Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 3 AM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 3 AM

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Explore Garland Ghost Town

Hank And The Post Office Side Quest

Climbing The Church

Solving The Church Puzzles


We’re into the endgame now, and it’s time to plant the final transmitter at Garland. Drop the climbing anchor and head all the way to the left. At the gate, tune your radio to channel 139. Proceed through the newly opened door all the way to the left.


Explore Garland Ghost Town

You’ll soon arrive in Garland Ghost Town. It’s a bit of a creepy locale in truth and you’ll notice an abandoned church at the top of the town. Make note of this and the few little machines dotted around too, which will be useful shortly.

In the graveyard are various gravestones, who all hold people who passed away in 1892. Remember that date as it’ll be important going forward!

After chatting with Olivia on the radio about her plan, Jacob will chime in with his two-cents about their next move. He wants to go through the mines while Riley believes the church is the better option. To be honest, they’re both blocked so it doesn’t really matter either way as you’ll be bottlenecked into the next section.

What does matter however, is the rip in time that’s in the middle of town. Run past this and head all the way to the right.

Interact with the wires on the ground and then head into the post office (the dilapidated building the wires are coming out of). 


Hank And The Post Office Side Quest

When you head inside, your picture will be taken by a bunch of cameras dotted around. Your radio will crackle with a new voice – it’s Hank Chapman. He’s an amateur investigator and wants you to capture evidence of the “unusual” and “weird”. Well, there’s plenty of that going around tonight!

Head back outside and interact with the time tear by channeling your radio to 100. This will open a slight gap you’ll be able to jump through shortly. Before you do that though, make note of the two strange machines hooked up just to the left. These essentially allow you to switch the year you’ll be jumping back to, which is super helpful.

After opening the tear, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Tune EMF booster 1 (above the ladder) to 3
  2. Tune EMF booster 2 (left of the time tear) to 9
  3. Interact with the time tear to jump through

You’ll now find yourself in 1930. Speak to the man outside the Drugs & Meals shop and take his picture. This is what Hank is looking for. Proceed back through the tear and into the post office.

On the way, Hank will discuss how he wants something a bit more ghostly, an “impossible object” as he calls it. Remember the shoe we picked up from the cave earlier in the night? Yep, this is where you’ll need it. Go back into the post office and deposit it in the safety box at the top of the stairs.

This will also unlock an achievement too. Now, go back to the EMF boosters and do the following:

  1. Tune EMF booster 1 (above the ladder) to 9
  2. Tune EMF booster 2 to 8 (left of the time tear)
  3. Interact with the time tear to jump through.


Climbing The Church

We’re now back in 1890 and more importantly, the way through the mines is open. Head all the way to the left and go inside. Exit the tear and proceed up the ladder. Follow the linear pathway up and into the Copper Mine. 

You’ll teleport some way up and now it’s a case of just jumping over the various gaps and proceeding back out into Garland Ghost Town on the right.

You’ll now be right at the church tower so climb across the rock face and climb up to the roof.

Plant the transmitter and Jacob will mention that he can smell wood decay. Unfortunately, he’ll also tumble right through into the great unknown. Drop a rope and follow Jacob down. It’s quite a long descent in truth, one that Riley will almost comment is way too long for such a small building.


Solving The Church Puzzles

At the bottom, you’ll enter the main atrium of the church and find yourself in a dark room with one candle for company. You’ll need to light each of the candles in a specific sequence, otherwise everything will glitch and reset.

Follow the solution on the screenshot above or, alternatively, light the following candles in order:

  1. Bottom left
  2. Top Left
  3. Bottom right

Once you’ve done that, the strange entity will show up and try to spook you. Ignore its antagonizing and head to the back of the room. Interact with the strange machine and prepare for another puzzle. This one comes in the form of aligning the two diamond shapes just like in previous chapters. You’ll want to do the following for the dials:

  1. Turn Dial 1 to 9am.
  2. Turn Dial 2 to 9am.
  3. Turn Dial 3 to a little before 9am.
  4. Turn Dial 4 to 2pm.


Solving this will restore Jacob back to normal. After a bit of dialogue, head back up the rope and to the transmitter on the roof. You’ll once again need to tune the radio so it turns blue.

In doing so, the large triangle will suddenly disappear from over Edwards Island. Hooray we’ve done it! Time to go home. Head out of Garland and back into the main town square.

<< 2 AM

4 AM >>

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