Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide: 9 PM Walkthrough & Puzzle Solutions

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals Guide – 9 PM

Mission List (Click to jump down the page!)

Unlocking The Gate

Setting Up The Transmitter

Solving The Machine Puzzles

Find Jacob


Unlocking The Gate

As 9pm starts, this new chapter will actually see a good deal of action compared to the rather slow start we’ve had so far.

Follow the path all the way to the right and you’ll come to a locked gate. There’s no way over. There’s also a lot of barbed wire at the top so you’re certainly not going to be able to climb over. 

A quick call to Evelyn will update her on the situation, and she’ll simply tell you to “get creative”. After talking to Jacob, head to the left. It’s time to climb!

You’ll see a series of rock faces that you’ll be able to scale, so go ahead and do that now. You can jump over the gap between two ledges easily enough, and you’ll soon finish scaling and be back on solid ground again. Instead of heading up, scale back down the path south.

On the way, you’ll chat to Evelyn on the radio about your progress. Keep moving down and interact with the gate to open it up and let Jacob through.

When you do, Jacob will discuss how a submarine went down near Fort Milner, called the USS Kanaloa. This seems like random chatter but it’s an important piece of the background history here so it’s definitely worth paying attention to.

The gist is, the sub went down off the coast of Edward Island in 1943 during World War II.


Setting Up The Transmitter

You can choose a sassy reply to Jacob and end the conversation (the red dialogue option) or continue on learning a bit more (blue dialogue option). Either way, go up the path on the left and progress toward the stairs leading to Camber Cape.

When you reach the top of the stairwell, move all the way to the left, through the shelter, and press the action button by the bannister. You’ll climb over, allowing you to drop down the few little rock faces here.

Head all the way to the left until you reach the edge of the cliff. It’s time to set up the transmitter.

Once you’ve interacted with the ground, we’ll reach the first of a few puzzles that will periodically show up in this game.

Your radio frequency tuner will open up and you’ll need to manually adjust both the Y and X axis until it turns the correct colour. In this instance, blue.

Essentially you want to make sure the dials for the X and Y axis are marked to 10am and 2pm, respectively. The picture below shows the exact point to tune this:

Once you’ve done this, Jacob will commend you on a job well done. After speaking to Evelyn on the radio, she’ll tell you the readings are coming through but they’re “a little weird”. Just like that, a bolt of light illuminates the sky, and a triangular shape will appear over Edward Island.

After a brief cutscene, with a few more flashes to different areas, Riley will wake up back at the bus stop again. The conversation we had during the 8pm chapter will repeat, and you’ll need to head back up to the General Store again.

When you arrive, you’ll meet a strange kid called Olivia. When she runs away, repeat this same sequence again, but this time you’ll find the General Store on fire.


Solving The Machine Puzzles

Head to your left and you’ll find a strange machine by the pathway. It’s worth noting that there’s a similar machine to your right, and whichever one you interact with first, the other will have the second puzzle to follow.

For the purposes of this walkthrough, we went with the machine on the left first. Interact with it, and we’ll have another puzzle to complete. Your goal is to basically move both shapes into the greyed out outline in the middle of the screen so it overlaps. The solution to the puzzle can be found here:

  1. Turn dial 1 to 10am.
  2. Turn dial 2 to a little before 9am.
  3. Turn dial 3 to exactly 9am.
  4. Turn dial 4 to 5pm.

Once you’ve done this, head to the opposite side of the General Store and interact with the other machine.

To solve this puzzle, you need to adjust the dials until the fuzzy lines are completely clear, and then rotate the shape to align with the outline.

  1. Turn dial 1 to 9am.
  2. Turn dial 2 to 9am.
  3. Turn dial 3 to 10am.
  4. Turn dial 4 to 9am.


Find Jacob

Once you’ve done this, the General Store will inexplicably return to normal again. Head back down the stairs, across the town square and make your way back to where you originally found Jacob, up at Copper Creek Trial.

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