa’s shirt. Mya later discovers that she has misplaced her money but they spot a boy picking up her cash from the ground. When they ask him to return it, he runs away. Of course, everyone ends up running after him.

Drea is not happy with the way Ryan and Jay fixed her shelf at home. She instructs them to arrange the items as they were previously, while Drea calls Mondo. Ryan and Jay then decide to fix the shelf before Mondo arrives.

Rafa tells Rollie about the thief and asks him to do something about it, but of course Rollie refuses to do anything. When Mondo arrives at the house, Jay and Ryan claim to have fixed the shelf, although they eventually realize that they did not arrange things properly. They notice that Drea collects sentimental items related to all of them and arranges those on the shelf.

Mya and Rafa run into the thief while enjoying themselves at the carnival. The thief then runs away and the two give chase. Rafa eventually catches the thief and attempts to take Mya’s money from him. However, Rollie steps in and catches Rafa, causing the thief to run away once more.

Rafa is furious with Rollie. When Rafa continues to explain himself, Rollie makes it clear that fighting is not Rafa’s way of dealing with a situation. Rollie then starts the carnival games after everyone has left, so Rafa, Maya, and their friends can enjoy themselves with no one around.

Drea is impressed with Ryan and Jay after they fix the shelf at home. She expresses her gratitude towards Mondo, but because the carnival is open late at night, the police end up getting involved. Rollie and Mike are then arrested by the police, but Rafa drops Mya to her house, where they share a hug before she enters.

The Episode Review

The episode is brimming with touching and sentimental moments. Additionally, it’s topped with humor and entertainment as well to keep things interesting.

In this episode, two major conflicts are established. Both are resolved by the end of the episode, with Mya and Rafa sharing a touching moment, while Ryan and Jay fix the shelf and understand the significance behind it. It’ll be interesting to see the subjects the show addresses in the coming episodes.

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