Playboyy Episode 5 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Playboyy: The Series Episode 5

One of the most exciting BL dramas that is finally hitting the floors after being teased early in 2023. The YouTube channel, Copy A Bangkok released the censored and the uncensored trailers for their upcoming BL drama, Playboyy and fans are looking forward to watching with bated breath. The wait is finally over as this 18+ BL drama drops in the weeks to come.

If you’ve been following Playboyy, you may be curious to know when this new Copy A Bangkok BL drama will be released. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about Playboyy Episode 5, including its release date, time and where you can watch this.

What is Playboyy about?

The show is produced by the director of the famous Thai BL, ‘Bed Friend‘ and is also the first eye-catching cast since ‘War of Y.’ Playboyy narrates the story of a group of friends who explore the wicked world of young adults after sex unfolds new mysteries in their lives. When sex brings mysteries that need to be solved, this group of friends expose a shady business and discover their deepest darkest desires through chaotic sex and relationships.

Where Can I Watch Playboyy?

The show Playboyy is an NC / 18+ BL drama, the uncensored versions of the show will not be available to watch on YouTube as it happens with other Thai BLs. The censored version of Playboyy will be released on YouTube in Thailand and Korea. The uncut version of the show will be available on Rakuten Viki in Japan.

Meanwhile, the uncut and uncensored versions of Playboyy will be available to watch internationally on the streaming platform, Gagaoolala with a valid subscription. The platform will stream the uncut version worldwide except for Japan and Korea.

Playboyy Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of Playboyy is scheduled to release on Thursday 14th November at 9:30 pm (GMT) / 4:30 am (ICT).

Expect each episode of Playboyy to have a run-time of 45 to 50 minutes. Also, expect episodes to drop with relevant subtitles too.

How Many Episodes Will Playboyy Season 1 have?

It has been revealed that the Playboyy: The Series (aka เล่นจนเป็นเรื่อง) will have a total of 14 episodes, with one episode releasing each Thursday. With the release of this episode, the show will have 9 more 

The show will feature a huge lineup of actors like Dech Narongdet Rungarun, Shell Thakrit Chaiwut, Parm Pawarate Pakdeelakakul, Aun Warit Lertjaruvong, Vivit Pharunrit Sarutsitphon, Boat Pakorn Tochuensakul, Korn Palat Chayutnitiroj, KaowOat Supasin Singhapan, Jeffy Chutipon Limsirithong, Fay Chintub Duangkaew, Win Jirapat Uttayananon, View Thanathorn Bunsong, Jack Jaktrin Giacomo Piazza, and Chat Wasutha Phromchainun all in main roles.

Is There A Trailer For Playboyy: The Series?

There is not one but two different trailers for this upcoming BL drama. You can find the uncensored version of this show here. Meanwhile, you can also watch the censored version of this Copy A Bangkok BL drama, Playboyy below:

What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What do you expect from this upcoming 18+ BL Drama, Playboyy? Let us know in the comments below!

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