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One Piece

Episode 1089

Luffy’s crew continues to talk about his dream as episode 1089 of One Piece begins. Jinbei laughs and says he chose quite a troublesome captain. Chopper loves it wholeheartedly, making Luffy happy. Finally, Nami says that dream fits him well.

Franky and Robin start talking about the last Road Ponegliff, which will be the hardest to find. Unlike the others, no one has found the last one, so there are no clues.

The Navy is tracing Sabo’s call and transmitting it to the Gorosei. They find out he’s in the Kingdom of Lulusia, one of the Reverie’s participants. After the event, the King and the Princess are captured by the people, who demand more rights.

Unaware of the call being traced, Ivankov and the other revolutionaries are happy to see Sabo is alive. He tells them the article is fake and that he didn’t kill King Cobra, which relieves everyone. However, he reveals he saw something unbelievable at Marijoa. Someone was sitting on the Empty Throne, an object symbolizing there’s no king of the world.

As he explains, Imu, a shadowy figure, moves in a garden, and the sky in Lulusia turn a dark green color. Meanwhile, Saint Peter tells the Marines to turn off their Den Den Mushi. He tells them they didn’t hear anything, that the call didn’t happen, and that the Kingdom of Lulusia doesn’t exist.

At that moment, beams start falling from the sky and destroying the country, leaving only a crater behind. Sabo is also disconnected from the call. The scene ominously cuts after that.

Luffy and his crew face intense waves and weather on their trip, having to deal with sea monsters and a tsunami. Almost everyone has to step up and help in some way. Suddenly, a giant warm eddy appears before them. Luffy sees someone there, so Zoro cuts it off the save the person. 

Zoro’s attack works, but it causes the wind to get stronger. So, when Chopper goes out into the open part of the ship with everyone, he ends up flying off. Luffy tries to catch him, but the wind also catches him. At least, he is closer to the one who was in the middle of the warm eddy and saves them. Then, everyone sees it’s Jewelry Bonney, also from the worst generation.

She tries to warn Luffy’s crew there’s something below, but they don’t understand. When they finally realize it, it’s already too late: A giant robotic shark is almost swallowing the ship.

The Episode Review

This is very exciting. Egghead has been getting so much praise, so it’s great to see it in anime form. The pace of the episode is really good, even though there’s not a lot of action, the story advances fast. We get the conclusion to the discussion about Luffy’s dream, Sabo and Lulusia disappearing, and the Straw Hats finding Bonney. If the animators keep this up, it’ll be one of the best arcs for sure.

Talking about the animators, the scene with Imu and Lulusia disappearing is incredible. The animation and editing are beautiful. Not only do you feel how threatening and ominous Imu is, but the event seems even more catastrophic. You know the team gave their all to that scene, they should be proud of it.

Also, One Piece is great with antagonist introductions (Blackbeard’s first appearance for example), and Imu doesn’t disappoint. Of course, we’ve already seen them once, but we have almost no scenes with them yet. Seeing Egghead’s synopsis and Sabo’s story, we’ll get a lot more of them soon.

It’s hard to talk about the last part of the episode, as almost nothing happens. It’s just a setup for how they will end in Egghead. However, it’s successful in making that entertaining and filling you with curiosity. Why is Bonney there and what is that shark? These are only some of the questions we can ask. As always, One Piece will keep leaving us confused and amazed with it’s incredible storytelling.

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