Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 5 AM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 5 AM

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Navigate Edwards Island

Escaping Limbo

Closing The Final Portal

The Final Choice


5am is essentially the last full chapter in the game, and so you’ll have to use everything you’ve learned so far to try and stop Olivia and save Camena. No pressure! There is another chapter after this, but it ultimately serves as an epilogue and will differ depending on the choice you make at the end of 5am. Let’s begin!


Navigate Edwards Island

From the boat, head right and through Edwards Island. There are a few different things you can interact with here to keep the dialogue flowing, including a car, tunnel and shop window. When you’re ready, head up the stairs and go left. You’ll notice a statue of a propeller from the USS Kanaloa here, and Jacob will point that out on the ascent.

There’s a few more shops you can interact with but when you’re done, head up the bridge and across to a glitched chair with a red lamp. 

Jacob will comment on this and the pair will talk before being whisked away to the beach. Alex and her friends are there and she’ll explain that the timelines are starting to converge now. All of this was started by a military test gone wrong, which has essentially left them all as echoes in time.

Just like that, Alex will glitch out and you’ll be by the Communication Tower. Follow Alex up and the camera will pan out to show Olivia opening the portal, with a menacing green triangle in the sky.

Keep heading up the tower and talk to Olivia. Alex will glitch back into view again and urge her to stop. However, the entities will move her away from the tower and speak through her. They’ll then reach out and grab Riley, deciding to invade her too.


Escaping Limbo

Riley will wake up at the bus stop in a strange dark area. You can choose to travel left or right, but either way you’ll eventually reach a TV set with a red lamp. The Sunken will antagonize you all the way, trying to get you to give up.

Interact with the chair and then with the lamp, with a bit of dialogue in between. To get past this, tune your radio to channel 101.

You’ll then glitch out and be back on the radio tower again, in the middle of the day. Someone will be in the office upstairs, chatting away. It’s Maggie Adler. Or, at least an echo of her anyway. The Sunken will speak through her and try to dissuade Riley into giving up.

After, you’ll be back in another area with three red TVs and a black one, laid out in a diamond shape. You’ll need to tune your radio to each of these in order to short circuit three of the TVs and turn on the fourth one. The frequencies for each are as follows:

  1. Tune TV 1 (far left) to frequency 91
  2. Tune TV 2 (top) to frequency 106
  3. Tune TV 3 (bottom) to frequency 98
  4. Tune TV 4 (right side) to frequency 96

There’s a brief scene in the middle of this with Riley in the bar again, drunk, before we’re back under a single red lamp. Once again, we need to open our frequency radio and switch to channel 101.

Once you’ve done all of this, you’ll be back by the fisherman’s cabin and you’ll find Rex sitting, fishing. Riley’s son has become estranged from Riley, just like our protagonist and her father. Rex will convince Riley to continue fighting through some dialogue choices that determine how long this conversation goes on for.

We chose both blue options but depending on what you choose, you’ll eventually be back with Olivia and the portal again.


Closing The Final Portal

Now it’s a case of cycling through the radio channels once more and shutting down the portal, stopping the Sunken and saving Olivia once and for all.

There are four different numbers you need to hover over, in this specific order. You’ll notice a loud hum when you get the number correct, although like other puzzles in this game, there is a slight leeway either side of the exact frequency channel.

When you’re ready, move back and forth through the channels to the following:

  • 80
  • 121
  • 95
  • 79

When that’s done, the portal will be charged with orange crackles of lightning and eventually disappear.


The Final Choice

The screen will turn white and open in a brand new area, with a triangular portal leading out. It’s decision time and this is going to be the most important one you make in the entire game.

Alex, Jacob and Olivia are all here and someone needs to stay behind and close the portal, otherwise it’ll never close and consume everyone. In essence, whoever stays behind, will remain trapped in the portal forever. Your options are either:

  • Riley stays behind
  • Jacob stays behind
  • Olivia stays behind

Whoever you choose, the ending will drastically alter and there’s no cheats with going back and choosing someone else either. It’s decision making time!

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