Palworld: 10 Best Weapons In The Game (So Far)

Searching for Pals can be a dangerous task for all players. Unless you’re equipped with the correct gear, Pals, and weapons, you’ll find yourself having a difficult time progressing through Palworld’s expansive universe. Regarding weapons, there is a wide variety for you to craft in the game, which may make it difficult for folks to choose which one is worth attaining. 

If you happen to be one of those players, fear not! Today, we’ll be listing the 10 best weapons in Palworld (so far). From the powerful Rocket Launcher to the sharp Sword, we ensure you’ll find our selections appealing. Also, we’ll note the materials you’ll need to make these weapons. 

If we miss any weapons that you think should be listed here, let us know in the comments below. If you want to follow our Palworld walkthrough coverage, click here. Also, if you’re curious about what mods are available to try in Palworld, click here


A great way to defeat enemies in Palworld is by maintaining proper distance from your target. That’s something the musket allows you to achieve. Unfortunately, players must fulfill a lot of prerequisites before they can get their hands on this gun. However, they’ll find its damage output gratifying. This weapon can deal over 1000 damage to your enemy, making it a commendable ranged gun. 

Additionally, this gun takes coarse ammo, something that’s simple to acquire in Palworld since it only requires a few ingots and charcoal to make. As for the musket itself, players should have 5 high-quality pal oil, 30 wood, and 25 ingots to make it. As with future items on this list, you can craft this firearm at any weapon workbench or weapon assembly line structure. 

On top of that, you’ll need to use 3 technology points to unlock it via Palworld’s technology menu once you’ve achieved level twenty-one. After that, go ahead and shoot up some enemies to your heart’s desire. 

Rocket Launcher

As with any game with guns, it made sense for Pocket Pair to include a beefy weapon like a rocket launcher in its line-up. Unfortunately, you’ll need to reach level 49 if you hope to craft one. Once you achieve that level, head over to the technology menu, and unlock it with 5 technology points. 

The weapon itself can deal about 10,000 damage to your opponent, which will make you feel like an unstoppable force of nature. To craft a rocket launcher, players must have 50 carbon fibers, 75 pal metal ingots, and 30 polymers. Additionally, you’ll need to craft the weapon assembly line II structure to build this beast. 

Despite being a sought-after item for slaying many of Palworld’s strongest foes, some choose to avoid this item because it’s not a durable gun. It’s ammo isn’t cheap and easy to obtain either. Yet, this weapon has a legendary variant that deals foes more harm and is more durable. However, gathering the materials needed for that variant is more daunting. 

Assault Rifle

The assault rifle is a weapon that can help players wipe out enemy hordes with relative ease. This weapon can be created at a weapon assembly line I or II structure. Players must have 30 carbon fibers, 10 polymers, and 40 refined ingots up their sleeves on top of having their respective ammo if they hope to use this compelling firearm. 

Additionally, players will find this weapon’s durability and damage output to their liking. While the weapon’s 20-ammo magazine size may not appeal to casuals, players who want a more refined version of the assault rifle can go for its legendary variant. This version deals more damage than the original weapon and has a 30-ammo magazine size. 

Unfortunately, that weapon will require more of the same materials listed above including 30 ancient civilization parts. Unless you’re someone who loves to grind games to the fullest, we recommend “gunning” for the standard assault rifle. 

Pump-action Shotgun

For players who want to annihilate every enemy in sight, the pump-action shotgun is worth crafting in Palworld. This weapon is known for draining enemy health points with ease. Considering Pocket Pair plans to include PVP combat in a future update, we anticipate this weapon will be many players’ go-to gun of choice. 

First and foremost, players can fire shots at enemies numerous times without needing to reload. This gives it a sight edge over most weapons that suffer from having terrible recoil or only allow players to fire a set amount of shots. Additionally, players can unlock the pump-action shotgun via the game’s technology menu at level 42 with 4 technology points. 

The weapon itself can be crafted at the weapon assembly line’s first or second station variants. However, players need to have 40 carbon fiber, 20 polymer, and 30 refined ingots at hand to make this device. As with other weapons listed here, the pump-action shotgun has a legendary variant that packs a mighty punch. 

Single-Shot Rifle

As the single-shot rifle’s name suggests, players can only fire one shot at an enemy before needing to reload. With this information, players may be curious how this weapon ended up making our list. Where the single-shot rifle lacks proper ammo capacity, it makes amends for it with its incredible durability and damage ratio. 

The single-shot rifle can dish immense damage to your enemy. Players who have a hard time dealing with Palworld’s higher-level bosses will find this weapon’s wonderful reload time and damage output gratifying. Moreover, the weapon’s high endurance stat ensures players won’t need to worry about it fading into irrelevancy. 

If this weapon interests players, they can unlock it via the technology menu at level 36 with 3 technology points. The weapon requires 5 polymer, 20 refined ingots, and a weapon Assembly line (I or II) station to craft it. 

