Off The Hook Season 1 Review – A light and breezy but thematically flawed comedy

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Are We Sh*tty
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Weird Moves -| Review Score – 3/5


Let’s face it, we’re all on our phones way too much. Whether it be getting sucked into the YouTube algorithm at 2am (oo a video about Gordon Ramsay shouting raw instead of dinos roaring? Sign me up!) or scrolling through social media, we’re all guilty of spending too much time on our devices.

There have already been several different shows tackling this idea, along with shocking documentaries, but Off The Hook (originally titled Detox), is a French comedy centered around two best friends who attempt to go cold turkey from their phones.

Episode 1 essentially sets the scene, introducing us to both Lea and Manon in equally amusing ways. Lea is hung up over her ex Guillaume, whom she’s been stalking and checking up on for over a year. Eventually he blocks her online, Lea shows up at Guillaume’s workplace and has to re-evaluate her life.

Meanwhile, Manon attempts to make it big in the music industry but a mishap on stage sees her go viral online. There are memes, hashtags and viral videos that look set to derail her progress – and mental health.

Both these young women decide, on a drunken spur of the moment, to smash up their phones and do away with technology. Suffering from a major hangover in the morning, the pair regret their actions but still decide to follow through with this.

That’s easier said than done though, and as the girls try to get their life back on track, they swing from one ill-judged set-piece to the next awkwardly amusing encounter, complete with Gagan serving as Lea’s fake boyfriend and heading off on a date with Guillaume and his new girlfriend Melanie to make him jealous. As for Manon, she goes from owing money to her manager to fighting for her spot on the stage.

These two storylines essentially interweave around one another, colliding together into a finale that does wrap everything up in a way, but also does so by undermining the main message of the show.

A lot of Off The Hook plays out as a thematic dive into the dangers of addiction and how hard it can be to sober up. Instead of drink, drugs or gambling though, this series looks at social media addiction. The visual gag of seeing Lea and Manon together, feeling like they’re in their underwear in the street, is a nice way of showing how vulnerable one can feel when they try to give up something that’s become so integral to their way of life.

The characters themselves are pretty eccentric and definitely stand out, as far as comedies go. Lea is the typical Bridget-Jones type character; someone who has a good deal of flaws as well as being hopelessly romantic. You can’t help but root for her to turn her life around. As for Manon, she’s strong and determined, armed with a never say die attitude which is easy to get behind.

Overall though, Off The Hook is an enjoyable but flawed French comedy series. The characters are certainly likable though and definitely help elevate this one, although it’s questionable as to whether the resolution really justifies the means. Either way though, this one’s certainly worth a watch if you fancy something light and breezy.

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  • Verdict - 6.5/10

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