Perfect Marriage Revenge – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

In Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 2, Yi-joo agrees to marry Do-kook. After this, the two of them share a passionate kiss.

Yi-joo discovers photos of herself kissing Do-kook in an article the following day. Meanwhile, when Do-kook’s manager asks him if he wants to get the article removed, he asks him not to worry about it.

At home, Yi-joo’s adoptive mother, Jung-hye, attempts to create problems for Yi-joo. She assures Yi-joo that Do-kook’s family will never consent to their son’s marriage to her. However, Yi-joo assures her family that she’ll win them over.

At nightfall, Do-kook has his assistant get Yi-joo. On getting to his home, Do-kook presents Yi-joo with an agreement for their marriage. She then also asks him to include a meeting between their families, and he agrees. After that, he takes her around his flat and eventually asks her to move in.

Yi-joo sees her best friend, Soo-jin, the day after. Soo-jin advises her on how to impress the Taejas. Do-kook’s mother, Yeon-hwa, is the first person she wants Yi-joo to make a good impression on. To give her the best chance of winning her heart, she suggests that she enroll in her prestigious culinary class.

So-jin recommends that Yi-joo enroll in Yeon-hwa’s top-notch cooking class, so she does. After class, she runs into Yeon-hwa, who takes her out for coffee. Yeon-hwa also invited Yoo-ra to attend, and she appears there. While the conversation turns hot, Do-kook walks in and takes Yi-joo with him.

While in the car with Do-kook, Yi-joo asks him to take her to his place. When they get there, they start drinking. Yeon-hwa unexpectedly visits the home the next morning and finds Yi-joo inside. However, she doesn’t make a big deal of it and says she’s progressive enough to accept it.

When Yeon-hwa is about to leave, she asks Yi-joo to call her family over for a meeting. Following this, Yi-joo informs her family about the meeting, and Jin-woong removes time from his schedule.

In the episode’s final minutes, Jung-hye and Jin-woong visit Do-kook’s parents. The episode ends with Jung-hye trying to create tension with the family in order to prevent Yi-joo and Do-kook from getting married.

The Episode Review

In episode 3, Yi-joo manages to arrange a meeting between the families. In the meantime, Jung-hye and Yoo-ra plot against Yi-joo in an effort to prevent her from wedding Do-kook.

The episode is lively and engaging, with a healthy dose of drama. There’s a protagonist in distress, an evil stepmother, a sassy in-law, and so on, so the characters are rather stereotypical. That isn’t necessarily a problem, but the drama element in it could get out of hand if overused. At this point, though, it doesn’t seem overly done, which is excellent.

So far, the show has been like a guilty pleasure. It’s not particularly of value, but it’s entertaining enough to keep you coming back for more.

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