Oh! Youngsim – K-drama Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

For the Sake of Our Shameful Past

Episode 10 of Oh! Youngsim (also known as Oh! Young Shim, Oh! Young-shim, and Oh! Youngsimi) continues after Kyeong-tae and Young-sim’s unexpected kiss. Young-sim asks him why he never said goodbye all those years ago. He tells her that when he saw someone else wearing the headphones he gave her, all he saw was red.

She tells him that she would only annoy him because she wanted to know if he would still like her. She asks him to grant her a wish, says she wants them to be sincere with their feelings and takes his hand and kisses him again.

What is going on between Kyeong-tae and Wol-sook?

The next day, everyone meets to discuss Min-ji and Woo-chan’s next date. Jang-hwan notices a love bite on Kyeong-tae’s neck. Kyeong-tae quickly leaves and Young-sim awkwardly coughs while her co-workers ask her questions about the love bite. Later, one of Young-sim’s co-workers shows her a news article about Kyeong-tae dating Wol-sook.

Kyeong-tae literally dances with happiness as he goes to his car to meet Young-sim. They get in the car, and Young-sim says she suspects Wol-sook started the dating rumors. She asks him not to be upset about it before kissing his cheek and leaving.

Kyeong-tae gets a text from Wol-sook asking for some help related to her YouTube channel, and he tells her to come to his house. Over dinner, Wol-sook not so subtly hints that she wants to date him. Kyeong-tae explains that he likes someone who is the polar opposite of him. He tells her, “You’re mistaking your competitiveness for feelings for me,” which puts a stop to her flirtations.

Do Kyeong-tae and Young-sim break up?

Kyeong-tae goes to the office building and overhears a conversation between Young-sim and Sang-eun. She asks Young-sim why she doesn’t want to date Kyeong-tae, and Young-sim says that she doesn’t like guys like him. Sang-eun suggests that they try to set up Wol-sook and Kyeong-tae together. Young-sim hesitates but then says it’s a good plan, pretending to like the idea.

After Sang-eun leaves, Kyeong-tae tells Young-sim that she must value the program over him. She calls him immature and they argue until Kyeong-tae eventually leaves. He collects his bags from Young-sim’s house and Soon-sim hands him a ticket for a flight the next day. When Young-sim gets home, she tries to call Kyeong-tae. He doesn’t answer, but he texts her, “Let’s end it here.”

Young-sim goes out to drink and yells insults at an absent Kyeong-tae in the middle of the restaurant. Wol-sook finds her and tells her that Kyeong-tae was obsessed with her, remembering seeing a floor cleaner at his house that he named “Youngsimi.” The two end up drinking and crying together.

The following day, Woo-chan asks Min-ji to get in touch with Young-sim, saying that Kyeong-tae left him a message that he was leaving and that Woo-chan should find another girlfriend. Young-sim gets an urgent text from Min-ji asking her to come to the airport. Young-sim rushes to the airport and is surprised to see Kyeong-tae.

Meanwhile, Min-ji and Woo-chan watch them from afar. When Min-ji asks why Woo-chan wanted to help them, he tells her that he “got a hint from a teddy bear.”

Young-sim throws her bag at Kyeong-tae and calls him a coward, telling him that he can run as much as he wants, but she will chase him all the way to hell. They argue until Kyeong-tae walks away, and Young-sim falls to the floor, heartbroken.

Does Kyeong-tae ever return?

It’s now two months later, and Chae-dong has created a successful R-rated dating show, “Lust Island,” starring himself. He earns Wol-sook’s admiration and the two begin to date. Chae-dong’s show beats “Love Mark’s” viewer ratings by far, and the chief asks Young-sim to try and raise her show’s ratings.

Young-sim walks home and hears Kyeong-tae’s voice. She turns around, and he is standing there, dressed in glasses and inexpensive clothes. She starts to run away, but he chases after her and grabs her hand. Through tears, she says that if he ever leaves without a word again, she will chase him to the ends of the earth.

How does it end for Kyeong-tae and Young-sim?

Young-sim brings him inside her house, and Kyeong-tae explains that there was a problem with his company, and now he is broke and homeless. Kyeong-tae asks Young-sim’s dad if he will accept a “penniless beggar,” but he turns the question over to Young-sim. She tells him that she will accept him if he moves in as her father’s son-in-law, doesn’t disappear again, and always stays by her side.

Ji-yoo and Young-sim’s dad work together to make a cartoon of Young-sim and Kyeong-tae as adolescents and upload it to YouTube which garners a lot of views. The Oh family excitedly discusses future success. Young-sim also meets with Chief, who tells her she will be producing “Love Mark” season 2, much to her excitement.

The episode ends with the Oh family testing out Kyeong-tae’s new product, the Youngsimi vacuum. It won’t respond to any of the family’s prompts until Kyeong-tae looks at Young-sim and says, “Youngsimi, I love you.”

The Episode Review

Well, instead of a nice wrap-up seamlessly tying up loose ends, we have an episode that seems to zig-zag around until the final minutes. This finale was oozing with petty romantic drama. There is so much attention on Young-sim and Kyeong-tae that Min-ji and Woo-chan get left in the dust. There is a glimmer of hope for them, true, but this show’s ending doesn’t feel completely satisfying without their conclusion.

Young-sim is also never told the truth about why Kyeong-tae broke up with her in the first place, and he also doesn’t clearly express why he chose to forget about the conversation he overheard.

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