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Neon episode 5 starts with Ness and Felix recapping the previous night’s events. They still can’t believe they were held at gunpoint, and Santi agreed to sign a contract with the mysterious woman, Gina. While Ness finds Gina hot, Felix worries about their lives and questions where Santi disappeared. 

They hear noises from his room and rush in, only to discover him having sex with some random girl. Once the girl leaves, Santi confides in his friends that the previous night’s events shook him . Before they can decide their next step, Gina calls Ness. Gina informs them that she had a car delivered to their place. She insists the trio should take the car to mark the start of their new working relationship. The trio tries to refuse, but Gina is adamant that she no longer needs the car.

Initially, the gang worries about getting into business with Gina, but she uses money to wash their worries away. She invites them to her mansions and helps Santi record a new song. Days go by, and the trio starts getting more comfortable as the cash keeps rolling in. I mean, Gina is loaded, but why is he so giving? 

Soon, Gina brings up getting Santi signed to a label. Felix informs her that they have been talking to Mia. Gina wonders who Mia is; she has never heard of her. She offers to get Santi signed to one of the big labels and won’t take no for an answer.

Later, Felix calls Mia and updates her on the Gina situation. Mia asks him to buy her more time. Concurrently, Oscar (Mia’s boss) asks her to confirm the studio time for an artist, Isa, with a known producer Jota  Rosa.  Felix overhears this and notes how Santi loves Jota Rosa.  Before Oscar leaves for the day, Mia brings up Santi again.

Oscar is willing to listen this time, and Mia hypes Santi up.  Oscar wants to bring in new clients and thinks Samti might be a fit. He is, however, concerned since Santi has no album yet. To convince Oscar that Santi is the next big thing, Mia lies that Jota Rosa and Santi are already working on a dope song. Oscar is intrigued and asks Mia to prepare to pitch Santi in the next meeting with that song. 

Mia quickly cancels Isa’s studio time and replaces her with Santi. She then heads over to the trio’s house and acts offended that they are meeting other labels. She says that she has been fighting for Santi like no other and mentions the upcoming session with Jota Rosa. Santi is ecstatic to meet his favourite producer and work with him. However, Ness can’t join them as she has a meeting with Gina and another label manager.  Ness is scared of Gina and doesn’t want to reschedule the meeting. 

Since Oscar said he would be going to couples therapy with his wife, Mia is sure her plan will work. She takes Santi to the studio, but he has a hard time telling Jota Rosa about himself. Meanwhile, Oscar returns to the office, so Felix helps Mia distract him. He corners Oscar and tells him several ideas he has for Santi. It is important to note that Oscar doesn’t want to admit he doesn’t know his artist, so he goes along, acting like he knows who Felix is referring to. 

One of  Felix’s ideas strikes a chord with him, and he opens up about his marital struggles. Felix decides to act like his therapist and listens to him. He, however, feels terrible about lying to Oscar and asks Mia to tell the truth.

On the other hand, the meeting with Gina, Ness and the label manager starts well. That is, until Ness turns down Raul and says Mia is the best option. Gina is offended by Ness’s approach and warns her never to say no to her again. She also kisses Ness. Is she into Ness? All the mixed signals are confusing!

Back at the studio, Santi realises he is lost without his friends. Jota Rosa suggests they make a song about his friends.  The episode ends with Oscar finding out about what Mia did. He, however, listens to Santi’s new song and likes it. Ultimately, he fires Mia.

The Episode Review

It was nice to see more cameos from Reggaeton celebrities. It helps give the series more credibility, and the viewers feel more invested in seeing Santi’s story. 

Speaking of Santi, is he letting Gina’s money blind him from his real purpose? What kind of music does he want to make? As an artist, I think he should take more time to reflect on himself and find his true voice. Jota Rosa definitely has him on the right path. 

On the other hand, we can’t say Mia being fired is a shock. We saw it from a mile away. The question is, will she convince Oscar to hire her back? Honestly, she cares more for the artist than he does. She deserves a second chance, right?

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