Nevertheless – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Episode 3 of Nevertheless Season 1 begins with Na-Bi walking away from Jae-Eon after their kiss together. Heading inside, she thinks over the night’s antics and deliberates over exactly what the emotion is that she’s feeling. She hopes it’s love before getting a good night’s sleep.

In the morning, Na-Bi looks over her search history and notices lots of random internet searches about kissing friends and what it means. It’s actually a really relatable scene and one that sees her settle on an article claiming she’ll become “SPs” which seems to translate across to sex partners.

Yoon-Sol snaps her out her thoughts though, hinting that her feelings could well be lust rather than love. This continues into class too, as she perks up when Bit-Na starts talking about relationships and how they differ to casual sex.

After their meet, Yoon-Sol heads out for food with Do-Hyeok whom she tries to pay back. Eventually they settle on a coffee while sitting down to eat together. After, they contemplate whether to meet up again or not. Outside though, they’re spotted by Ji-Wan, who’s just left the cinema with her +1. She obviously has feelings for Won so it certainly comes a a bit of a shock seeing her with someone else.

That evening, Na-Bi heads out to visit Jae-Eon after going crazy following his period of radio silence. While she’s out, she ends up seeing him with Seol-A, a friend who’s just arrived from the airport.

Heading into the convenience store, Na-Bi ends up exchanging numbers with the junior from the party, Eun-Han. Interestingly, Seol-A and Jae-Eon happen to be watching their interaction take place from afar. Jae-Eon claims she’s just a friend but Seol-A sees through this facade, believing there’s more too it than that.

Meanwhile, Na-Bi and Eun-Han start texting and agree to visit the festival together. Only, Na-Bi ends up with a cold (or a certain virus doing the rounds worldwide), coughing and feeling under the weather. Bit-Na isn’t exactly enthralled with her getting clos to Eun-Han, and even casts more doubts over her choices when she tells Na-Bi that Jae-Eon doesn’t date anyone.

While discussing watching a movie, Jae-Eon suddenly shows up and tries to butt in. Na-Bi quickly takes him outside though and tells him to stop. This then paves way for Na-Bi and Eun-Han to start growing closer together. In the midst of their happy times together though, Na-Bi is reminded of her ex. After all, this is how they got started with eating and dating innocently.  The date night ends with no kiss, as Na-Bi claims she needs to sneeze and ends things abruptly.

That night when she reflects on what happened, she realizes they don’t have the same spark that she had with Jae-Eon. Well, the kids all decide to attend the flea market that night. After speaking to Ji-Wan about her growing affection for Sol and what got her into art, Na-Bi eventually meets Eun-Han. While she’s gone, Ji-Wan ends up jealous when she notices Sol is there with a guy. Eventually she shows her hand and heads off for a smoke, unhappy with Won leaving her out.

Meanwhile, Na-Bi meets Eun-Han but sees that he’s actually there with a girl he used to like. Apparently she just started contacting him again which causes Na-Bi to face another rejection. It crushes her too, as she tentatively says hello and walks off.

While lying in bed, Jae-Eon calls her but she has obviously deleted his number. While talking, her phone dies when he asks to meet. Na-Bi eventually heads out to the shop to buy some medicine, not thinking anything of this.

While she’s gone, Jae-Eon calls 911, believing something bad had happened. Obviously nothing has, allowing the pair to eventually sit down and eat together when Na-Bi heads back to her apartment.

After, Jae-Eon carries Na-Bi to her bed and begins reading to her after tucking the girl in. He admits he’s been attracted to her since the beginning. Eventually though, the pair end up falling asleep. In the morning, Jae-Eon helps put Na-Bi’s hair up but you can cut the sexual tension with a knife. In bed, the pair kiss. However, it soon turns into so much more as the episode draws to a close.

The Episode Review

So what about that then? Jae-Eon is still a very difficult character to figure out and it’s hard to know if he’s just trying to win her over as another “butterfly” conquest or if he’s genuinely into Na-Bi.

His actions are quite controlling, with little touches like holding her neck, touching her shoulder and pushing Na-Bi’s hands down which all play into that idea of control. Then again, calling 911 and feeling jealous over Eun-Han all play into ideas of him showing genuine emotion. It’s a tough one to call, and part of the allure with this series in a way.

The supporting players are equally as endearing here too, with Sol and Ji-Wan’s friendship/romance a fascinating play on the doomed romance trope.

Episode 3 is easily the best chapter of the whole series thus far, with a fascinating play on emotion and some beautiful cinematography. Honestly, next week can’t come soon enough!

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3 thoughts on “Nevertheless – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review”

  1. This drama is interesting because of the way a smooth talking and good-looking man named Jae-Eon can win the heart of a smart sculptural student. He was kissing someone before he kissed Na-Bi, for crying out loud. He said it was a game. That was so shallow, a red flag. He has no sense of committment, or guilt.
    When he got medicine for Na-Bi and stayed with her till the fever is down, that deserves gratitude not liking. However, Na-Bi has a huge crush on Jae-Eon so she fell for him.
    Another thing Jae-Eon told Sol-ah that they are fated for each other. Then why is he hooking up with Na-Bi?
    Mw wish is for Na-Bi to do well and become an exchange student in Paris. A good way to get over the heartbreak with Jae-Eon that seems to happen in the future.

  2. Honestly I am finding this series very boring. I am certainly a fan of Song Kang. All the performances are fine. But the persistent will I/won’t I is just tiresome and not really credible.

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