Nevertheless – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

I Love Lust You

Episode 4 of Nevertheless begins with Na-Bi and Jae-Eon waking up in each other’s arms. Wrapped in a heady cocktail of lust and love, Jae-Eon pulls away from this and gets ready to leave. Before he does, he double checks with Na-Bi whether they can hang out later on. When he leaves, Bit-Na notices him walk away from the restaurant.

It turns out she’s blacked out the night before, including her drunken rough and tumble with Kyu-Hyun. He doesn’t want to be friends though and believes they should be more. When she rejects him, he sighs loudly and admits that he’ll do his best to try and control his emotions.

Meanwhile, Ji-Wan is still upset at Sol for her antics with the guys she’s been seeing. She wants Sol to open up and be more truthful, including telling her about what she’s been up to.

That evening, Jae-Eon heads over to Na-Bi’s place and hangs a butterfly suncatcher up in the window. Na-Bi thinks over those red flags across the four episodes thus far and decides to give in to her passion.

After, Jae-Eon admits that he’s going to get another butterfly tattoo soon. After describing it in detail, this one moment solidifies their whirlwind romance to come. The pair start to spend a lot more time together. In fact, Jae-Eon smooth talks her and continues to sweep Na-Bi off her feet. At least at night anyway. This is when they act like a couple and can really let loose. During the day though, they’re separate souls and keep to their own schedules.

In the midst of this, Jae-Eon heads off to visit Seol-A. They cryptically talk about butterflies and letting them go free, which seems to be in direct reference to Na-Bi. Anyway, he tells Seol-A he doesn’t want to let Na-Bi go right now.

Well, Na-Bi rings and lets her know she’s cancelling on him for the time being. En-route to see her Mum though, she grabs the bus and ends up talking to her old school friend Do-Hyeok. She hasn’t seen him for nearly 10 years and they both warmly greet each other. They even exchange numbers too.

However, all of this following around and lusting isn’t enough for Na-Bi – and her encounter with Do-Kyeong seems to confirm that for her. She longs for someone to accompany her to her Mother’s place and to be her boyfriend. As she steps on the train though, Jae-Eon suddenly shows and grabs her hand. He smiles warmly, “Gotcha!”

They walk off together, acting like a couple, and enjoying being in each other’s company. That evening Na-Bi admits she doesn’t really know very much about him. Sure he has a butterfly tattoo and clearly has the moves but who is he really? Well, Jae-Eon simply continues to kiss and hold her, dodging the questions – and the idea of being her boyfriend. Just then, Seol-A rings. Jae-Eon takes the call too, prying himself away from Na-Bi’s loving embrace and answering it in private.

Well, Na-Bi heads off that evening and uncovers Do-Hyeok’s restaurant. He’s a culinary graduate and he’s got a YouTube channel too, complete with 3000+ subscribers. The pair enjoy their time together, with Do-Hyeok ironically making her seaweed soup given it’s her birthday.

Meanwhile, Bit-Na shows up at the same bar as Kyu-Hyun and slumps down on a table next to him. He’s currently with a date and seems to show her jealousy as she loudly calls the place lame and decides to leave.

At school the next day, Jae-Eon and Na-Bi continue to flirt. Although there’s a line there to begin with, Na-Bi soon knocks that down. However, they’re spotted flirting by Se-young from afar, who gossips with the others about this development. Ji-Wan soon shows up though, gaining an extended glance from Yoon Sol. The pair end up confronting one another in the alleyway later that evening too, although we don’t see their conversation just yet.

The next day, Na-Bi overhears a couple of kids talking outside. They discuss Na-Bi being Jae-Eon’s latest target and how surprising that is given how quiet she is. On the back of this – and a particularly scathing chat with her Professor – Na-Bi feels like there’s so many signs trying to convince her to break things off with Jae-Eon.

On the back of this and knowing Jae-Eon, she contemplates breaking things off with him but can’t bring herself to actually do it. Instead, she mentions her ex showing up and asks outright if he’s seeing someone else. He nonchalantly declares that he’s not, just as a random guy shows up in a car. He steps out and immediately smacks Jae-Eon in the face.

The Episode Review

Nevertheless returns with a slower episode this week, one that focuses a lot more intensely on the growing ties between Na-Bi and Jae-Eon. There’s a natural chemistry between them and this show certainly doesn’t hold back with its ideas and themes around love and lust. The multiple montages work well across the episode while the 75 minute chapter is specifically designed to start trusting Jae-Eon and believing he’s a good guy. But is he really?

The whole speech about the butterflies and catching people, along with the random guy at the end punching him in the face, seems to hint that he’s a bit of a player. Sure, he may have changed now but that seems unlikely given he’s kept pretty quiet about his past.

Meanwhile, Do-Hyeok enters the fray and this is a much more natural and sweet pairing. Hopefully Na-Bi sees sense and dates him instead. Then again, the heart wants what the heart wants!

This episode has been a much slower affair this week though and the one-episode-a-week deal is a real agonizing wait which makes this seem like more of a drag than it ordinary would be. For now though, Nevertheless bows out with a decent episode, even if it’s not quite as strong as the previous chapters.

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1 thought on “Nevertheless – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review”

  1. The drama is geting more interesting particularly because of the introduction of Dohyuk (Chae Jeong Hyeop), an old friend of Na-Bi who has a huge crush on Na-Bi. I am rooting for him, good-looking and sweet. He looked very happy to see Na-Bi, he will make a great boyfriend.
    Na-Bi should make a clean break from Jae-on. The sooner she does it, the less painful it would be. She is being guided by her emotions. The don’t have a bond. He is fickle. He switched from making out with Na-Bi to dating Seol-a who is his soulmate and his fate. He is cheating on both of them. Jae-eon seems like a narcissist. He is like a butterfly going from flower to flower and never tiring of it.
    This drama is good, I keep waiting for the next episode.

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