My Tiny Senpai – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Isn’t It Time for Good Boys to Go to Sleep?

In episode 8 of My Tiny Senpai, Hayakawa reveals her wish to travel to someplace with hot springs following the holiday. She clearly wants to have fun because she was unable to do so throughout the break. She persuades Katase that travelling together would turn out to be an excellent plan and both of them decide to take advantage of the paid time off as a way to go on vacation.

Unexpectedly, Akane and Shinozaki decide to travel with them as well. The four of them show up at a lodging with hot springs towards the end of the month. They are all quite enthusiastic about their stay. Shiori hesitates before finally jumping into the water and admits that she suffered an accident as a child that still terrifies her.

Although he tries to teach her the fundamentals of swimming, Shinozaki ends up coming dangerously close to drowning when his calf cramps. Shiori displays incredible bravery in trying to save him, but during the struggle, Shinozaki manages to pull her bra off. The two are unable to face one another till much later during the evening as a consequence of the unpleasant predicament that ensues.

Shiori decided to regain her honour in the presence of her Kohai after taking a steaming hot spring shower. She is fairly committed to achieving this goal, but it ultimately ends up being a fruitless effort given that she gets extremely drunk during dinnertime. Following that, Katase is hardly in her right mind. Despite the fact that Hayakawa and Akane sit nearby, she pays them little attention.

She attempts to get incredibly close to her Kohai and flirts with him as well. Both the superior and her friend are embarrassed by Katase’s antics. The pair excuses themselves during their meal by saying they need to go take another shower and then they both get up to leave. Shinozaki is aware that they are purposefully leaving him and Katase alone in the interim.

He makes some attempts to gain control, but they are hardly successful. Katase then forces him to sit on her lap while she flosses his teeth. Shinozaki is relieved that nobody can see what is going on, despite his embarrassment. Once it is finally time for bed, both of them share a bed. Shiori is obviously not in the mood to allow him to have even a few minutes alone. She continues to pursue him and eventually presses him to the ground.

Shinozaki understands that Akane or Hayakawa will certainly make embarrassing conclusions regarding him if they enter the room and see them sitting in that awkward sitting position. As a result, he sits inside the closet with Shiori. It’s interesting to see that he correctly predicts events since Akane and Hayakawa enter the room shortly after.

Hayakawa realises that she needs a particular item from her baggage. Shinozaki is making an effort to be silent, but Shiori is still making fun of him in her intoxicated state. This soon causes their companions to turn their focus towards the closet.

Fortunately, neither Akane nor Hayakawa peek into the wardrobe and quickly leave. By a sort of miracle, Shinozaki is able to save Shiori from the consequences. He turns to speak to her but sees that she is sleeping down on the flooring. She ends up embracing him and tugging him towards her when he tries to take her to the bed.

Akane, Hayakawa, and the owner of the hotel enter the room when Shinozaki appears on top of Katase, having noticed that the closet seems off. When they notice their coworkers in an awkward situation, they begin making fun of Shinozaki.

The Episode Review

In episode 8, Hayakawa persuades Katase, Shinozaki, as well as Akane to join her on an outing. Shinozaki attempts to teach his senpai to swim when they are on vacation, but they end up experiencing an embarrassing circumstance. Katase swears to restore her honour in Shinozaki’s eyes, yet when she becomes intoxicated during a meal, things go from bad to worse.

Despite being rather too cringe-worthy this time, the episode keeps its tone pleasant. The anime focuses on attractiveness and innuendo over literally anything else, which makes it incredibly superficial and monotonous. While physical attractiveness is vital, a show’s focus on it all the time can be tiring and tedious to watch.

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