Nevertheless – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Caught Me Kissing On The Counter, It Wasn’t Me

Episode 7 of Nevertheless begins with Kyu-Hyun giving Bit-Na the silent treatment while they stand together at school. He believes they’ve broken up but Bit-Na is quick to dispel that myth. They’re soon interrupted by the other kids though, including an excitable Ji-Wan.

Meanwhile, Jae-Eon makes ghis decision and drives up to blindside Na-Bi. She’s of course off with Do-Hyeok. However, what we didn’t see last episode is Jae-Eon watching her from afar. He notices the pair cycling together and essentially follows them back home.

Things are tense, but the rest of the kids showing up manages to cut the tension a little. Kyu-Hyun sits outside with Jae-Eon while Do-Hyeok shows the others around and lets them make themselves at home.

Things are awkward between Do-Hyeok and Jae-Eon, which is only made worse when Na-Bi ends up in a car with them both en-route to the amusement park. Jae-Eon mentions her meeting with Seol-A and despite driving, continues to shoot long glances at Na-Bi while she’s in the backseat.

At the amusement park, Jae-Eon continues to operate in jealous-stalker-red-flag zone and eyes Do-Hyeok laughing and joking with Na-Bi over by the dodgems. Next up is the Ferris wheel, with a number of different kids paired up. Among those, happens to be Jae-Eon and Na-Bi.

Na-Bi intentionally avoids eye contact until Jae-Eon outright admits that she’s pretty, without breaking eye contact. He even reaches over to touch her hair but she’s very clearly uncomfortable.

Elsewhere, there’s a pretty cute moment between Yoon Sol and Ji-Wan too, with the latter scared of heights but instantly warming once Yoon-Sol offers a hand.

Anyway, the Ferris wheel ride comes to an end and the kids head back to Do-Hyeok’s place. Do-Yeon is there, and meets Jae-Eon with a warm smile. Do-Hyeok is not only uncomfortable about her sister, he’s also clearly concerned given Na-Bi’s constant glances and looks over at the pair.

Bit-Na senses this too and sits with Jae-Eon, asking outright if she’s jealous. She reveals about Jae-Eon having a girlfriend before pointing out how charming Do-Hyeok is.

Anyway, Na-Bi shoots it down completely in front of everyone, claiming that they aren’t actually romantically linked. She even takes offence to his confession about being his first love.

During the evening’s drinking game, everyone starts to get involved, with questions asked to different people. Bit-Na confirms that “the noodle shop grandson” is her type, while Do-Hyeok asks Na-Bi who makes her smile the most among everyone in this group. She instantly mentions Do-Hyeok, as a big old smile crosses her face.

As Do-Hyeok leaves to head off down to the beach, Do-Yeon asks Jae-Eon a question. He immediately answers Na-Bi. As we later find out, that question was regarding who he wants to kiss that evening. Not long after, he openly admits that a girl has captured his heart – but won’t reveal who.

However, the game ends and the kids decide to just talk instead. As they do, a very drunk Ji-Wan confesses her true feelings to Yoon Sol. She holds her hand and looks in her eyes, telling the girl she likes her the most out of everyone. As she pleads, Ji-Wan eventually passes out.

Down on the beach, Bit-Na and Kyu-Hyun sit together. The latter asks the girl to stop playing games with him. Unable to take this agony anymore, he breaks up with her.

Back at the house, Jae-Eon and Na-Bi end up alone together at the house. Jae-Eon holds her arm and starts applying ointment. Eventually he reaches out and tells her he misses her. He asks for her permission before doing anything before leaning forward to kiss her.

Na-Bi eventually reaches back and kisses him too. She notices Do-Hyeok ringing and decides to continue kissing Jae-Eon. He instinctively pulls away and again for permission, but our walking disaster looks set to keep kissing him. Mercifully, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

As the weeks tick by and the pacing starts to crawl to a grinding halt, the characters here begin to become more unlikable. With the exception of Yoon Sol and Ji-Wan, everyone here is a walking disaster.

Na-Bi in particular is just awful as a protagonist and difficult to warm to. I know this is supposed to be realistic – and it certainly is in terms of its frustrations and baffling character choices – but Na-Bi constantly being thrown by Jae-Eon is just a train wreck to watch. And to top it all off, she ends up kissing Jae-Eon in Do-Hyeok’s house – of all places!

Now, Jae-Eon himself has proven to be a complete stalker and very obviously a red flag but it’s all just so painful to watch. I get that this is realistic and in a way we’ve all seen couples acting this before.

However, it doesn’t make for a particularly pleasant watch this far down the line, and the whirlwind romance has now turned toxic and awkward. It also doesn’t help that this show only releases one episode a week!

Still, the Ji-Wan and Sol subplot is the one saving grave of this show and hopefully we’ll see more of this in the coming episodes. For now, Nevertheless is just starting to buckle under the weight of expectation after such a bright and promising start. Can this show finish strong?

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4 thoughts on “Nevertheless – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review”

  1. Thanks for the review. I decided to stop watching after episode 5 and would rather read your reviews than watch this slow drama.

  2. I am at screaming point with this drama! It’s so slow and NaBi is so incredibly monotone- it’s a relief when she smiles! But oh girl you kiss him even thinking he has a girlfriend – that is so wrong of her. Won’t these characters ever speak directly to each other? One of my favourite characters is Yang and due to his scandal he won’t be showing much from here on in!
    I just want a bit more dynamic in this ever so painfully slow drama.

  3. I was very disappointed with this episode. 20 minutes of woeful, sidelong glances and tense, outright staring to being with, and then another 40 minutes of NaBi sending mixed signals to … EVERYONE! … Do-Hyeok, Do-Yeon, and finally JaeEun. Oy!

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