Primo- Season 1 Episode 7 “The Recruitment Fair” Recap & Review

The Recruitment Fair

Episode 7 of Primo begins with Drea telling Esther about her attempt to write a romance novel. Esther then deduces that Drea wrote about her and Usher in the story. Drea, on the other hand, claims it’s not about her and Usher.

Rafa is on the phone with Mya who puts the call on speaker where her father overhears Rafa joking about drugs. Rafa then cuts the call after Mya’s father scolds him.

Rafa tells his friends about his concerns getting on Mya’s father’s bad side. Mike invites Rafa to an army recruitment workshop, who agrees to accompany him because Mya’s father will be present.

Rollie accompanies Mondo to the flea market. Mondo is attempting to sell a phallic-shaped sculpture collection but whilst there, Rollie notices that his coworker Gary, an ex-friend, treats him poorly. Rollie then asks him not to accept the behavior and to take action.

Ryan is getting ready to meet his dream girl, Priscilla Diaz, at his workplace. She is similar to Ryan (according to him anyway), and he’s aware of this because Ryan handles her accounts. He goes on to tell Paul that she’s financially intelligent and the one for him, even though they’ve never met.

Elsewhere, Mike gives Rafa a number of instructions and tasks but he’s too preoccupied with impressing Mya’s father.

Ryan is being disrespectful to the customers. When Ryan’s coworker Claudia points it out to him, he acts unkind towards her.

Meanwhile, Drea is at home by herself, and she makes the most of her alone time. She dances, writes her novel, reads, watches television alone, and has a great time.

When Gary continues to push Mondo’s buttons, Mondo pees on his leather goods. Mondo and Rollie are then handcuffed and forced to sit outside the manager’s office. Gary agrees to Rollie’s suggestion to call their fight even and they seem to make up. Mike is extremely disappointed in Rafa because he is preoccupied with impressing Mya’s father. Mike expresses his disappointment to Rafa, and Rafa goes on to explain the situation with Mya’s father.

When Rafa steps outside the room, Mike approaches Mya’s father and compliments Rafa as a kid to help Rafa. Mike and Rafa stop for burgers on their way home, but when the Gonzales family returns, they all sit down to eat burgers together.

The Episode Review

This episode puts more focus on the emotional aspects of the characters. The episode fueled tensions between Rafa and Mya’s father. We’ve seen that Rafa has feelings for Maya and this episode certainly builds on that, with Mya’s father admitting that Rafa might be a good kid after all towards the end.

Given that the season finale is only one episode away, it will be interesting to see if Rafa confesses his feelings for Mya.

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