Off The Hook – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Weird Moves

Episode 6 of Off The Hook starts with Gagan and Lea in the theatre together. Lea makes an inappropriate joke which completely fails and ends in awkwardness. Lea continues to try her best to flirt with Gagan but it continues to fail! Lea contemplates whether it’s a sign from the universe not to mess up her friendship.

Meanwhile, Manon gets some help from Bernard over her music. After practicing her lyrics and getting some good feedback several episodes back, Manon dances through the street with her Walkman listening to her music. This is highly inaccurate because anyone with a Walkman will tell you the damn thing skips out with even the slightest movement, and our protagonist is gyrating all over the place!

I jest of course, but Manon’s good mood comes crashing down when she’s rejected a place on the show. Despite working really hard and coming up with a catchy song, she decides to crash the place and the only thing for it is to gather the crew.

It’s been 30 days since the Detox… although that’s slightly contentious given we know Lea messed about of Melanie’s phone during episode 2. Anyway, she and Manon enact their most dastardly plan yet, titled: ‘Enter The Circle’. The family all gather together, pure heist style, as they set out to hijack the show.

Carla serves as the distraction, after some light flirting with Manon, while everyone makes their way into the crowd. Gagan and Lea end up having a heated debate about signs, eventually seeing the pair kicked out after Gagan tells her his feelings for her are concrete… and then the pair kiss! Hoorah!

Back inside the club, Bernie takes to the DJ booth and plays Manon’s song as she raps from the heart, spitting her lyrics. She absolutely kills it and it seems her career is now on the way up.

In fact, everyone has a big party to celebrate that night. Pops (Philippe) is looking after little Pablo, but of course he’s still trying (and failing) to win over Mireille. At the party, Manon and Lea complete their detox and get their phones back.

Manon’s performance has gone viral while Lea psyches herself up to deliver the bombshell news to Gagan. Remember Lea’s pep-talk to her boss earlier in the season about wanting to be challenged? Well, Blanchard has offered her a promotion for a job in Martinique. It’s a crazy good opportunity and Gagan supports her, believing it’ll be the best thing for her career. “I’m sure we’ll hook up again one day,” He says hopefully, as the pair kiss one last time. And then have sex. And then kiss again.

Still, it’s tough for Lea to take, even if the news is softened slightly by Manon’s good news. Fianso the rapper, the one who runs The Circle, wants Manon to go back at 6pm that night.

When Lea shows up at the airport, there’s drama involving her mum. It turs out Mireille is in India and has been ripped off while trying her business venture. They have 24 hours to make bail but before they can continue to exude exposition, the phone call ends. As a result, Manon and Lea are forced to jet off to India and bail out their mums. However, Gagan and Bernie both show up for the ride, bringing the series to an end.

The Episode Review

The final episode gives a happy(ish) ending to both Manon and Lea, and a conclusion to their detox too. In a way I can kinda see why they changed the title of this to Off The Hook rather than Detox, especially if this is going to be an ongoing series. At the same time the show doesn’t really have much of a hook now that Manon and Lea have their phones back.

Much of the drama here has been stemmed from the amusing exploits of these two characters, going cold turkey without their phones and straightening out their lives. Of course , the supporting ensemble have also been along for the ride with their own arcs but by the end everything seems to flatline a little when the girls get their phones back.

The main theme here has been about moving away from technology and getting over one’s digital addiction. To see the girls at the end both frantically texting and on their phones feels akin to an alcoholic drinking neat whiskey after going 30 days sober.

Despite that, the sudden jet-set across to India seems to hint that a second season will just double down on the comedy instead of the themes, whilst simultaneously seeing Lea struggle with her big business venture that may well have gone up in smoke thanks to her mother.

Off The Hook has been really well-shot and the comedy has been pretty good too. The blend of awkward, surreal comedy and visual gags have worked surprisingly well and both central characters grow and evolve across the run-time. Sure, it’s a little cliched and tropey at times but this has still been a fun watch.


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