Movies and Shows Coming to Sky/NOW TV in February 2024

Insidious: The Red Door, Hypnotic, and the first part of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning are among the big movies premiering on Sky Cinema and NOW TV this month, details of which can be found in our streaming preview. Also streaming this month is the 12th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and sorry to say it, but this season is also the show’s last. We’ll miss you Larry! 

Check out our highlights below and then keep scrolling to check out the other titles being released on Sky/NOW TV in February.

Please note: The Sky/Now TV schedule may be subject to change. Please bookmark this page for occasional updates.

All movies listed are on Sky Cinema/NOW Movies unless we have indicated otherwise.

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Insidious: The Red Door (2023)

Release Date: February 2

Ten years ago, Josh and Dalton Lambert were hypnotized into forgetting their astral voyage to the Further. But when Dalton discovers a mysterious door, the Lambert family are once again forced to confront the demons that haunted their past. Patrick Wilson directs this latest instalment in the franchise which has some decent jump scares and a satisfying conclusion to the Lambert’s horror-filled journey. 

Hypnotic (2023)

Release Date: February 3

Robert Rogriguez failed to hypnotise many critics into believing his latest movie was very good but if you haven’t yet seen it, you might still want to give this thriller a go for the twist-laden story and decent performances from its two leads, Ben Affleck and Alice Braga.

The mind-bending movie tells the story of Detective Danny Rourke (Affleck) who encounters a mysterious man named Lev Dellrayne (William Fichtner) who has the power to control minds. This leads him into a mystery surrounding his missing daughter and a secret government program that has links to trained hypnotist Diana Cruz (Braga).

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Curb Your Enthusiasm – Season 12 (Sky Comedy)

Release Date: February 5

You’ll be pretty pretty pretty pleased to know that Curb Your Enthusiasm is arriving this month but when we tell you it’s the last season of the incredibly sharp and funny series, you’ll no doubt want to “stop and chat” to anybody willing to listen to you bemoan the loss of your favorite show.

Not a lot is known about this send-off to the man who respects wood, but we’re hoping it will be as brilliantly awkward as the 11 other seasons that have given fans inspiration on how to/how not to (delete as applicable) live their own lives.

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (2023)

Release Date: February 9

Lana Condor, Jane Fonda, Toni Collette, and Will Forte are among the voice cast of this charming animated movie about a 15-year-old girl named Ruby who, after learning she comes from a royal family of legendary sea krakens, discovers her destiny lies in the depths of the ocean.

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Ted – Season 1 (Sky Max)

Release Date: February 9

Fans of Seth MacFaralane’s comedy films about the foul-mouthed teddy bear will want to tune into this prequel series that depicts the early years of Ted and his friendship with the teenage John Bennett.

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Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (2023)

Release Date: February 16

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch this latest adventure for Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and the rest of the IMF team as they track down an AI weapon that threatens all of humanity. The movie is as action-packed as you might expect, with several twists and turns as the story plays out. But while this is a fast-paced thrill ride with lots of entertaining moments, the movie does seem to be based around its showstopping stunt sequences instead of focussing on a more coherent story. 

You can check out our review of Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One here

Asteroid City (2023)

Release Date: February 23

Wes Anderson’s delightful movie follows a grieving father who travels with his tech-obsessed family to Asteroid City to compete in a junior stargazing event. Jason Schwartzman, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, and Edward Norton are among the star-studded cast of this modest charmer.

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Notable Additions

February 4

57 Seconds (2023)

In this sci-fi thriller, Josh Hutcherson stars as a tech blogger who finds a mysterious ring that takes him 57 seconds into the past. 

February 10

The Bricklayer (2023)

Die Hard 2 director Renny Harlin is at the helm of this action movie about a seasoned ex-CIA Operative (Aaron Eckhart) who confronts a formidable extortionist. 

February 11

Desperation Road (2023)

A Southern noir thriller about a woman and her young daughter who are caught in the crossfire of a revenge-fuelled crime. 

February 17

Dangerous Waters (2023)

A sailing holiday spirals out of control for a teenage girl when she discovers the truth about her mother’s new boyfriend. 

February 18

Dashcam (2021)

Two friends livestream the most terrifying night of their lives in this horror movie from Host director Rob Savage. 

February 24

Knights of the Zodiac (2023)

Based on the anime of the same name, this fantastical film details the story of a young man who discovers he has mystical powers. 

February 25

Red Right Hand (2024)

Orlando Bloom stars in this thriller about a man who is called upon to protect his town and his family. 

Also Streaming…

February 1

Sort Of – Season 3 (Sky Comedy)

February 2

Fantasy Football League – Season 2 (Sky Max)

February 3

Tell Them You Love Me (Sky Documentaries)

February 11

Super Bowl LVIII (Sky Sports)

February 12

My Friend Misty – Season 2 (Sky Kids)

February 15

Rob & Romesh vs F1 (Sky Max)

February 17

Pete Doherty: Stranger in My Own Skin (Sky Documentaries)

February 19

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Season 11 (Sky Comedy)

February 28

Rob Beckett’s Smart TV (Sky Max)


Brian Johnson and Mark Knopfler’s Good Times (Sky Arts)

What will you be watching on Sky and NOW TV this month? Let us know in the comments below. 


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