Oh! Youngsim – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Even a Humiliating Past is Still My Past

Episode 8 of Oh! Youngsim (also known as Oh! Young Shim, Oh! Young-shim, and Oh! Youngsimi) resumes with Ki-ho driving off with Young-sim. Kyeong-tae realizes that he can track the watch that Young-sim is wearing and hops in his car. Chae-dong gets in the passenger seat and holds back tears as Kyeong-tae tells him to man up.

Meanwhile, Ki-ho drives and Young-sim asks him to stop. He reacts in surprise because he doesn’t know that Young-sim had jumped in the car. She tries to grab the steering wheel, but he fights her off. He pulls over and holds up Young-sim’s laptop, preparing to throw it on the ground, determined to destroy the humiliating TV show footage. Young-sim tries to take it back, but he pushes her off of him, and she falls to the ground unconscious.

Chae-dong and Kyeong-tae arrive, and Kyeong-tae humbly appeals to Ki-ho to put down the laptop. Ki-ho tells him that the footage contains 7 years of feelings, and Kyeong-tae tells him that he knows how he feels because he has felt the same for 20 years, but he also has to give up on his love. Chae-dong interjects, saying that he got dumped by Young-sim.

Jumping back to the scene at the wishing rock, Young-sim tells Chae-dong to make another wish because she doesn’t feel the same way about him.

Chae-dong joins Ki-ho in crying over their lost loves. He hugs Ki-ho, and he surreptitiously takes the laptop, passing it to Kyeong-tae behind his back. Kyeong-tae takes it and leaves with an unconscious Young-sim.

Young-sim wakes up in the car, and Kyeong-tae hands her the laptop. She squeals in relief and hugs him.

In Young-sim’s office, she looks at a text from Ki-ho, who has decided to let go of his boyfriend and asks Young-sim to be kind with the editing. Young-sim checks how the show teaser is doing and sees a comment from a woman named Da-mi, who asks Ki-ho to contact her if it doesn’t work out with Yeo-wool. Young-sim quickly asks her if she’d be okay with going on a blind date.

They film the blind date, and Young-sim gets a text from Ho-jae, the writer from the first dating show she filmed. She leaves the set to get a gift she bought for Ki-ho, and Chae-dong asks to carry the gift for her.

At Young-sim’s home, Jin-sim and Woo-sang ask Ji-yoo to clean Young-sim and Soon-sim’s rooms. She cleans it and calls Soon-sim to ask for a reward. Soon-sim tells her that Young-sim is the one who made it a mess, so she should just sell one of Young-sim’s unwanted belongings. Ji-yoo picks up a teddy bear with glasses—the same one that Young-sim bought for Kyeong-tae 20 years earlier.

Kyeong-tae visits Young-sim’s house and awkwardly offers to give Young-sim a ride. At the office, they interview candidates for the next episode. They meet a high schooler named Min-ji, who says that a boy named Woo-chan used to always follow her around. In the past, he asked her to get tteokbokki with him, but she ended up using him to eat it with her friends instead, leaving him standing outside the restaurant.

However, that day they walked home together, and she asked him what he wished for, and he told her that he wanted to go to an amusement park with her. But they never went because he went to study abroad. After one year, he came back, but now he is popular and ignores her. Later, the production team interviews Woo-chan, who says that Min-ji’s wish to try again with him is a huge one.

The team discusses the candidates and what the next episode will look like and decides to settle on the two high schoolers. After the meeting, Wol-sook asks Chae-dong why he didn’t want to work privately on a task with Young-sim, and he tells her that she dumped him. Wol-sook tells him that she will help him, but he responds that he will respect Young-sim’s opinion as a sign of his love for her and bursts into tears.

In her office, Young-sim edits the first episode. She notices some footage of Kyeong-tae walking to the wishing rock. The episode ends with a clip of Kyeong-tae saying, “My wish is for Young-sim’s…”

The Episode Review

Anyone rooting for Chae-dong is going to be terribly disappointed by this episode, as it looks like Young-sim still has some strong feelings for Kyeong-tae.

Though the overall tone of this episode is serious, one can appreciate how there are still small bouts of humor. And though Young-sim’s antics have taken a back seat in the last few segments of this series, hopefully, we’ll see more of her humorous behavior before the show ends. And with only two episodes left, so far it seems like this show is going to wrap nicely with a predictable yet satisfying ending.

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