Paradox Live the Animation – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Paradox Live the Animation Episode 5 begins with a flashback where the Akanyatsura members lose their families in an attack. They vow to avenge their family members.

The scene cuts to the present time, where Satsuki yells at Reo for using his phone. The phone slips into a glass of soda. The two, along with Zen, go to buy a new phone. They see an announcement of the result of the BAE and TWC battle, and have a discussion about their next opponent, Cozmez.

Just then, they see two guys bullying another man. They interfere and chase the goons away, only to realize the guy being bullied is Kanata from Cozmez. They offer him a drink and try to find out what’s wrong.

He reluctantly reveals that Nayuta has gone missing. Zen and Reo look around the south side of the city. Reo criticizes the idea of panicking, claiming Nayuta is probably just hanging out. But Zen puts things in perspective, claiming family matters.

In the meantime, Kanata questions Satsuki’s intentions for helping him. Satsuki claims family is important and goes on to ask him for details of the previous night when Nayuta and Kanata had a small argument. Kanata tells him about the argument where Nayuta told him they need to improve and urges him to continue music without him.

Unfortunately, they aren’t able to find him until evening and meet up, deciding to continue the search the next day. However, Kanata tells them that he will look for Nayuta alone and apologizes for dragging them along. Satsuki stops him and tells him that he should be willing to even beg for help in finding his brother.

They tell him about the raid on the Suiseki group and how they pledged to stick together after losing everyone they cared about. Satsuki shares his violent past and how the boss and Aniki found him and helped him change.

Following that, Kanata pleads with them to assist him in finding Nayuta. Just then, Nayuta approaches them from behind. He tells them he was just hanging out alone and having fun. Satsuki loses his temper, but Kanata immediately goes to hug Nayuta. The group goes out for dinner together.

Following dinner, they advise Nayuta to always inform Kanata of his whereabouts and then leave. They challenge each other about the upcoming round between the two groups before departing. Paradox Live the Animation Episode 5 ends with a performance from Akanyatsura.

The Episode Review

Paradox Live the Animation Episode 5 begins with the announcement of the battle between Cozmez and Akanyatsura. This comes after the battle between BAE and TWC. Strangely, it is revealed that both teams have one loss, but BAE has won both of their battles against the bands they faced.

The episode focuses solely on building a brotherly bond and crossing boundaries to help their rivals. During this episode, Nayuta seems to have disappeared after a fight he had with his brother Kanata the previous night. Three of the members of Akanyatsura go out of their way to help him find his brother, shedding light on their family values.

The episode consists of a fairly cliché storyline with a simple moral: that family comes above everything. However, the episode still hints at something going on behind the scenes, but the anime has been very vague about it and continues to do so.

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