Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 10 PM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 10 PM

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Head Back to Camber Cape

Jacob Glitching Out


Head Back to Camber Cape

When you arrive at the parking lot, immediately head to the left and meet back up with Jacob at his truck. After catching up about the giant triangle in the sky, speaking to both Jacob and then Evelyn on the radio, your next task is to head back the way you just came and check on the transmitter at Camber Cape.

Before you go, be sure to pick up the walkie from the back of Jacob’s truck. Once you’ve done that, head back up the same path you traveled before, but this time, head up the path on the right. Jacob will be able to scale the rock face now and it’s slightly quicker to the top.

Continue to scale up, passing the noticeboard from before, the one en-route up to our destination. The radio will crackle and a new voice will bleed through. This happens to be a couple of kids unhappy with you meddling with the transmitter.

Should you choose to pick a dialogue option, they’ll antagonize you about your first day on shift. If you ignore them, the kids will continue talking obliviously, discussing how they’ve been separated from Charlie and Violet.

Continue on the path north regardless of what you choose until you reach the transmitter, which will require a fair amount of backtracking up the same path.


Jacob Glitching Out

Eventually you’ll reach the transmitter and Jacob will drop a bombshell reveal. Apparently, someone told him this (the transmitter glitching out, the triangle in the sky etc.) was going to happen. This occurred around 30/40 years ago.

Before he can elaborate further, Jacob will suddenly start glitching out, turning red and teleporting off screen, mumbling incoherently. Head back under the shelter to the right and interact with Jacob again.



Remember what Jacob said earlier about interacting with physical objects? Well, it’s now time to put that into practice. Take out your radio frequency and start cycling through the different numbers. Now, it’s worth noting that there is some leeway either side of the numbers but generally you’ll want to tune it to the following numbers:

  • 93
  • 99.5
  • 107.5

For each of these, leave the tuner hovering over the number until a red triangle forms in the sky. When you’ve done this, another triangle will form in the sky, this time with a cutscene accompanying it. You’ll wake up in a bar, presumably drunk, and then shift back to Camber Cape.

Jacob will be with you and after a couple of seconds, you’ll be whisked off to a new area with a cliff face and a climbing anchor. You don’t have the right gear to be using this right now so immediately head right and you’ll find yourself on the Copper Creek Trial, right by Jacob’s truck.

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