Makeshift Handgun

For players who love to get up close and personal with their enemies, the makeshift handgun offers a satisfying experience. This weapon can only fire one bullet at a time, but packs quite the wallop, if you’re in perfect range of your enemy. While it’s not as powerful as Palworld’s standard handgun, many players will flock to the makeshift handgun because it utilizes coarse ammo. 

Coarse ammo is a lot easier to retrieve than the handgun’s ammo, giving the makeshift handgun a slight advantage. Moreover, if you happen to be a Palworld newcomer and are afraid to tackle its notorious bosses, the makeshift handgun is a great starting firearm that’ll give low-level enemies a beating. 

Further, players can unlock this weapon at level 25 with 3 technology points. They can craft this tiny gun at the weapon workbench or the weapon assembly line (I and II) stations. Players only must have 30 fiber, 10 high-quality pal oil, and 35 ingots to complete the crafting process. 

Poison Arrow Crossbow

Elemental weapons are a neat feature in Palworld and are worth exploring further. Only a select few weapons have elemental variants like the bows and crossbows. One of the best elemental weapons you’ll want to craft immediately is the poison arrow crossbow. This weapon deals wonderful damage to your foes, and has a neat yet slow health-draining effect, mirroring the effects found in Pokémon

Moreover, for players who value ranged combat, and don’t have enough ingots to make ammo for their machine-based weaponry, the poison arrow crossbow is a great alternative. While the poison arrows can be a hassle to craft because they require venom glands, the additional harm these arrows cause opposing Pals, merchants, and bandits is worth it. 

For those curious, they can unlock this weapon at level 17 and must use 1 technology point. The weapon can be made at the primitive workbench, giving it another advantage over several late-game weapons. You’ll need 1 venom gland, 3 stones, and 3 wood to craft it though. 


As mentioned in our hypothetical “new weapons we’d like to see implemented in Palworld” piece, it’s unfortunate the sword didn’t receive elemental variants like the bows and crossbows. Nonetheless, on its own, the sword is a valuable weapon for players who adore physically assaulting their enemies with items like the baseball ball, club, or their avatar’s hands. 

Additionally, it captures the game’s fantasy and medieval aspects, well, especially when players roam through its abandoned castle areas. Nonetheless, the sword can dish out impressive damage to enemies. While its range is abysmal compared to other weapons, its strength output is respectable, making it a sought-after melee weapon for Palworld’s enthusiasts. 

To unlock the sword, players need to reach level 44 and spend 3 technology points. Additionally, they can craft this weapon at a high-quality workbench, weapon workbench, weapon assembly line, and other late-game workstations. They’ll need about 20 wood, 20 stone, and 30 refined ingot materials to assemble this sharp blade, too. 

Hyper Grappling Gun 

While Palworld’s mountable Pals make region traversal eventful and simplistic, you’ll likely run into stamina issues. Thankfully, Pocket Pair knew some players may have wanted an extra boost in reaching locales. This possibly led to them implementing this damage-less yet effective weapon called the grappling gun. 

While each grappling gun has its merits, players are better off crafting the hyper grappling gun. This device has a shorter cooldown period compared to the other grappling guns present in the game. Although Pocket Pair should consider altering this weapon’s range slightly to help it stand out from the others, this device will serve Palworld’s adventure-seeking players well. 

To craft this ultimate grappling gun, players must have unlocked Palworld’s standard, mega, and giga grappling gun from the technology menu. Afterward, they must be at level 47 and use 4 ancient technology points to make this item craftable. Then, players must have 40 palladium fragments, 15 ancient civilization parts, 20 carbon fibers, 20 polymer, and 30 refined ingots. 

As for workstations, players can only build the hyper grappling gun at the work assembly line II station. 

Homing Sphere Launcher

While it’d be interesting to see Pocket Pair implement future Pal Sphere types in Palworld, the homing sphere launcher is a great option for those who grow tired of chucking Pal Spheres at Pals and humans. Unfortunately, players need to reach level 50 to obtain this weapon. Additionally, like the hyper grappling gun, this one doesn’t damage enemies either. 

However, the homing sphere launcher’s automatic lock-on feature makes it a respectable weapon for those who aren’t the best Pal Sphere throwers. Those players will never worry about throwing a sphere at a tree, rock, or other natural element again. Therefore, the homing sphere launcher, despite its lack of damage output, is one of the best Pal-catching devices. 

After players use up 5 ancient technology points to unlock this weapon, they must ensure they have the proper materials to make it. The materials needed include 200 palladium fragments, 20 ancient civilization parts, 100 pal metal ingots, 50 carbon fibers, 50 polymers, and a weapon assembly line II workstation. 

So, there we have it, our 10 picks for the best weapons in Palworld (so far)!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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