Nevertheless Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

It’s All Over

Does Na-Bi tell Jae-Eon to leave?

Episode 10 of Nevertheless begins this finale with Jae-Eon and Na-Bi still reeling from the previous night. With the rain lashing down, Na-Bi telling the boy she never wants to see him again has a big effect on them both. Na-Bi is certainly regretting her actions, unable to shake Jae-Eon’s kind eyes rather than his multiple other red flags.

At school, Na-Bi tells Jin-Soo she doesn’t need his help anymore and decides to continue on with her project alone. Well, she’s not alone for long when Jae-Eon shows and holds her hand. She pulls away, walking off after giving him a dirty look.

Both of them wallow in their own pain; Jae-Eon checks his phone constantly. Na-Bi stares out the window of her apartment.

Was the statue falling an act of God?

Meanwhile Ji-Wan and Sol sit together and flirt, looking longingly into one another’s eyes. Bit-Na rings Se-Hun though, needing to get into her laptop. Only, her password happens to be “totally hot Kyu-Hyun” which she uses to get in and retrieve her files. Kyu-Hyun overhears and teases her.

At school, tragedy hits. A tired and fatigued Na-Bi finds her entire project ruined as the clay statue she was working on is in tatters on the floor. Was this a deliberate act? Whether it was or not, this is her entire module’s work gone in an instant. The Professor is equally exasperated, realizing that with Na-Bi’s exhibition coming up then she’s essentially going to fail by default.

As rain pours down outside, Jae-Eon shows and offers to help Na-Bi try to fix her project. He promises that after helping her fix this he’ll stay away just like she asked.

And so the group work together, silently, to put the statue back together again. As they work day and night, the time Jae-Eon and Na-Bi spend together sees Na-Bi reevaluate her choice. This time though, she monologues on how Jae-Eon doesn’t even offer her a lift home (hey, you told him to leave you alone!)

Eventually though the project comes together; a rustic angel with tattered wings and a pained expression. With the project a success, everything is back to the way it was before. Jae-Eon doesn’t miss a trick, giving her some compliments about how pretty she is and walking away. Just as promised, he’s leaving her alone. Only, Na-Bi isn’t happy.

Where is Jae-Eon?

Just before she skips out, Jin-Soo hands over a green book that Jae-Eon wants her to have. At the same time, Jae-Eon packs up all of his tools and says goodbye to his butterflies. He lets them all out the window, watching as they fly away.

As day turns to night, no one seems to know where Jae-Eon has gone. However, rumours are abound that her’s left for the US. Na-Bi however, is crushed that he’s left without saying anything.

As we soon find out, Jae-Eon hasn’t left just yet and he’s actually at home, lying in the dark and thinking over what to do. He hasn’t left, he’s just depressed.

What happens to Do-Hyeok?

Do-Hyeok gets some female attention from a couple who ask for his autograph. They’re big fans of his videos and even want a photo too. With the semester over, Na-Bi shows to see him and confirms she’s going to leave Seoul and visit her Mum after the exhibition. After all, she’s been nagging her to head over.

Do-Hyeok is excited for Na-Bi’s exhibition and decides to head over and see the angel for himself after his interview. He tellingly mentions how impossible it was to fix everything up, but his face sinks when he learns Jae-Eon was the one there. I mean, Na-Bi doesn’t say it directly but the constant pauses and referring to them as “a friend” and “someone” speaks volumes. Still, Do-Hyeok remains hopeful that she’ll choose him.

What’s in the green book?

Na-Bi’s conflicted emotions are only made worse when she heads home and checks the green book. Within this are numerous different sketches. One shows her standing amidst a sea of shadowy black shades. This is symbolic of their first meeting, when Jae-Eon lay eyes on her at the art exhibit. Since then, he’s hoped to run into her again and hasn’t stopped thinking about the girl.

Well, it’s exhibition time and all the gang show up at the gallery to admire Na-Bi’s work. Her Professor is incredibly proud of Na-Bi’S work. In fact, she even offers Na-Bi the chance to “spread her wings” and go to Paris. It’s a massive opportunity but she can’t stop frowning. Why? Well, Jae-Eon’s not there.

Do-Hyeok arrives though, handing over a bouquet of flowers but unfortunately knowing the truth. Na-Bi is in love with Jae-Eon and there’s nothing he can do to change that. Although Do-Hyeok shows up as promised, Na-Bi thanks him and apologizes for breaking his heart. Do-Hyeok bows nonetheless and leaves.

