Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 2 AM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 2 AM

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Investigate The Community Center

Find The Hidden Control Room

Confront Olivia

Stop Olivia From Opening The Portal

Regroup and Head For Garland


With two transmitters planted, whichever order you decided to place them down, the story starts to converge to one track again now. At 2am, Jacob and Riley head off to the community center.


Investigate The Community Center

There’s a good deal of stuff to interact with inside, and once you’ve entered through the front door, be sure to check out the portrait next to the staircase. This holds a number, 75.6. Is this a radio station? Or a code? We’ll find out shortly but remember it for now.

Among the places to visit, you’ll be able to use the observatory key here too. If you head up that same staircase mentioned just now and interact with the door on the left, you’ll find it now opens.

Upon entering, you’ll be whisked up to a hidden room at the top of the community center. This happens to be Olivia’s secret area. There’s a few places to interact with but in all honesty, this is more of an Easter egg than anything else.

There’s also a few other places you can interact with here, including a shrine on the far right side of the second floor. Our real destination though is the third floor. Head up the next staircase and proceed to the middle of the room.

Next to the bulletin board, at the top of the left-side bookshelf is a brand new radio, which happens to enhance your frequency range to a lot more channels.


Find The Hidden Control Room

Next, head outside and interact with the antenna. Go down the stairs on the inside of the house and just to the left of the shrine, near the yellow tape on the balcony, is a cable you can interact with. After, proceed through the door leading outside, descend the staircase and open the outside door to access a storage room.

Interact with both the poster and the door here.¬†Once you’ve done all that, Riley will notice the box in the middle of the room can be moved. Push it aside and then tune your radio to 75.6.

Descend own the stairs and you’ll find Olivia’s secret control room. Riley will break all the computers and the camera will pan up, to show Olivia, Charlie and Violet arriving. Now, you can stay in the basement and hear the entire conversation, or you can head up and interrupt it midway through.

Should you choose the former, Jacob’s eavesdropping will reveal that the kids are discussing info that he actually shared on a forum about Maggie’s radio waves.


Confront Olivia

Eventually you’ll confront the kids in the atrium, and the aim here is to try and keep everything calm and rational, while simultaneously enticing Charlie and Violet to take your side. The dialogue we chose here is:

  • “Let’s talk, okay?”
  • “Whoa! Hold on!”
  • “You’ll be okay, Charlie.”
  • “Leave her alone, Olivia.”

After, a strange distorted voice will bleed through the ether and decide they need to push Riley out. When a triangle shows up on the third floor, Olivia will see this as a “sign of Luna” and rush upstairs with her radio.


Stop Olivia From Opening The Portal

There’s now a big chase sequence across the community center. To make things worse, the building will begin tipping from side to side. The first time, you’ll want to follow Olivia’s path all the way up to the third floor and interact with her.

This will cause the house to sway diagonally. While Violet distracts Olivia on the stairs, you’ll want to run outside, down the fire exit, and back inside again, interacting with the radio at the shrine.

Next you’ll need to take the long way round to the observatory door. Head down the stairs, take a left through the next door, and up the left side staircase to the radio.

Finally, the entire screen will tip 90 degrees and you’ll need to start climbing the bannister. Depending on how quick you’ve been in the previous chase sequences, this will determine how much time you’ll have here until Olivia is successful.

Keep climbing the bannister, and then grab the radio from Olivia. Everything wil go back to normal and Olivia will be defeated.

There’s now a choice between smashing the radio or keeping it. Smashing the radio does unlock an achievement, but it’ll also make Olivia have a negative reaction to you. Instead, if you choose to keep the radio, Olivia will actually have a slightly more positive reaction to you.

The scene will then glitch out and the strange red-eyed beings will return. They’re led by someone called Alex, who believes that Olivia is completely under her control now and will do her bidding.

When this is over, regroup with Jacob and head out the community center. We now have the radio that can help us access Garland, which is left of Jacob’s broken-down truck and our next destination.


Regroup and Head For Garland

Before heading there, you’ll have a chance to speak to Jacob on the bridge. In doing so, you can reveal to him that you’re pregnant. How honest you are depends on your relationship with Jacob, but it’s a nice moment all the same. There’s also a chance to chat with Evelyn and Nick on the radio should you wish to do that.

At the parking lot, the phone by the market will ring. Apparently Shelley is in grave danger. Radio through to Shelley and tell her to stay put no matter what. This should keep her safe for now. There’s also a dialogue option with Jacob too, where you can agree to be his 3am friend (and unlock another achievement).

When you’re ready, return to Jacob’s truck and take a left.

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