Oh! Youngsim – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

We Were Someone’s Young-sim and Kyeong-tae

Episode 9 of Oh! Youngsim (also known as Oh! Young Shim, Oh! Young-shim, and Oh! Youngsimi)  kicks off with Young-sim and the production crew visiting the tteokbokki restaurant that Min-ji mentioned earlier. The crew tries to film Min-ji and Woo-chan, with Kyeong-tae and Young-sim seated across from them.

Woo-chan acts disinterested and rude, and Kyeong-tae intentionally steps on his foot. Woo-chan demands an apology, and Young-sim makes Kyeong-tae apologize to him. Trying to ease the awkwardness between Min-ji and Woo-chan, Kyeong-tae tries to feed Young-sim, and they end up chewing on opposite ends of the same noodle.

Chae-dong had put an extra-long noodle in the tteokbokki dish, but it was actually meant for Min-ji and Woo-chan. Young-sim pushes Kyeong-tae’s head away from her, and then Woo-chan spits out his tteokbokki on Kyeong-tae in surprise.

The next day, the team films Min-ji and Woo-chan reading comics in a study area. Kyeong-tae and Young-sim sit nearby, watching. Young-sim falls asleep, and her head falls on Kyeong-tae’s shoulder. Chae-dong tries to talk to Young-sim through her earpiece, but Kyeong-tae tenderly takes the earpiece out.

Meanwhile, Min-ji brings Woo-chan some snacks, and he ignores her while he reads an Oh! Youngsim comic book. Min-ji reaches over, takes the book out of his hands, and demands that he tell her why he is ignoring her and why he came on the show. He tells her that he is only doing what she did to him all those years ago and that he now wishes to torment her. She runs out of the building, angry.

Kyeong-tae wakes up Young-sim, and they go look for her. Kyeong-tae says that they should give up and that Min-ji is just trying to keep Woo-chan under her thumb. But Young-sim says he shouldn’t have agreed to do the show if he didn’t have hope.

Kyeong-tae goes back inside to talk with Woo-chan. He asks Woo-chan if there is something that he didn’t tell them. Woo-chan says that he found a teddy bear that he had given Min-ji in the garbage. Kyeong-tae tells him how Young-sim was much harsher than Min-ji.

Young-sim finds Min-ji sitting on a park bench. Young-sim tells her that she can quit the show if she wants to, but Min-ji says that Woo-chan’s behavior is her fault, and she will turn him back to the old Woo-chan again. Back at the study building, someone shows up with a gift basket for Young-sim. It’s Ho-jae and Young-sim is surprised to see him.

Later, Wol-sook and Soon-sim tease Young-sim about Ho-jae. Soon-sim looks up his social media and cringes at his strange poetry, but they still encourage Young-sim to go on a date with him. Wol-sook offers to arrange an outfit for her and gives her some advice. At home, Young-sim’s dad finds a note from Kyeong-tae asking to make his comic character more handsome. Young-sim’s dad excitedly takes out his pen.

Kyeong-tae opens up an Oh! Youngsim comic book and sees the reason why Young-sim had given her headphones away all those years ago. A kid had asked to borrow them, and she made him promise to return them. He turns the pages to see that she also waited for Kyeong-tae to meet her at the park, holding a teddy bear. He contemplates why Young-sim never told him.

At the Oh house, Ji-yoo walks in on Kyeong-tae snooping around in Young-sim’s room for the teddy bear. She tells him that she sold it, and Kyeong-tae goes to find the buyer. He finds her and offers to pay her triple what she paid for it. Kyeong-tae runs home, teddy bear in hand, and collides with a bicyclist.

Meanwhile, Young-sim gets all dolled up and meets Ho-jae at a restaurant. Ho-jae tells her that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He asks her some questions, but Young-sim tries to over-apply Wol-sook’s dating advice. She gives some very awkward and flirtatious replies, which results in Ho-jae asking if she is ill.

As they leave, Young-sim thinks of Kyeong-tae and tells Ho-jae that she thinks it won’t work out between then. He tells her that it’s fine and that he liked the old Young-sim much better than this new Young-sim. She walks home and runs into a haggard Kyeong-tae. She asks him why he has the teddy bear, and he doesn’t reply but hugs and kisses her—twice.

The episode ends with a flashback to Kyeong-tae at the wishing rock. He says that his wish is for Young-sim’s wish to come true.

The Episode Review

It is interesting to see the story parallels between Min-ji and Woo-chan and Kyeong-tae and Young-sim. Kyeong-tae’s heart finally softened only because he found out the truth—that Young-sim didn’t give away his gift and that she waited for him. But so far, Min-ji doesn’t have a similar redeemable element in her past.

Perhaps that will be uncovered in the next episode, or she will find some other reason to prove that she is worthy of Woo-chan’s affection. With only one episode left, we’re likely to see a lot of drama packed into the last episode, but hopefully, Kyeong-tae and Young-sim will stick it out and stay together. On to the finale, episode 10!

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