Overtake! – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Day of the Disaster

Overtake! Episode 9 begins with Koya and Haruka bumping into each other at the supermarket. They sit to chat, and upon inquiry, Haruka reveals that he found a business card in Koya’s house hinting at where Koya has gone. Haruka questions Koya about how long it will take for him to return, but Koya claims he has some important work to finish. Haruka pledges to stay until Koya is done with his work, and they head home together.

The next morning, Koya takes Haruka out, and they visit a restaurant, trying out exquisite oysters. They then venture into the ocean on a boat, followed by a visit to a shrine. They explore many more places before stopping at a supermarket for soft-serve ice cream.

They begin a conversation, and Haruka claims he doesn’t know Koya too well. He expresses his concerns about Koya’s photography. Just then, Koya gets a call from Mr. Kikuchi, and Koya promises to wait a little longer.

Haruka suggests they go go-karting and bet that the winner gets a favor done. Haruka also offers Koya a head start of 3 laps. Despite this, Koya loses. Haruka asks him to take a picture of him but notices that Koya is still unhappy.

On the way home, Haruka reveals that he had gone through Koya’s album and noticed that he stopped clicking pictures of people after the little girl’s. The scene switches to Koya having a conversation with Saeko, wanting to catch up with the people of the town. Just as they hang up, he sees the same girl whose picture he had clicked.

She shies away, but her grandfather approaches him and asks about the camera. They then recall how much the town has changed. The grandfather also requests him to take a selfie with them.

Koya recalls the day of the disaster. He tries his best to go down and save as many people as possible but is stopped by one of the locals. Watching the town get flooded in terror, Koya spots a little girl amid it through his camera and clicks a picture.

Snapping back to the present time, Koya tells Haruka about when Eddie Adams clicked a picture of a police officer who shot a prisoner dead in the streets. The photo inspired many anti-war movements in the world, but Eddie refused the award for the photo and deeply regretted it.

The next morning they head towards the hospital to meet the grandfather, Shouzou. Koya explains the situation with the family. He explains that it was the grandfather’s wish that the photo be published so people know what happened in the town. He also clarifies that the prisoner Eddie clicked had killed many police officers before and explains that a lot happens before and after a picture is clicked, but the camera shows only so much.

As they enter the hospital room, the family members make a sour face, claiming he abandoned her. Haruka jumps in to defend him. Shouzou calls Koya closer and apologizes for involving him in the situation. He hands him the phone with the picture of the three of them, bringing tears to Koya’s eyes.

After the funeral, Koya and Haruka leave to go home at the end of Overtake! Episode 9.

The Episode Review

In Overtake! Episode 9, Haruka dedicates himself to searching for Koya and finally meets him in person in a far-off town. Throughout this subplot, it has been a very important part of both the storyline and character development. The anime elegantly handles the story with great storytelling and audio-visuals that perfectly set the tone.

Having the storyline established well, Koya moves back home. As of now, it appears that he is unaware of the team change, but it’ll be extremely interesting to see how they handle it. Will Haruka continue to race for Belsorriso, which is the logical thing to do, or will he make a sentimental decision and work with Koya to make a name for themselves?

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