What happens to the other characters?

Well, the previous episode settled most of the big dramatic points for our supporting couples. In public, Sol and Ji-Wan express how much they like each other while Bit-Na and Kyu-Hyun do the same. In fact, they outright admit how long they’ve been romantically linked, all the way back since the first year in the workshop. According to Bit-Na, she wanted to make him her boyfriend ever since they first met.

So who does Na-Bi choose at the end?

While everyone is all smiles at dinner, Na-Bi realizes she misses Jae-Eon. She heads back to the exhibition where she finds Jae-Eon admiring the angel. Na-Bi calls him a jerk, especially given he never showed up on time and skimped out on showing himself earlier on.

Na-Bi admits that she knows he’s a jerk that toys with people’s emotions but nevertheless feels better when she’s with him. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere, even if that means he’ll continue to toy with her emotions.

“I know that it will cause me pain agan,” Na-Bi says, “Nevertheless, I still…” And then the scene cuts.

As it does, we cut across to Jae-Eon and Na-Bi together walking hand in hand. Na-Bi contemplates letting go when she sees Do-Hyeok but changes her mind, deciding to continue on this path she’s chosen for herself. In fact, Jae-Eon even suggests they get some butterflies but she outright refuses.

Did Jae-Eon intentionally break Na-Bi’s project?

So Nevertheless leaves but let’s reflect on the incident at the gallery. Now, I appreciate this was an accident but what if it wasn’t?

It could well be that Jae-Eon intentionally sabotaged the statue and destroyed it just to get close to Na-Bi. After all, there had to be a reason for them to talk again and what better time to do it than at the studio?

We’ve seen Jae-Eon skulking around after-hours and the way that statue was completely wrecked to bits raises all kinds of alarm bells. It could well be that in his depressive state he intentionally sabotaged the entire project.

Jae-Eon was suspiciously jovial when he suggested they work together to fix it, and we know he’s a manipulative guy too. He could well have used this as an opportunity to win her over. He was all happy-smiley with Jin-Soo as they ate food together and even honoured Na-Bi’s wishes of staying away. We’ll never know of course – what do you guys think? Was it an accident? Or a spiteful move on Jae-Eon’s part?

The Episode Review

So after all that heartache and drama across 10 episodes, Na-Bi decides to betray her head and go with her heart. I mean, she even says at the end of the episode, “I know that it will cause me pain.” This seems to send a very conflicting message that if you’re in a questionable relationship, you should just ignore the red flags and continue on obliviously. I know that’s probably not what this show is going for, but that’s the message I get.

“I know that it will cause me pain again” is a fitting line to end this series with, reflecting back the exact feeling I have watching this play out. Na-Bi should have been alone at the end; a strong, independent woman about to head off to Paris to ignite her career.

At the same time, Do-Hyeok was never a good suitor for Na-Bi. He’s clingy, a little too self-conscious and overly nice. The possessive way he tried to win Na-Bi over isn’t a great look, although to be fair this was never really a love triangle. The writing had been on the wall for a while that Na-Bi was going to choose Jae-Eon but personally, it feels like the wrong move.

In the end, Nevertheless bows out with a tepid finale, one that skimps out on its final episode with a disappointing conclusion.


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7 thoughts on “Nevertheless Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Well, I find the first few episodes much more interesting than the final episodes. When both Jae-Eon and Na-bi were attracted to each other and enjoying their beautiful moments together. Both of them seriously have communication problems haha. They could have just talk things out and share more details of themselves as their relationship grows. Both male lead and female lead just like staring at each other and talk so little.
    Anyway , that’s how dramas are. Without suspense and climax in the show then there would be story, isn’t it ? I’m just glad it’s a good ending after all. At least it wouldn’t be a waste of time at all with a happy ending. I agree though that the ending seems to be in a rush.

