Movies and Shows Coming to Viki in November 2023


Rakuten Viki is constantly surprising us as it picks up fantastic content from across Asia. It’s a community-driven site that keeps the subtitles coming so you can enjoy the content you love in more than 150 languages. Some content is free and other, often newer content is available via Viki pass. 

For highlights and new content arriving in November 2023 read on. FYI, some of the content on Viki may not be available in your region.

Chinese Dramas

The Leaking Bookstore

Release Date: November 3rd
Episodes: 10

Plot: The show follows the story of Administrative Prosecutor Lin, who has just been put in charge of a case that appears to be a suicide. Most curiously, the crime scene has many features in common with a scene from a Sherlock Holmes novel. Prosecutor Lin works on the murder case.

At the same time, the Detective club president Gao and the members of the club, psychologist Zhong, social worker Wen, and pharmacist Zhang all are embroiled in the murder case investigated by Prosecutor Lin.

Blooming Days

Release Date: November 10th
Episodes: 36

Plot: The show follows Qing Lian who is content to lead an ordinary life and aspires for a suitor who only has eyes for her. Yet, she is forced to marry into the royal family. She discovers her husband, He Lian Xin is not the heartless and stone-faced noble he presents himself to be, and secretly helps him navigate the treacherous waters, earning his affection and respect in the process.

Boss & Me

Release Date: November 17th
Episodes: 34

Plot: The show follows the story of a conglomerate president Feng Teng who has a younger sister with a very rare blood type and requires a transfusion. He finds an employee at his company named Xue Shan Shan and asks her for a blood donation.

Afterwards, brother and sister are rather indebted to Shan Shan, but rather than using Feng Teng’s typical method of paying her off, his sister suggests sending her nutritious packed lunches so Shan Shan can recover from the blood loss and make the thank you more personal.

Shan Shan loves to eat, and her enjoyment of the lunches, along with her general bright and sunny personality, slowly starts melting Feng Teng’s heart.

Japanese Dramas

Virgin Love

Release Date: November 6th
Episodes: 8

Plot: The show follows the story of Shoji Shoko, a 26-year-old beautiful woman who works hard and is admired by everyone. Her problem is that she’s still a virgin and wants to change her virginity status.

Shoji Shoko moves into a love-hunting sharehouse called “Love House” and ends up living with six other people where her love life takes an unexpected turn. Love House has three guys and three girls and is a place where relationships often become complicated.

99.9 Criminal Lawyer Season 2

Release Date: November 9th
Episodes: 9

Plot: The show follows the story of Miyama Hiroto, a young lawyer who seeks justice for the innocent in a country with a 99.9% conviction rate. He works for Madarame Law Firm with Sada Atsuhiro. They attempt to uncover truths in cases requested by their clients after former Judge Ozaki Maiko joins Madarame Law Firm.

The Novelist – Spring Life 2

Release Date: November 17th
Episodes: 1 (Short Film)

Plot: This story takes place about 2 and a half years after their first encounter. Kijima moved from Tokyo to his parents’ house where his sister and her husband live, and Kuzumi, who was a university student, got a job and works in Tokyo as a member of society. The two, who had only communicated by letters, reunite in the countryside where Kijima lives.

Shitsuren Chocolatier

Release Date: November 23rd
Episodes: 11

Plot: The show follows the life of Koyurugi Sota who looks up to and adores his senior in school, Takahashi Saeko. With his one-sided love for her, he decides to leave for Paris to learn the art of making chocolates, as she loves chocolates. After returning from Paris, Sota opens a shop. Saeko, his one-sided love shows up demanding he makes her wedding cake.

Summer Nude

Release Date: November 30th
Episodes: 11

Plot: The show follows the story of Asahi Mikuriya, who works at a photo studio located near the sea and dreams of becoming a famous photographer. But, now he works as a cameraman for weddings and school events. He was also in love with a woman, but she suddenly left him.

Korean Dramas

Moon in the Day

Release Date: November 1st
Episodes: 14

Plot: The show follows the story of a man whose time has stopped and a woman who flows like a river. Moon in the Day is not a simple love story but a ‘romance thriller’. This show is a story about strife that comes and goes in the past and the present.

The Deal

Release Date: November 24th
Episodes: 11

Plot: The Deal tells the story of the three former high school classmates who get together. However, when Lee Jun-seong and Song Jae-hyo make the hasty decision to kidnap Park Min-woo, things take an unexpected turn, and the difficulties that follow send all three of them on a perilous and tumultuous journey.

Thai Dramas

Never Let Me Go

Release Date: November 17th
Episodes: 12

Plot: The show follows the story of Nuengdiao, who is the heir to a prestigious family. His status has forced him to grow up isolated with no room for imperfection. After his father is shot to death right in front of him, he and his mother’s lives are in danger. Palm, the son of a loyal family employee is appointed to protect him from the dangers in and outside school. In his life of uncertainty, Palm’s presence leads Nuengdiao to new experiences.


The New Employee

Release Date: November 3rd

Plot: The Korean BL film Seung Hyun is a virgin guy in his late twenties who is a late bloomer. He finally manages to score the internship of his dreams. On his first day at work, he runs into the handsome yet cold Kim Jong Chan who is also Seung Hyun’s new boss. Will the two be able to keep their hands off each other at work?

99.9 Criminal Lawyer Special 2021: New Encounters

Release Date: TBA

Plot: This Japanese Special is a follow-up story of the two seasons of the drama. The show follows the story of Miyama Hiroto continues his pursuit of 0.01% of the truth, this time with a new disciple who wants to be like a manga heroine.

Which dramas look most enticing to you? Got any added to your watchlist? Let us know in the comments below!

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