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Paradox Live the Animation – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Paradox Live Episode 6 opens with Allen, Saimon, and Yohei spotting a limited edition album at a store for a very good price. They wish to buy it but are unable to. Yeon notices Allen admiring the album outside the store.

Allen scrolls through job portals in an attempt to afford the album. Anne sneaks up on him and pesters him to reveal what he has been up to. Just then, Yohei interrupts, stopping them from fighting.

The scene shifts to Hokusai, Satsuki, and Reo informing Iori about the spotted album. He offers to pay them for it, but they insist on earning it instead, asking him if he has any jobs for them. He tasks them with pursuing Ryu from TCW and gathering information about him. They approach Shikki and inquire about Ryu. He informs them that Ryu is his friend and doesn’t experience trap reactions.

Kanata collects his payment from Iori and questions him about phantometal. Iori explains its effects, and Kanata queries him for withholding these details from his own team members. Iori claims they both share the same goal. He wishes Kanata luck in his battle against TWC.

Kanata departs and encounters Nayuta outside a store admiring the Buraikan album. Unfortunately, he lacks sufficient funds, but Nayuta drags him away for lunch.

The scene transitions to Ryu and the others at a gaming stall. Ryu wins a prize, and Allen approaches them, pretending to work there. Subsequently, Satsuki asks Ryu questions as per the agreement, but Ryu responds with silly answers to the frivolous questions.

Next, they visit an Indian restaurant to attempt a challenge. They notice Allen once again working at the restaurant. They commence the challenge, with Satsuki devouring the food while the others take their time. Allen presents them with a curry fairy as their prize, but Ryu snatches it from him.

The scene shifts to Yeon visiting a doctor. The doctor informs him that his body has a high affinity for metals before sending him away.

While Ryu and the others are walking, Shikki starts feeling strange. Ryu points out a scary building in the distance, causing Shikki to collapse and hold his breath. They move him to a safer place, and he gradually feels better. Ryu and the others manage to cheer him up by freestyling.

At the restaurant, Allen serves the guests when Yeon playfully confronts him. He reveals that he has purchased the album record and teases Allen about it.

Ryu tries to uplift Shikki’s spirits, but Shikki confesses that a friend who was killed used to live in the building, and he himself was responsible for the friend’s death at the end of Paradox Live Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Paradox Live Episode 6 seems to take us down an interesting trajectory, but it’s also very vague while introducing new information and their end goal. To start, we enter the episode and find Iori getting the others to do some research on Ryu and his past. Later, through a discussion with Kanata, it becomes clear that Phantometal probably causes trap reactions, and they want to research Ryu as he doesn’t experience them.

It seems like the series is keeping the underlying goal suppressed while letting out small clues to entice the audience. If that’s the case, it’s taking a little too long, as we’re more than halfway through the series and it’s time to build up to the finale.

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