Perfect Marriage Revenge – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 4 picks up where the previous episode left off. Jung-hye and Jin-woong visit Do-kook’s family to finalize Do-kook and Yi-joo’s wedding. However, Jung-hye strives to create problems to the degree that Do-kook’s family recognizes that she is plotting against her daughter. However, Yi-joo manages to make a good impression on Do-kook’s family by presenting them with a painting that her mother had previously sold to a client and later reclaimed.

Following that, Yoo-ra visits her friend Soo-jin. Soo-jin insinuates, unwittingly, that Do-kook and Jung-wook have a strained relationship. This sticks with Yi-joo.

Later on that day, Yi-joo moves into Do-kook’s house. Following this, Yoo-ra and Se-hyeok scheme against Yi-joo. After telling Yi-joo that Do-kook tried to kill his brother, Se-hyeok comforts her with a bear hug. Yoo-ra, meanwhile, photographs Se-hyeok hugging Yi-joo.

The following day, Do-kook visits Yi-joo at his home. He tastes the cake she baked in culinary arts class, which is unappetizing. Following this, he cooks her ramen and suggests that they get married for real and not for their contract. However, Yi-joo draws a line and tells him that she only has one year and will respect the contract.

Do-kook checks into his regular hotel not long after. When he is drinking at the bar, Yoo-ra joins him. Following this, she makes sexual advances toward him. When it doesn’t work, she shows him the picture of Se-hyeok hugging Yi-joo. Do-kook, however, sees through her tricks and asks her to stop playing games. He then goes to his room, leaving Yoo-ra in a sour mood.

Following a business conflict between Jung-wook and Do-kook, the former decides to personally attack his brother. He then calls Yi-joo to meet him at the same yacht, where he claims Do-kook was trying to kill him.

When Yi-joo shows up, he contacts Do-kook and tells him about meeting his partner. After this, Do-kook arrives and unexpectedly meets Yi-joo. Do-kook, however, seems uneasy at the place, as he faints, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In the fourth episode, Do-kook’s family meets Yi-joo’s. Yi-joo remains the target of Yoo-ra, Jung-hye, and Se-hyeok’s plotting. Meanwhile, Yi-joo pushes Do-kook away from her and agrees to see Jung-wook for a talk.

This episode is no exception to the show’s tradition of captivating and dramatic storytelling. The plot twists, while not very strong, do their job to keep you interested.

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