  2. Honestly, I agree. Personally, I loved the drama but I believe that Song Kang’s character received too little development and explanation for the ending to make sense plus the ending was rushed. To me, Park Jae-eon was a manipulative, flirtatious heartbreaker who toyed with women and strung them along under the guise of ‘relationships’ and through gaslighting. This never really changes about him as a character, and honestly probably only could have if they dived into the “relationship” he had or has with Soel-a, someone the drama failed to even label; we do not know who she is or was to Jae-eon. Soel-a had a relationship with Jae-eon so ambiguous that she had to cut ties with him completely because she was getting hurt constantly, due to Jae-eon keeping them tied by being “friends” and presumably leading her on. It’s clear she liked or likes him, even willing to lie about being his girlfriend to his potential love interest; Jae-eon even admits it in episode nine when asking if Na-bi just wanted to make things difficult for Soel-a and him. Honestly, Soel-a could probably serve as a foil for Na-bi; to what her and Jae-eon’s relationship was becoming or how she could’ve felt and acted when it came to jealousy or hatred for Jae-eon. But the drama fails to cover her and in turn fails to give insight to Jae-eon as a character. Because we fail to learn about his character and his past, he doesn’t seem to change–gaslighting Na-bi in the previous episode by blaming her feelings and the failing situationship on her. the relationship just doesn’t work, it remains toxic and borderline abusive, as he remains stagnant and Na-bi doesn’t learn. We don’t even really get the time to see their dynamic as an official couple, making the ending seem rushed. The side couples overall just had a healthier and better chemistry, that was better paced than Na-bi and Jae-eon’s. Although, the titling of each episode was super creative, and I love how it told a story in itself from Na-bi’s perspective. It showed how constantly, she went back to her bad habit and follows her heart even if it wasn’t logical, she even admits that in the last episode when saying she will regret going out with him–logically speaking, but will still go for it. To me, Nevertheless will go down as one of those dramas that were super good until the last episode due to rushed ending/poor pacing and wrong relationships choices. Na-bi and Jae-eon should’ve gone their separate ways in my opinion; both going abroad for school, or moving on with their lives with her getting with Do-Hyoek and Jae-eon learning from his mistakes. Nevertheless, everyone in that show was great at acting–in fact, the acting was a highlight for me. I hope we get to see them again (maybe not all together, tragically) in other dramas, the chemistry between all the actors was great!

  3. I loved the drama, but I hope it gets an explaining to his obsession on butterflies, his motivation/reasoning for being a manipulator and flirt. The ending was rushed and not much of character arch. I’m annoyed that after episode 9 he gaslighted her by blaming the relationship not working because of her. He also just touched and did things nonconsensual all the time. The Second Male lead was way too good for her but he had no purpose as he was introduced late and basically was used for extra scenes. The other couples had more interesting impact on my watching experience. Song Kangs character was quite unrealistic but he’s one of my favorite actors so I’ll let it slide. I do like the whole title being hint/reply on their thought process. I wish they stay to the webtoon, Nabi was too gullible and easily manipulated. I hope they explain WHO Sol-a is (WHAT IS HER AND JAE-EONS PAST AND RELATIONSHIP) and why Nabi let go of Jae-eons grasp in the last scene. Maybe this is a relationship for the moment like a fling for fun and not serious and long term. We need a second season to explain the loose ends. 8.7/10

  4. Agree with your review of the end. For a complicated relationship, it’s a decidedly uncomplicated ending. Who says “I know it will cause me pain but nevertheless” I’ll enter into an unhealthy relationship anyway…ugh!

  5. I honestly believe the episode 9 should have been the last episode. I could not count the number of times that I rolled my eyes in this episode, probably the most boring episode of the whole series.

  6. I disagree. I like the ending. Na-bi is was a mature woman. She was terribly unhappy without Jae-eon. Part of her insecurity was her low self esteem. Jae-eon helped tremendously with her sculpture. Doing well bolstered her self-esteem, that is why she can handle being with him. He helped motivate her, both in finishing the piece and in redoing it. He was there for her when she was sick. He has flaws, but Na-bi has flaws too.
    As she mentioned somewhere, they were both attracted to each other physically. Is that a crime? I think that throughout the relationship, they developed feelings for each other that they did not acknowledged. Na-bi should have asked Jae-eon if he liked her when they started seeing each other. That would solve all the trust issues. I like that they were giving each other a second chance. When she decides to go to Paris, he can come as a scholarship student, or his affluent mother can finance it.
    Song Kang and Han So-hee have awesome chemistry. I would love to see them in another drama.

  7. The worst drama of 2021. No message at all to learn from the story or characters. I stopped watching after episode 6, but continued reading your reviews. I couldnt help laughing when I saw you gave a rating of 1.5

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