Paradox Live the Animation – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Paradox Live the Animation Episode 4 opens with a flashback of Yeon with his parents. They attend the Cat Whickers performance, but Yeon makes it clear they are his enemies. After the performance, Ryu concocts a strange cocktail using all available drinks. Just then, BAE arrives to congratulate them. However, Yeon criticizes their music, upsetting Yohei.

At that moment, Ryu begins to sniff all three of them and claims Yeon is different from the other two. He whispers something in Yeon’s ear, causing him to react strongly. Yeon pushes Ryu down and grabs his collar. When Allen tries to intervene, Yeon slaps him. He then leaves the room and runs.

Yohei questions Ryu about what he whispered, but Ryu appears puzzled. Yeon asserts that he is just a colleague to Allen and Anne and heads home. Later that night, the professor discusses BAE’s criticism with Yohei and suggests they should perhaps seek novelty.

In the early hours of dawn, Anne finds Allen gazing out over the city from the balcony. She makes their coffee, and Allen opens up about his connection with Yeon. Anne offers to make coffee and invites Yeon to join them. She knocks on the door, saying that Allen wants to talk to him.

Initially, Allen tells Yeon that he isn’t very familiar with him and that he should, but then he reflects that he doesn’t know him well enough. He then empathizes with Yeon by sharing his own experience. He recounts his story of growing up in a family that pushed him into classical music. He explains how he eventually gravitated towards hip-hop, facing backlash from his parents who burned his hip-hop collection. He claims that’s how his trap reactions started.

Anne also shares her story of how her mother once cut her hair, asserting that she looked like a boy when she was young. Her mother expected her to be her “prince” after her father passed away.

Yeon reveals that Ryu said he was expendable. He narrates his own story of being an adopted son of the Yeon Conglomerate. He was taken in because the couple couldn’t produce an heir to the corporation. Everything went well until their biological son was born. The words of his parents, who claimed they no longer needed him, continue to haunt him, creating a deep fear of abandonment.

Allen reassures Yeon that he isn’t expendable and recalls the first time Yeon took him under his wing when he had nowhere else to go. Allen emphasizes Yeon’s value to him, and the three decide to have coffee together at the end of Paradox Live the Animation Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Paradox Live the Animation Episode 4 serves as a pivotal moment for the BAE band, solidifying their bond. It delves into their shared history, providing deeper insights into the characters. The spotlight is on Yeon when a comment from Ryu unexpectedly strikes a chord.

Allen and Anne take the initiative to connect with Yeon, sharing their own experiences of feeling disowned. They offer empathy and assure him of their mutual value and unwavering support for one another. The anime hasn’t broken the silence on the company which seems to be pouring money into the Paradox competition and continues to build suspense.

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