Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 12 AM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 12 AM

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Talk To Charlie

Tune The Triangles

Plant The Transmitter

Visions Of The Past


Talk To Charlie

As you progress down the path, there will be an immediate chase sequence with Charlie. Follow Jacob as he races after Charlie, and sit through the dialogue that ensues. Charlie will antagonize Jacob, who will lose his temper and start swearing.

There are several different dialogue options here but in the interest of keeping everything calm and stable, be sure to check the dialogue options to calm Charlie down including “Okay that’s too far” and  “Stop Jacob” when it shows. 

In doing so, Charlie will suddenly start sleepwalking with the familiar red eyes we’ve seen before. When Jacob returns, Charlie will glitch out and head over to the bridge on your right. You can choose to take the path down and around the other way but for now, just go straight and talk to Charlie.

Interact with Charlie, but you’ll find him completely unresponsive. We need to open up the radio tuner once again in order to fix this!


Tune The Triangles

Cycling through the frequencies, the aim here is to get those familiar red triangles to show up on the waterfall. The following are the three frequencies you need to tune your radio to:

  • 92.5
  • 101
  • 108

As before, there is a bit of leeway either side of these so it doesn’t need to be bang on those numbers.

When the triangle appears in the sky this time, another cutscene will start but this one will actually reveal details about Riley’s past, including seeing some strange ethereal figures. 

Check on Charlie and then head left to the end of the bridge. From here, it’s time to climb up and plant the transmitter.


Plant The Transmitter

Climb up all the rock faces, speaking to Jacob as you do, and then plant the transmitter. Once again we need to find the right frequency so the tuner turns blue. For convenience, the screenshot below shows where that needs to be tuned to:

Once you’ve done that, we’ll be whisked back to another flashback. This time, Riley is talking to Rex at the base of the waterfall. And then we’re back at the top of the transmitter again.

You’ll find Jacob to the right of the bridge next to the waterfall. Charlie is gone though. Jacob isn’t very sympathetic but Riley can be a little more understanding and caring, depending on what dialogue you choose for her.

Regardless, once you’ve regrouped, head all the way to the left again whence you came when you arrived at Tootega Falls.


Visions Of The Past

Descend down the rock face and head to the left, back down the rock face and return to Point Tilia and speak to Evelyn on the radio. She’ll talk about how the frequencies are decaying and will urge you to hurry up with your job.

Keep going left to Jacob’s house, answering a new call from Violet on the radio. Eventually, you’ll end up in another strange vision. Keep walking to the right, listening to the two adults talking to Olivia.

When it’s done, you’ll be back with Jacob again. He’ll ask if you’re okay and then it’s onto the next transmitter. This time, we want to head north of Jacob’s house to Waterhead Bluffs.

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