Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 11 PM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 11 PM

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Head To Jacob’s Cabin

Collect Gear From The General Store

To Tootega Falls or Charity Point

Chase Charlie And Open The Gate

Riley’s Finding Game

To Tootega Falls


Head To Jacob’s Cabin

After the events of 10pm, Jacob will encourage you to head over to his cabin so they can hash out a plan of action. On your way, Jacob will continue talking about his past and he’ll lead you this time so its nigh on impossible to take a wrong turn.

Follow the familiar path up but at the waterfall, head right with Jacob and into a cave toward Berenson Creek. This is another linear path, and although there is a route north, continue to your right and Jacob will arrive at his cabin. Only… there’s a problem. He’s forgotten his key.

Make note of the ladder propped up outside the house as we’ll need this shortly. After some dialogue with Jacob, head to the top of the stairs and interact with the red side door. Riley will notice a window open and believe that’s her route in.

Go back down the stairs, past Jacob to the left and interact with the ladder. Take that up the stairs and when a marker pops up reading “Ladder” interact with it and place the ladder down.

Climb the ladder and head in through the top window. There’s a whole bunch of stuff to interact with, including sculptures and some pizza boxes on the side.

A phone will ring downstairs so head down and pick it up. Don’t worry if you’re too slow and miss it, but for those who do manage, there’s some random chatter about it being “better three hours too soon than a minute too late”.

When you’re done head through the green door to the left and go downstairs The lights will switch on so be sure to interact with everything here before letting Jacob in. Keep heading left and interact with the front door.

Jacob will immediately head all the way to the right and find a journal belonging to Maggie Adler hidden in his stuff.

He’ll explain that Maggie was actually stationed at Fort Milner on the coast when the submarine (the USS Kanaloa) crashed. She was conducting a whole bunch of different experiments that seem to have opened timelines to different areas.


Collect Gear From The General Store

After this lengthy bit of dialogue, head outside and speak to Evelyn on the radio, updating her on what’s happening. Jacob and Riley have figured it out, but it means going back to the General Store to pick up some gear.

Follow Jacob behind the building and grab your backpack. Shimmy to the left slightly and give it to Jacob. He’ll open the front door and you’ll follow him out.

You’re now free to go wherever you want (within reason) on the map. Collectibles have now unlocked too, coming in the form of various diary entries dotted around. There’s 13 of them in total but we’ll cover that in a separate guide and won’t point them out here.


To Tootega Falls or Charity Point

Now, it’s worth noting here that there are two different locations you can travel to that can be done interchangeably. For our playthrough, we began with Point Tilia and Tootega Falls but similarly, you can do Charity Falls instead. It doesn’t really matter which order you do this in as they both wind up at the same spot later in the night.

Continue on the path to the right from Jacob’s house. Keep going until you hit the sign labeled Port Tilia.

After checking out a pretty impressive view of the surrounding area on the cliff face next to the noticeboard, head left and jump over the gap.

Descend down the first rock wall but don’t descend down the second. Instead, head all the way to the right and interact with the point sticking out the ground.

This is a climbing anchor and it’ll speed up ascending and descending these rock walls as Riley drops a rope down.


Chase Charlie And Open The Gate

Slide down the rope and then interact with the far right side of the next platform to drop another anchor. Jacob will get distracted by a kid called Charlie running off down the path.

Follow Jacob and you’ll notice that Charlie has locked the gate. He warns them not to follow and runs off.

Zig-zag back up the path and climb the new climbing anchor that has now appeared on the right side of the rock. Remember that yellow building earlier? That’s where we’re heading.

Climb the stairs to your left and head inside the building. The place has been trashed by Parentage. Check around, interacting with everything you can.

There’s a phone upstairs and if you decide to redial, you’ll be speaking to Shelley. After, on the far right upstairs, there’s a bulletin board that happens to have a key attached to it.

Interact with it and head back down the stairs outside the house to the locked gate. You’ll now be able to unlock it with the key.

Open the gate, pass through and begin climbing down the rock face. If you take the easier path to the right, you’ll zig-zag down. However, if you go left and climb down, there’s a climbing anchor you can attach that’ll save a little bit of time on the way back up.

At the bottom of the path, go all the way to the right, and the scene will pan out to a beautiful (and eerie) moonlit landscape.

Follow Jacob up the cliff face and you’ll find Charlie again. Jacob, in his hastiness, will rush up the top path but end up crumbling the rock behind him so you won’t be able to pass. Thanks Jacob.


Riley’s Finding Game

Left on her own, Riley will begin hearing a strange voice that wants to play a game with her. There’s a series of different places you need to head in a tight area, with helpful clues popping up over the radio of “warm”, “warmer”, “brr cold” depending on where you travel to.

It’s not too difficult but we’ve got screenshots for every location (that are usually noticeable by the footprints leading the way).


To Tootega Falls

After completing all three tasks, you’ll be able to interact with the rock on the wall. Push it out the way and head into the cave.

Drop the climbing anchor and head all the way to the right. You’ll notice a strange shoe just sitting on a rock and the scene will glitch out.

A brief scene with Rex will follow and then you’ll find yourself back where you started before chasing Charlie. Follow Jacob up the path and he’ll admit he’s now dropped a climbing rope so you’ll be able to head up here you couldn’t before. Don’t follow Jacob just yet though!

Instead, go back to the cave whence you just came and pick up the shoe that’s on the rock. We’ll need this for later and it’ll save a lot of backtracking.

When you’ve done this, go back outside the cave and up the path toward Tootega Falls.

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