Palworld: 10 New Weapons We’d Love To See In The Game

Palworld is a bizarre game. It features a world filled with many charming creatures that you can attack with your fists or a baseball bat.  Considering Palworld is still in its early phases (for now), we felt it necessary to share our input on what other tantalizing weapons we’d love to use in it. 

First off, to celebrate Palworld’s successes, we’ll be uploading many articles highlighting helpful tips, mesmerizing mods, and other things related to Palworld. Today, we’d like to list 10 new weapons we’d love to see added to Palworld. From sharp kunai to elemental sword variants, the possibilities are endless. 

If we miss any weapons that you want to see implemented in Palworld, let us know in the comments below. Additionally, if you want to follow our Palworld walkthrough coverage, click here


Although engaging in fisticuffs with Pals is a satisfying endeavor, many players opt for the game’s ranged weapons for safety reasons. While Palworld features a nice variety of long-range weaponry, a slingshot is a weapon many would adore to have in Palworld. Considering some Pals can be used as flamethrowers and egg launchers, a slingshot would feel right at home in Palworld. 

Moreover, slingshots could elevate the childlike sensation one receives by encountering and interacting with this game’s colorful creatures. Additionally, it’d be wonderful if this item was an easy one to craft in Palworld and had multiple elemental variants akin to the game’s bows. 


Palworld earned the title of “Pokémon with guns” for a reason. It contains numerous firearms for players to choose from like your standard pistol to your old-fashioned muskets. However, some players might be disappointed at the lack of melee weaponry found in Palworld. While having electric batons and swords is cool, many may want more variety concerning these weapon types. 

Therefore, it’d be intriguing if Pocket Pair incorporated nunchucks (or Knuchaku) into the game. Considering this game pays homage to many parts of the world through its Pal and character designs, including a weapon with historical significance like nunchucks feels fitting.

If Pocket Pair gave the nunchucks a nice attack stat and the player’s avatar a distinct attack animation with it, we can see it becoming a go-to weapon for melee fanatics. 


Despite touching upon the overabundance of ranged weaponry in the game, adding something minuscule and neat like a boomerang item in Palworld would be great to see. As with the slingshot, we anticipate the boomerang weapon would be an easy one to craft in Palworld. It can have additional tiers similar to the game’s pickaxes, spears, etc. 

Therefore, the more refined the material, the higher the damage you’ll deal to nearby Pals, bandits, merchants, etc. To make the boomerang item more enticing, Pocket Pair can have it function similarly to other games that feature boomerangs like The Legend of Zelda. Once thrown, the item will hit your target of choice and automatically return to you. 

If it operated like that, we could see it being a handy item for newcomers.  


At first glance, a chainsaw weapon sounds like an absurd one to include in a game that features colorful Pals, many of whom are downright cute. Yet, Palworld isn’t all sunshine and rainbows like other franchises that feature adorable fictional critters. This game allows you to force your critters to perform manual labor for you and you’re given the chance to beat them to a pulp with a bat. 

On top of including sharp weaponry like swords and metal cleavers, having a chainsaw weapon in Palworld doesn’t sound too extreme. However, we predict this weapon will be a difficult one to craft unlike the others mentioned so far. However, its damage output will convince players that it’s worth making and utilizing in Palworld. 

If Pocket Pair isn’t considering a future chainsaw-themed Pal for its roster, then including a chainsaw weapon sounds like a stellar alternative. 


Taking a page from Minecraft’s book, we’d like Pocket Pair to implement a trident in Palworld. Considering this game features items of fictional variety like staffs, a trident doesn’t sound too strange of a concept. Moreover, Pocket Pair could theme this weapon around a future aquatic Pal, giving it more value than the items we’ve mentioned before. 

Pocket Pair could give the trident two functionalities, too. Like Minecraft, players should be able to throw this fork-like weapon at Pals and human enemies or use it as a melee weapon akin to Palworld’s pointy tools. To balance things out, we can see them giving it mid-range damage. Nonetheless, including a trident weapon in Palworld would be sweet. 

Swords (Elemental Versions)

There are many weapon iterations present in Palworld (so far). From fire bows to shock grenades, the weapon variety in Palworld is gratifying (so far). However, many may have hoped Pocket Pair would’ve upped the anty and included elemental versions of preferable weapons. One of those includes its swords.

The fact that the game only features one sword variant may feel like a travesty in some fans’ eyes. Therefore, we feel it’d be marvelous if Pocket Pair introduced elemental swords in Palworld. Much like the grenades and bows, you’d need to retrieve specific elemental organs to craft these notable items. However, the sword’s usual ingredients like ingot, stone, and wood should remain the same. 


As with our list covering the strangest Pals in Palworld, we’ve noted how Maraith feels like a pet the Grim Reaper would love to own. Since many horror enthusiasts will be enthralled by Palworld’s violence and dark Pal designs, why not throw them a bone and implement a weapon that’ll make them feel like a being of destruction?

For scythes, we anticipate Pocket Pair would give this item a high attack attack stat and adequate durability. Moreover, the scythes could have elemental variants, giving players more reasons to use them over the swords (if elemental versions aren’t introduced). By and large, this would be a wonderful blade to have next to the game’s other mythical-themed gear. 


Hammers would’ve made for a nice repair-themed item in Palworld. Yet, Pocket Pair opted for a screwdriver instead, which isn’t a bad alternative. Nevertheless, it’d be swell to have a hammer-themed weapon in Palworld. To make it stand out, this weapon could function as a risk versus reward type of item in your arsenal. 

Essentially, we believe the hammer should be insanely heavy but incredibly powerful. On the other hand, Pocket Pair could opt to make the player’s attack speed slower when using it. This would work similarly to the Great Swords present in Monster Hunter. Whatever the case might be, a hammer weapon would be amazing to have. 


Another weapon with a rich history that’d be stellar to see in Palworld is kunai. Much like the boomerang, it’d be great if these sharp throwing knives were among the game’s easier craftable tools. Although they’ll be simple to make, Pocket Pair should make this weapon’s attacking power extremely low to even things out. 

The kunai would operate like the game’s Pal Sphere throwing items. You’d simply chuck them at your enemies to decrease their health points, making them easier to defeat or catch. On the other hand, the developers could make this item a non-breakable one. However, if they tend to go for that route, we’d recommend making that a “custom option” feature for players who adore playing games at low difficulties. 

Sniper Rifles

Surprisingly, sniper rifles aren’t among the firearms present in Palworld. From assault rifles to rocket launchers, you’d think Pocket Pair would’ve included one of these iconic weapons at the start. Regardless, it’d be awesome if Palworld had sniper rifles, as it’d open the door for more ways to experience its gameplay. 

As with other video game portrayals, players should receive your typical scoping option, allowing them to shoot at Pals and human foes from far distances. To make it less overpowered, Pocket Pair could shorten the sniper rifle’s range and give it a lower attack stat. Nonetheless, we hope sniper rifles are implemented down the line, as it’ll make Palworld truly feel like “Pokémon with guns.” 

So, there we have it, our 10 picks for new weapons we’d love to see in Palworld (so far)!

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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