Bed Friend – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

A Drunken Night

Episode 1 of Bed Friend starts with Uea narrating who he is and the people he works with. Generally, Uea mostly keeps to himself and is only close to one person, Jade. He and Jade work in the same building and are best friends. However, Jade is also friends with their work colleague King. Uea can’t stand King because he is a flirty player. Nevertheless, their dynamic changes one steamy fateful night.

One late night, Uea and King stayed back in the office to finish their respective assignments. King is surprised that Uea worked overtime with him and teases him that he has feelings for him. Uea, used to King being a pain in his ass, ignores him and heads for the parking lot, ready to go home.

At the parking lot, he calls his boyfriend, Pock but another man picks up the phone and identifies himself as Pock’s boyfriend. Uea is hurt to learn that Pock has been cheating on him. As he comes to terms with this shocking news, the lights at the parking lot go off and he has a panic attack.

During his panic attack, he has a flashback of his mom locking him in a dark bathroom to punish him. King sees Uea curled on the floor crying and rushes to comfort him. The lights come back and Uea is able to regain his composure. He gets up and leaves without explaining anything to a worried King. He goes home and he remembers the reason his mom locked him in the dark bathroom.

It turns out that his mom is homophobic and knew he was gay. Once she saw him being escorted by a boy home, she got angry and decided to punish him. She thought that if she punishes him, he will stop being gay. She kept saying deeply wounding words and even threatened to kill him if he continued causing trouble.  As Uea sinks deep in thoughts about his past trauma, his mom calls and he ignores her call.

The next morning, King and Uea show up for work accidentally wearing shirts of the same colour. King is pleased and teases Uea once again saying they are dressed like a couple and asks why Uea hugged him last night. Uea is annoyed and King wonders what he did wrong. We learn that Uea has always hated King from the first time they met. King is a known player and Uea can’t stand people like him. King has always been trying to get on his good side but so far nothing has worked.

During the day, Jade notices that Uea is not picking up Pock’s phone calls. He curiously asks what is wrong and Uea tells him that it is over between him and Pock. He tells Jade that Pock cheated on him. Jade is sad to hear this and assures his friend that he will find someone better. He makes a wish on Uea’s behalf that he will find a good man.

After work, the team including the boss decide to go for drinks to celebrate since it was payday. They have a great time but as the night rages on, each one decides to leave for home. Uea stops by the toilet and while there he gets a message from his mom demanding money from him.  He is also stressed by the relentless calls he has been getting from Pock.

He goes back and drinks like there is no tomorrow. He ends up passed out and King decides to take him to his apartment. King manages to get him on the bed but Uea stops him from leaving and asks him to hold him. He tells King that he doesn’t want to spend the night alone and King asks if he is sure about what is about to go down.

Uea pulls him in for a kiss in response to his question. King is unable to hold back and fervently kisses him back. Of course, one kiss leads to another and they end up having passionate sex. The next morning, Uea wakes up confused on King’s bed and starts remembering the steamy moments they shared the night before. He angrily grabs his clothes and heads to his house. He spends the weekend agonizing over what happened.

The next Monday, Uea arrives late at work and Jade notices that he seems pale. He asks Uea what is wrong but he answers that he has just been having trouble sleeping. King, on the other hand, spends the morning trying to find Uea. Uea has not been answering his calls or replying to his messages and he wants to talk about what happened between them.

King finally finds Uea in the printing room but Uea is acting even more indifferent. He tells King to simply forget what transpired that drunken night. King asks if he hates that they had sex and what he did wrong. Uea insists that they forget what happened and says it was his fault for being reckless.  He asks King for a favour, never to bring up that night again and leaves.

However, Uea keeps remembering what happened that night and he is so distracted he nearly gets into an accident while driving.

The episode ends with him getting a puncture and calling someone for help.

The Episode Review

This is the first episode but you can see that Jade and Uea are really close. It seems like Jade is the only person that Uea has let in. It would appear that King fell for Uea first but he keeps hitting a wall every time he tries to get close to Uea.

It is a pity that Uea’s mom is homophobic and keeps treating him poorly. Being gay and having a homophobic family is a hard thing to deal with. The way his mom handled the situation leaves a lot to be desired. She traumatized him and this is probably why Uea has a hard time trusting people.

I don’t understand Pock though; if he loved Uea so much, why did he cheat on him? I don’t know where he is getting the audacity to keep calling Uea and asking to be given a chance to explain. What is there to explain?  There is no excuse for cheating!

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