Paradox Live the Animation – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Paradox Live the Animation Episode 3 begins with the announcement of Bae’s victory and the commencement of the Cat Whiskers and Akanyatsura battle.

Fast-forward to after the battle, Naoakira and Yohei have a discussion about their loss. Yohei expresses his gratitude to Naoakira for keeping the band together. They talk about Shiki’s trap reactions, and Yohei asserts that he will stay back to check on Shiki in case something happens.

Shiki is struggling and apologizes to Ryu for his shortcomings. Ryu tries to comfort him but ends up questioning why he himself doesn’t have any trap reactions.

Following that, Yohei plays the piano and hears Shiki have another trap reaction. Afterwards, Yohei claims he will experience a trap reaction himself and heads into the other room.

Finding himself alone, Ryu heads out to wander. The next morning, Ryu shows them the kitten he found and asks if they can keep it. Just then, Akanyatsura arrives to have a discussion. Iori sends the others out to distribute copies of a poster to buy some time to discuss things with Naoakira.

Iori and Zen talk with Yohei and Naoakira about the Alter Trigger company backing the Paradox Live event. Iori mentions that he found out they are the parent company of a real estate business. He also brings up their ties with phantometal research and the side effects experienced by users.

Just then, the others arrive with the cat, preventing them from discussing further. Ryu then approaches Iori, questioning him about a secret. Yohei excuses him. Iori leaves money on the table, claiming he is defending those kids. Iori mentions to Zen that Ryu caught him off guard.

Later that evening, people at Alter Trigger monitor the vitals of nominees, suggesting an ulterior motive for their study. Ryu rushes in with the cat, claiming it is unwell. They try calling the vet but the phone goes unanswered. Ryu rushes out in the heavy rain in search of a vet. He then tires out and collapses after a certain distance.

Just then, Shiki arrives and apologizes. Soon enough, Yohei and Naoakira also arrive with a towel and umbrella, reassuring them that they will never be alone. They proceed to find a vet together. The next day they realize the cat was only constipated.

Shiki gets overwhelmed by the feeling and apologizes for not singing well, claiming he was the reason they lost. Naoakira reassures him that there’s no need to worry and assures him about the motives of the bar. Yohei claims that his justice is protecting the bar and TCW’s music. Paradox Live the Animation Episode 3 ends with a stunning performance from The Whisker Cats.

The Episode Review

Paradox Live the Animation Episode 3 primarily focuses on the Whicker Cats band after their loss to Akanyatsura. It showcases an odd display of Shiki’s trap reactions, which are filled with apologies and loud wailing. It also gives us a closer look at the members of the Whisker Cats. Naoakira, the owner, is filled with compassion. Ryu is a carefree yet sensitive person but claims he doesn’t have trap reactions.

The storyline reveals an ulterior motive behind the Paradox Live competition. Iori from Akanyatsura reveals his research on the company Alter Trigger, which seems to be pouring in huge amounts of money to back the competition. It almost seems like they are responsible for the trap reactions as a part of their study.

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