Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 4 AM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 4 AM

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Alex Reveals The Endgame

Jacob Reunites With Athena

Jacob’s Choice


4am is the shortest chapter in the game (next to the prologue), but it’s also arguably the most significant too.


Alex Reveals The Endgame

As you arrive back in town, call Nick and Evelyn in turn, checking in with them both. After, head back on the route toward the community center. On the bridge, Jacob will glitch out and Alex will show in his stead. She’ll explain that the night’s frequencies have bled so much that she can now take a physical shape. She also reveals what’s actually going on here.

She mentions the incident at the community center and drops the bombshell that it wasn’t her and her friends – it was actually the crew from the USS Kanaloa. They’ve been hijacking the frequencies and have convinced Olivia to head over to Edwards Island, using a Comm Tower there to open another portal and essentially hijacking our timeline.

The Sunken want to return and live, and they intend to do this via a hostile takeover. So there’s nothing else for it but to stop Olivia no matter what. This requires you to find a boat and head over there immediately. 


Jacob Reunites With Athena

As a quick note, we’re about to reach a point of no return. Jacob will even mention this himself in his dialogue. Now’s the time to finish up collecting diary entries and completing any side missions for people across the radio!

When you’re ready, head down to the dock, south of the main square and interact with the small boat. However, the boat is padlocked so we need a key. Go back into town and interact with Eva’s shop.

Open the door and you’ll have a few different items to interact with, including a family photo and, of course, the keys. They’re just up on full display so it’s hard to miss! After taking this and heading back to the dock, you’ll hear faint whimpering in town. Jacob will rush over and be reunited with his lost dog, Athena.

There are two trophies here you can unlock, and it’ll unfortunately require two playthroughs to get both achievements. The first is to pet Athena. The other is not to pet Athena. Given the way saves work in this game, there’s not a way to manipulate this unfortunately!


Jacob’s Choice

There’s a big choice to make here and it will affect the ending to the game so choose wisely! Riley will decide whether Jacob comes with her to Edwards Island or stays behind with Athena.

The point of no return occurs just next to the small boat, where Riley will either choose to say “After You” (Jacob comes with you) or “You Should Stay” (Jacob doesn’t come with you).

However, if you choose not to take Jacob, you won’t be able to unlock one of the endings to the game. If Jacob doesn’t come with us, it’ll be Alex instead.

Back to the boat, and you’ll have to input a code on the padlock alongside the key. The game will actually let you try all three incase you get it wrong, but the code is 7-1-1, which is a throwback to Eva’s calendar in her shop, which had 7/11 marked.

Either way, hop in the boat and head over to Edwards Island. There will be some more dialogue between the two on the way (Jacob/Riley or Alex/Riley), and then we’ll arrive at our destination.

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