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Slow-Paced Toxicity

Episode 8 of Nevertheless begins with fireworks – both in the sky and with our characters. With Na-Bi and Jae-Eon kissing, Do-Hyeok senses something is up and heads back home. Na-Bi eventually pulls away from Jae-Eon and heads outside, where she runs into her childhood sweetheart. She agrees to let Do-Hyeok take her home as she remains frazzled and unsure how she feels.

Well, this is only made worse by Do-Hyeok giving her a bouquet of flowers and trying to woo her. With tears running down her cheeks, Na-Bi admits that he’s a good person but it’s not a good time for her. Na-Bi lies, claiming she doesn’t want to see Jae-Eon either and this is strictly how she’s feeling. He’s clearly bitter and jealous but Do-Hyeok does a semi-decent job of hiding it.

While Na-Bi leaves, Do-Hyeok returns home where Jae-Eon stirs the pot. He intentionally riles him up as Do-Hyeok’s knuckles clench around the rejected bouquet.

In the morning, Na-Bi heads downstairs and finds Jae-Eon getting cozy with her Aunt, doing pottery. Na-Bi tells him to forget about their time and calls it a drunken mistake. With a pained smile, Jae-Eon claims that she really hurt him, telling him their time means nothing.

With Jae-Eon gone for now, our gang all join for their morning meal. Ji-Wan is obviously suffering quite badly, while she sits back to back with Yoon Sol. The only one not at the table is Kyu-Hyun, who mopes down by the water. Their meal ends with Bit-Na deciding against comforting him and sighing loudly instead.

Anyway, Na-Bi eventually gets the bus back home, with Do-Hyeok there to see her off. After handing over some sweet treats, he rings her outside and admits he’s not ready to give her up just yet. Yay, two toxic guys in her life!

Do-Hyeok holds up to his side of the agreement too, ringing Na-Bi and claiming the whole neighbourhood feels empty without her. With him due to head up to Seoul shortly, she agrees to meet him when he shows.

When the bus does eventually arrive back home, Yoon Sol quizzes Ji-Wan about her revelation the previous night. Tellingly, she wears a top that says “love you” in English. Anyway, for now they dance around the truth given Ji-Wan doesn’t remember what happened. At the same time, Kyu-Hyun decides he and Bit-Na should just be friends.

Back at school, Na-Bi is conflicted as she notices Jae-Eon with a large sculpture, discussing it with some interested foreigners. The class query whether he may be being scouted, while Na-Bi braves a smile and tries not to get too involved in the gossip. Instead, she goes right to the source, where Jae-Eon admits he’s going to give traveling to America some thought.

Together, Jae-Eon and Na-Bi visit an art gallery. Na-Bi is clearly distant but Jae-Eon does his best to get through to her. He holds her shoulders and guides her forward. After, they sit together but Na-Bi’s body language is one of closed and standoffish. She folds her arms and fails to hold his eye contact.

Meanwhile, Sol is also distant with Ji-Wan following her confession. She won’t return her messages and struggles to hold a conversation with her friend. Instead, they all head back to class, ready for their latest art piece. Well, this time it’s a drawing of a model. When the part-time model bails though, Jae-Eon steps up and agrees to fill in.

During their recess, Do-Hyeok shows up and ends up having lunch with Na-Bi. He has a whole load of food packed up for her too. As the two joke and enjoy their time together, Jae-Eon watches jealously from afar. Well, Do-Hyeok has a chance at jealousy afterwards, especially when he learns Jae-Eon was the model used. When they part ways, Na-Bi learns she hasn’t been selected as part of the exchange student project.

That evening, Yoon-Sol and Ji-Wan finally talk. The latter waits for her to come back before claiming she remembers what happened. Well, the pair dance around the truth before Sol makes the first move and admits that she likes Ji-Wan. She finally opens up as the pair hug. Ji-Wan admits that she too likes her as the pair finally part ways.

As the episode closes out, Do-Hyeok is beaming from ear to ear. He has a good feeling about this Na-Bi situation and thinks they could be dating soon. Well, Na-Bi’s heart clearly lies elsewhere. As she heads up an alleyway she thinks over her time with Jae-Eon. And lo and behold there is he, sneaking up behind her.

The Episode Review

Nevertheless returns with another painfully slow chapter, one that really tests your patience across the 65 minute runtime. Beyond a little more dating with Do-Hyeok and some awkward moments with Jae-Eon, what else does this episode achieve?

Sure, the moment between Sol and Ji-Wan is probably the stand out segment but to be honest, I’d have preferred a whole drama involving those two instead of this Na-Bi and Jae-Eon situation.

Still, the episode ends with plenty of promise of romance and drama in the future…but will the show pick up the pace a little? We’ll have to wait and see.

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