Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 1 AM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 1 AM

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Traveling to Charity Point

Find Nick’s Backpack

Navigating The Caves

Traveling Back to 1899

More Climbing & Cave Exploration

Father/Daughter Reunion

Save Violet From Falling

Placing The Charity Point Transmitter

How To Collect The Secret Observatory Key

Head To North Camena Community Center


The night is well and truly underway, and after setting up the first transmitter, it’s onto the second. Now, as mentioned in our 11pm walkthrough guide, this hour’s mission over in Charity Point can actually be completed before the one at Tootega Falls.

Depending on how you’ve played this, it could be that you’ve done this one earlier in the evening.

With that in mind, let’s get through Charity Point and get the second transmitter up and running! 


Traveling to Charity Point

Immediately interact with the climbing anchor and head down with Jacob. Cross over the gap and descend the rock face. Should you try to make the big jump you’ll fail and fall down. The only thing bruised here is your ego, and the dialogue that follows will poke fun at Riley accordingly.

Climb down the next rock face and go all the way to the left to enter the caves.

Passing through to the other side, you’ll find yourself in a foggy area with limited vision. Proceed to the right and a mysterious voice will crackle through the radio on channel 5.

Feel free to answer and as you quiz who this is, they’ll tell you that time is a super important resource that you need to use wisely. They don’t reveal who they are, annoyingly, but when they’re done, you’ll be back at the cave entrance again. And the fog is gone.


Find Nick’s Backpack

Answer the radio and you’ll learn that the earlier unknown guy is called Nick, but he’ll have no recollection of the foggy chat. He wants you to go and investigate the local fisherman’s lodge as he’s after a backpack.

Descend down the rock face and enter the cabin with a blue roof on the left. Nick’s backpack will be in there. It’s easy to spot. Although an optional mission, it’s quite easy to do and isn’t really all that far off the beaten track.

Once you’ve done that, head back up the rock faces and continue right on the path instead. You’ll want to keep going here until you enter another cave.


Navigating The Caves

Once inside the cave system, keep moving to the right and both Riley and Jacob will discuss how they’re not alone in the cave. Creepy!

Continue all the way to the right until you come to a gap. You want to jump down rather than across and then double back on yourself, using the flashlight as a guide.

Keep going, descending down until you reach a body of water. A creepy flash to the past will see Riley’s floating deceased body in the water. It’s an ominous scene and soon Riley will glitch back to our timeline and be reunited with Jacob.

Keep moving to the right and you’ll come across both an elevator shaft and a ladder. They’re both brtoken and time has not been kind to them. Tume for us to change that!

Before we do though,continue right and bizarrely you’ll come across a bird in a cage. You can’t release it though, unfortunately, despite what the dialogue choices tease.


Traveling Back to 1899

Instead, keep going on this path and add a climbing anchor to the ledge. Descend down with Jacob and you’ll find yourself in the presence of another temporal rip in time. You’re going to have to interact with it.

Although you can travel all the way to the right before doing this, it’s a dead-end and you’ll be forced back to the rip. You’ll need to get the tuner back out and find the right frequency to open the rip. For convenience, that frequency is 92.

Once it’s open, slip through the tear and you’ll find yourself back in 1899. The mine is very much intact now but you’ll be restricted as to where you can go.

For now, follow the path all the way to the right which is no longer blocked off. Climb the ladder, and cycle all the way to the left. 

Eerily, that bird from before in the cage? This one is actually dead. Anyway, keep going and you’ll find the elevator shaft is now operational. Let Jacob inside and press the lever on the outside, using the directional buttons to let him ascend up.

Jacob will jump out and stand next to another rip in time, which leads back to our timeline. So how will Riley pass? Well, time for some puzzle solving!

In truth, there’s not much to this but you’ll want to lower the elevator shaft so Riley can jump on the roof and bridge the gap between Jacob and the far left ledge.

Unfortunately, the mine will begin shuddering violently when you do this. Thankfully, it won’t completely cave in and present a game over screen, but you’ll still need to get a move on!

After making the jump just in time, head through the tear together and you’ll be back in the present day again. Head all the way to the right and exit out the cave.


More Climbing & Cave Exploration

There’s a bit more climbing to do here so take the pathway to the left, jumping to the broken ladder and up to the ledge.

Jacob will chicken out on making this same advanced climb so be sure to drop a climbing anchor for him at the top. He’ll admit that he’s “embarrassed but grateful”. Bless him.

