Perfect Marriage Revenge – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

After fainting in the previous episode, Do-kook is taken to the hospital at the beginning of Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 5. Yi-joo goes to see him right away at the hospital. She then finds Do-kook, who reassures her that everything is well. Yi-joo then takes Do-kook to their house.

A psychiatrist pays the house a visit in the morning. She proceeds by revealing to Yi-joo that Do-kook suffers from panic attacks. Do-kook urges her to leave before she can say anything more. Following that, he tells Yi-joo that everything is fine.

Jung-wook invites Yi-joo to meet him later that day. She initially refuses, but he promises to tell her about Yi-joo’s condition. Meanwhile, Jung-hye informs Jung-wook that Woon-jae struck a deal with Tae-ja to get her to agree to accept Yi-joo.

Later on, Yoo-ra tells her mother Jung-hye of her plan to marry Jung-wook and requests that she set everything up. She goes on to tell her mother that Jung-wook will be the obvious successor of Taeja Group, and that’s all she’s ever wanted.

During Yi-joo’s meeting with Jung-wook, he displays excessive manipulation. Yi-joo, though, is able to recognize this. Do-kook interrupts them in the middle of their talk and starts attacking his stepbrother. At that point, those around them stop him.

Do-kook then informs Yi-joo that he will only be open to her if she is prepared to consider their relationship to be genuine. Do-kook advises Yi-joo to ask him to tell her things only if she has the courage to listen when she hesitates.

Yi-joo receives a picture of her birth mother from her grandfather, Woon-jae, when she visits. He then discloses that she is Jin-woong’s daughter and the daughter of her mother. Yi-joo is extremely shaken by this and is left perplexed. Yi-joo hides in the closet, and Jung-hye makes an unexpected appearance shortly after.

Shortly after, Do-kook picks Yi-joo up from the police station. She is hurt, but she won’t talk to him about it. After that, he tends to her needs and puts her to bed.

During the final moments of the episode, Yi-joo is getting ready to get married to Do-kook. Jung-hye then appears and speaks down to her. Yi-joo takes up a glass to beat her from behind as she’s walking away, but someone stops her, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

In episode 5, Yi-joo learns that Jin-woong is her biological father. Yoo-ra tells Jung-hye that she would like to marry Jung-wook. Furthermore, Yi-joo is seen preparing to tie the knot.

This episode is just as entertaining and charming as the previous ones, but it also packs a dramatic punch. Things are starting to get interesting, and the plot appears to be reaching its peak at this point. It will be intriguing to watch how the plot develops moving forward.

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