Neon – Episode 4 “Art Basel” Recap & Review

Art Basel

Neon episode 4 starts with Santi, Ness, Mia and Felix attending their first Art Basel in Miami. Ness advises the group to embrace the weird and soak up the inspiration. Santi is already feeling inspired and wants to check out more art stuff. Ness is also into it and is excited to see Zale Bonus, a big name in the digital art investing world that she looks up to. She convinces the group to go to Zale’s panel.

The panel is nothing short of inspiring as Zale talks about making art accessible to everyone and the importance of art in the community. Everything he says resonates with the group, and they get excited when Zale announces his new initiative, the artist incubator. This project will see him giving funds to artists of colour, and Santi hopes to get a spot on the list. 

Mia says it would be great if they get Zale to fund Santi. She tells Felix it will help bring Santi to the label at the right time. After the panel, Sant and Ness corner Zale, and he recognises Santi from the Eduardo remix song. He asks Santi to meet him later at a different venue. 

Mia joins them and finds a way to get the group into the party. Trust Mia to always come through when it comes to access to a party!  Upon arriving, Santi goes straight to finding Zale while Mia gives Ness a pep talk about how to get things done. Mia says it is all about manipulating people to think they are in charge. 

Zale welcomes Santi and Felix and introduces them to Javier Luna.  However, Santi has bad blood with Javier. The upcoming musician has been talking smack about Santi, saying he is an internet singer. Javier apologises and explains he never meant to hurt Santi. Apparently, he was just letting off steam after his rabbit died!

They start vining, but Santi is still offended. He listens as Javier explains how he wants to be a magician. Felix entertains him and asks more questions, showing more interest, which Javier appreciates.  Later, Santi asks Felix to distract Javier so he can talk to Zale. Sadly, Zale turns out to be a sell-out. 

He didn’t mean anything he said about his love for art. His PR team coordinated the whole thing to help his image since he has not worked with any artists of colour. Even though Zale is ready to support Santi, his hypocrisy puts the latter off, and Santi turns down the offer. 

At the same time, Javier feels like Felix gets him and asks him to consider coming to work for him. Felix is flattered by the offer but kindly turns him down. 

On the other hand, Ness is unable to ‘work’ people like Mia. In her frustrations, she goes out for some fresh air. She coincidentally meets a mysterious woman, and they click. The woman is surprised to hear Ness is Santi’s manager. She claims to be a big fan of Santi and invites the group to her house. 

Ness quickly informs the others about the change of their fate, and they leave to head to the woman’s house. However, Mia stays behind since she has other obligations. It is all good at first when the friend gets to the house. The woman is eager to fund Santi’s career and make money together. The group is game and is escorted to a different room to sign the papers. As they wait, Felix starts rummaging around the room and finds lots of cocaine and guns. He is convinced the lady is a drug dealer, and they decide signing a contract with her might not be a good idea. 

Before they can leave, the lady comes back and takes the gun from Felix. She starts scaring them just for fun. She then informs them that it is not what they are thinking and asks if they are ready to sign the contract. The friends hesitate, and she says it is cool; they don’t have to sign. In the tense situation, Santi says they will sign the contract. 

The Episode Review

It is great to see Jordana Brewster on our small screen again. She is a phenomenal actress, as always. The tension in this episode was funny and a tad scary at the same time. The lady is mysterious, and we can’t wait to learn more about her.

Also, what will the trio do? They are quite in a fix and will need to find a good solution. Let us head into the next episode and find out!

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