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I Know It’s Over

Episode 9 of Nevertheless begins with a long shot inside the bar Na-Bi and Jae-Eon first met. It’s a slow, smooth shot that focuses on the pair’s back as they discuss Do-Hyeok. Despite really liking him, Na-Bi is worried that he’ll see the true part of her and be put off. When it comes to Jae-Eon though? Well, that’s something else entirely.

While Jae-Eon heads back with Na-Bi, agreeing to head over to hers and help pack, Do-Hyeok watches from afar as Na-Bi and Jae-Eon head inside together. It’s a classic case of misunderstanding but one that Jae-Eon takes full advantage of given he watches them together. As Na-Bi and Jae-Eon reflect on their past together, Na-Bi actually pulls away from kissing the boy.

After rejecting the kid and sending him on his way, Do-Hyeok messages and asks to talk. Na-Bi is none the wiser though and pulls away, telling him to meet another time, unless it’s urgent. Defeated, Do-Hyeok goes home.

In the morning, Do-Hyeok puts on a brave face and despite being cheerful and friendly with Na-Bi, it’s clear the previous night’s events are playing on his mind. In fact, it affects his cooking too, as his dumplings turn up less than desirable.

While Do-Hyeok contemplates whether to give up on everything, Jae-Eon leans into impressing Na-Bi as much as possible. He even creates a little butterfly emblem for her.

Meanwhile, drama continues to ensue between Kyu-Hyun and Bit-Na. The former takes her aside privately and hands over a delivery that was sent to his address. It’s clear she did this as a conversation starter but Kyu-Hyun wants none of it and turns her away.

While this is going on, Sol and Ji-Wan dance around their real feelings. Sol is even invited out on a date but she rejects the boy, tentatively declaring that she likes someone else.

Na-Bi is grilled by her professor during the critique, who expresses her disappointment in the girl for her project. After all, she was hoping it would be a good opportunity for Na-Bi to learn more from Jae-Eon but consequently the results just haven’t happened. Well, that’s why you don’t mix business with pleasure guys!

Just to add an extra layer of drama to the fold, Na-Bo also finds out she hasn’t been accepted for the exchange student program either. While in the studio she reflects on what’s happened and speaks to Do-Hyeok, admitting how this semester is the worst. Jae-Eon overhears and keeps this to himself, eventually agreeing to take the girl home. Just before dropping her off, he hands over the gift he’s made for her.

The next day, Jae-Eon meets up with Seol-A just before she leaves to go to the States. Jae-Eon offers to meet her over there but Seol-A pulls away, determined to sever ties completely. She has romantic feelings for Jae-Eon and given they’re not reciprocated by him, she decides to cut her losses and go.

One person who’s not ready to do that though is Na-Bi. She speaks to Sol at the studio who admits she thought Jae-Eon and Na-Bi actually were quite good together. She probes the girl over whether she’s really over Jae-Eon but it’s clear her indecisiveness is affecting her art project – which is obviously more important here. It all goes back to the professor’s critiques as it seems like Na-Bi needs to make a decision about her Jae-Eon problem sooner rather than later

Meanwhile, Bit-Na and Kyu-Hyun continue to play games with one another. The facade is shattered though when Bit-Na sees that the guy has her number saved as “Oh my sunshine”, which is pretty cute. It makes her smile and Bit-Na eventually softens, asking him to be her boyfriend again when they head out for a date. Kyu-Hyun throws his arms around her and the pair admit how much they’ve missed each other. This time though, Bit-Na is openly affectionate toward him instead of keeping it all a secret.

That evening, Na-Bi heads out to see Do-Hyeok. who thanks Na-Bi for her advice as his video got lots of views. However, he then goes on and admits he saw her with Jae-Eon the other night heading into her house. As she stands like a deer in headlights, he asks her outright whether Jae-Eon even cares.

On her way home with the umbrella Do-Hyeok gave her, she finds him waiting outside her house. She grabs her arm and openly admits that he knew about Do-Hyeok and manipulated her into trying to break them off. Well, Na-Bi throws back that she regrets them being together and the hurt he’s inflicted. After telling him she doesn’t want to see him again, Na-Bi heads inside and shuts the door. But is it really over?

The Episode Review

It’s been a long old ride waiting one episode a week but this chapter finally showcases some character and plot growth for our main players. We’ve seen Na-Bi and Jae-Eon finally hash it out and that reveal about Jae-Eon’s manipulation and their fight does seem to hint that the pair are definitely over and there doesn’t seem like a solid way back from this. Then again, stranger things have happened in the world of k-dramas.

The other side couples all show a good amount of development too, especially Ji-Wan and Sol who both seem to finally understand one another and have the courage to speak up and admit how they really feel. Having the courage to take the plunge from friends to lovers is a difficult step and one that can sometimes feel like a make or break situation. In the case of these two girls though, it does seem like it’ll play out in their favour.

The Kyu-Hyun and Bit-Na couple also has some good moments too, especially the reveal that Kyu-Hyun has her name saved as a cute nickname but then it was always obvious he had feelings for her anyway.

Given how slow and laborious this show has sometimes been at times, the penultimate chapter is much better and it seems like Na-Bi is finally free of this toxicity and ready to move on with her life.

Let’s hope the finale next week only builds on that and gives us a decent conclusion to round out JTBC’s weekend offering.

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