Once Jacob has climbed up, head all the way to the right and back in the caves again. This time you’ll be moving from right to left. Jump over the gap and then up the rock face. Jump to the top ledge and keep moving across the gaps until you come to a ladder. 


Father/Daughter Reunion

Something will knock you down in the darkness and whisk you back to a flashback involving your dad. Hell talk about school and then it’ll steer back around to Riley’s mother.

Follow dear old Dad up the rock face to the left and he’ll soon tell you that he’s going to meet you round the other side.

Well, when you crawl through a small tunnel, you’ll be back in the present and reunited with Jacob by the ladder. Climb and exit the cave.

Head left and climb up the ledge, being sure to enter the next cave. Through the other side, you’ll enter a brand new area. Jacob is very clearly in shock about what’s happened so be sure to calm him down with your dialogue choices.

Either way, climb up the platforms until you reach a fork with two wooden bridges on either side.


Save Violet From Falling

As you approach the area, you’ll notice Violet on the bridge to your left, backing away from someone…or something. Climb up the ladder and you’ll find yourself in several glitched visions occuring everytime you try to speak to Violet.

In one, you’ll see Riley tumbling off the bridge, which connects to the deceased body we saw floating in the caves earlier.

When things do settle down a little, head to your right, past the glitched out Jacob and interact with the machine that’s just randomly popped up. We’ve got another puzzle to solve!

Just like before, you need to move the sliders (or dials, depending on how you’re playing) around to try and match the shape in the background.

  1. Turn dial 1 to 9am.
  2. Turn dial 2 to 9am.
  3. Turn dial 3 to 3pm.
  4. Turn dial 4 to about 10am.

Once you’ve done that, the scene will return to normal, but we’ve got a big choice ahead of us that will affect parts of the game going forward.

Violet is on the bridge and threatening to jump. Of course, our goal here is to calm the poor girl down so she doesn’t commit suicide.

There are a few obvious choices here but the most important that crops up is [explain how to leave.]

Just like other puzzles and gameplay elements of Oxenfree, there is some leeway with the options you choose. You can be a little forceful with Violet, but be careful not to overstep your boundaries, as she can jump here. We saved Violet through choosing these options: 

  1. “Okay. Not moving.”
  2. “Take a breath.”
  3. “We can’t let you leave.”
  4. [Explain how to leave.]
  5. “Stay and help us.”

Once Violet leaves the scene, there are a few other dialogue choices to make with Jacob but most importantly, we’ve saved Violet. As mentioned before, there are other options to take to reach this same outcome, but be sure to avoid anything that will antagonize Violet too much.


Placing The Charity Point Transmitter

With Violet saved, travel with Jacob across the wooden bridge to the right and up the winding path to the highest peak of Charity Point.

Place the transmitter and once again, tune the signal in so it turns blue on the scanner.

Once you’ve done that, follow Jacob back along the pathway and Riley will end up in another flashback with Rex. Interestingly, you’ll repeat the same dialogue that Riley’s dad taught his daughter earlier in the chapter about channeling anger through pennies.

Once you’re back with Jacob, head to the left and along the linear path, being sure to check in with Evelyn when you do.

As you walk together, Violet will now pop up on the radio, on an unsecure line, talking about what she and the gang are up to. Violet is heading for the church to kill Riley’s transmitter arrays. Olivia will lament her follower’s foolishness talking over an open channel and kill communication.


How To Collect The Secret Observatory Key

Before we go anywhere else, there’s a neat little detour you can take. Instead of descending the climbing anchor to the left, head right instead and move across the gaps to find another, hidden cave.

Inside will be a key to somewhere labelled “observatory”, which can be used in the next chapter. Also, be sure to drop the climbing anchor here too as it’ll save a good chunk of time traversing through the caves again should you come back this way later in the game.

Keep along the path all the way to the parking lot. Another ringing phone will see Riley head over to the Family Market exterior to answer.


Head To North Camena Community Center

The eerie voice on the other end of the line will be deciphered by Riley to be someone discussing Shelley – Sonar Technician John Gerald Shelley to be precise. They worked on the USS Kanaloa and could be the key to everything.

When you’re done, head all the way back to the General Store. This time, pass over the bridge to the right and you’ll find that the gates to the North Camena Community Center are now open. It’s time to investigate!

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