Neon – Episode 3 “Forbidden Fruits” Recap & Review

Forbidden Fruits 

Neon episode 3 starts with Santi visiting his cousin at the law firm and flirting with the receptionist. Of course, Sebastian is unhappy about this and warns him about flirting with co-workers if he gets the job. 

Santi is surprised that it is not a done deal; he thought he could use the nepotism card, but it declined!  Sebastian is even more displeased with his attitude and promises to get in touch in the upcoming week. Santi tries to be enthusiastic about the job and even gives him a slogan for the firm.

Meanwhile, Felix visits Ness at the grocery store to use the Wi-Fi. Ness is unhappy about it and is more concerned when Santi shows up, too. They start arguing if the legendary owner, Eduardo, is alive, and he shows up. He is delighted that Santi recognises him, especially since he loves Santi’s new song ‘Exagerao.’ It turns out Eduardo’s granddaughter is a huge Santi fan. Eduardo welcomes Santi to his store.

Ness uses this opportunity to get Santi and Felix to direct and act in the new commercial for the store.  Eduardo is looking into getting more young people to know about his store. His only condition is that his granddaughter must be in the video. The two men are unsure about this, but the more they listen to Ness, the more it makes sense. Santi decides to remix the old Eduardo jingle. 

The following day, Santi gets to work and remakes the Eduardo song. It is really good, and even Mia likes it . However, she is still hesitant about signing Santi. Mia feels more frustrated about her work because Oscar doesn’t listen to her and promotes the new guy over her. 

Meanwhile, Mia warns Felix about staying on budget for the music video. They also see the article Celeste wrote on Santi. Celeste went ham on him, calling him immature and questioning his team. She likens Ness to a stalker and says Felix is inexperienced.  

This seems to affect the team spirit as they go into the video shooting. Felix starts doubting himself, and they begin running behind schedule. They also start going off budget, but at least Eduardo’s granddaughter is not as young as they thought. Santi starts flirting with her, and Ness puts a stop to it real quick. She asks Santi to be professional and not sleep with the lady.

In the meantime, Mia meets with Oscar and tries to talk to him. She brings up his wife, and he talks about their challenges as a new parents. They agree to be friends and have a great time at the party. She then receives a message from Felix, who struggles at the shoot. Not only are they behind schedule, but it looks like he is shooting fruit porn.

On the other hand, Santi gets a call from Sebastian inviting him for a third interview. Santi asks him to vouch for him, but Sebastian refuses. He doesn’t think  Santi is serious about life. He reveals he was only doing a favour for Santi’s parents. Santi is upset and feels like his family doesn’t believe in him.

To raise the team’s morale, Ness calls Celeste under disguise and invites her to the store.  Even though Celeste is angry about being tricked and Santi lashing out at her, she motivates him to shake the naysayers off. 

Elsewhere, Mia steps in to help Oscar during a meeting and is scolded for it. She goes to cry in the toilets and overhears Oscar telling someone that the new guy is only being promoted because he is the co-founder’s kid. She also gets a voice note from Felix talking about his struggle.  

She visits the shoot and motivates each other. She gets Felix to believe in himself, and he manages to shoot a cool video. The episode ends with Sebastian’s co-workers raving about the new remake. However, Sebastian is too proud to admit that Santi is killing it. Nonetheless, he is not too proud to use the slogan Santi gave him. 

The Episode Review

Mia needs a better boss; Oscar is way too egotistical to care about all her efforts. Instead of being grateful for her save, he humiliated her in front of everyone. 

It was good to see Celeste and Santi realise they are not so different after all. They both have a lot of naysayers they want to prove wrong. It was also good to see the bond between Mia and Felix; they are becoming friends and being there for each other.

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