One Piece (Anime) – Episode 1090 Recap & Review

One Piece

Episode 1089

As the giant shark starts to swallow them, Robin urges Jinbei to take them out of there. He slips through the beast’s teeth by an inch. However, he has to abandon the ship because Luffy, Bonney, and Chopper are falling into the sea. Jinbei leaves Franky in control and saves them.

Franky activates one of Sunny’s updates, Rabbit Screw, which makes the ship faster. Unfortunately, the shark is still fiercely pursuing it. Usopp notices it has shot torpedoes and warns Franky. Unfortunately, there’s nothing he can do. The ship turns upside down and everyone falls into the water.

Soon after, the robot shark goes after Jinbei. It starts shooting canon balls at him, forcing the fishman to escape underwater with Luffy and the others. Meanwhile, Franky and the rest of the crew are thinking of how to go above water and survive. At the same time, without their knowledge, a giant robot also appears and destroys the shark.

At the naval branch G-14, Tashigi is taking care of the Punk Hazard kids and giving medicine to them. Vice Admiral Doll calls her out and tells her to do something about Helmeppo. He and Hibari, a navy commander, are asking Prince Grus, a rear admiral for help. They want him to go with them to Pirate Island to rescue Koby. As it’s Blackbeard’s home, he refuses, saying there’s nothing they can do.

Bonney is surprised Luffy doesn’t remember her, as she is part of the worst generation and was at Sabaody 2 years ago too. She asks Luffy why his hair isn’t white, and he says that’s a form he can only reach when he’s truly free. As they don’t know anything, Bonnie tells them they are at Egghead. It’s Vegapunk’s lab, which is said to be 500 years in the future. Then, she says she has business with the scientist.

The crew wakes up and sees a giant robot carrying the ship. Someone comes out of it, complaining they can’t control living things’ primal urges and that the shark shouldn’t eat people. After taking her helmet, we can see she is a red-haired girl. She tells them she is Dr. Vegapunk.

The Episode Review

It’s cool to see Vegapunk for the first time and that she is building giant machines, like the shark, who can be quite troublesome. It already takes us into the futuristic setting of Egghead, and we see a bit of her genius.

It’s also nice to take a step back and look at what’s happening with Koby’s teammates. A rescue mission would be incredible to see, mainly because we could explore Pirates Island even more. It’s also a great addition to get an update on the Punk Hazard kids again. With so many things happening in One Piece, it’s easy to forget some of them.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else to talk about. The characters are only running away from the shark during the whole episode. They almost don’t even have a chance to deal directly with their situation. This is a pretty tame episode. It doesn’t have a lot of action or revelations, nor any outstanding uses of animation. Still, it entertains the spectator and prepares the Egghead arc.

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